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Vaginal and clitoral orgasm, orgasm secrets

man has an orgasm during every sexual intercourse.It is easier, because his sexual satisfaction is directly related to ejaculation, you need to fertilize.The female orgasm is not related to procreation.Conceiving a child may pass without an orgasm.Its only purpose for women - is to have fun.

female orgasm is of two kinds:

  1. vaginal orgasm.
  2. clitoral orgasm.

is believed that the first kind of orgasm more real, but it is not.Clitoral orgasm also needs a woman and also easily reached.It is with this kind of orgasm familiar to most women.

orgasm secrets: the knowledge of their body

Every woman should understand that it is capable of delivering real pleasure.Therefore, you must take the knowledge of their body through masturbation.Many women consider masturbation and indecent hesitate to do so.However, sexologists claim that only those women who can deliver pleasure in orgasm during sexual intimacy with a partner.Problems with getting an orgasm often arise because of the refusal of masturbation.Duri

ng intercourse, the man is hard to understand, allowing his partner to experience maximum pleasure.It will be much easier if the woman herself to him hint.

for his body of knowledge to create a cozy relaxing atmosphere.Eliminate all distracting factors remove the lights, turn the music if necessary.Begin to caress his chest.Next, go to the study of their intimate places.Touching the beginning of knowledge should be gentle, careful, and then add a little strength.While touching the abdominal muscles and hips should be stretched.Once you understand how quickly yourself pleasure, you will immediately be easier to teach this to your sexual partner.

Secrets orgasm: clitoral orgasm during masturbation

To experience this type of orgasm is necessary to stimulate the clitoris.Better to start with a gentle touch to the pubic area and inner thighs.Then you can move on to caress the clitoris.Stroking him gently, t. To. The skin here is delicate.Therefore, you should start with intensive petting the clitoris, t. To. It can cause discomfort.

Feel for clitoral convex point.You can carry out a circular motion, caressing up and down, left and right.When you feel the excitement increases, continue to the traffic intensity.In this case, it is important to feel the rhythm of the most best to achieve orgasm.

Secrets orgasm: clitoral orgasms with a sexual partner

This type of orgasm during intercourse is not achieved in every position.When the clitoris is not enabled, the partner can caress his hand.

most pleasant way - oral sex.Unfortunately, quite often some couples do not accept this kind of sex.And for good reason.If a man is willing to give to the woman pleasure via oral sex, then she should not be ashamed.During this kind of sex the woman should lie on her back, spread his legs a little lift hips up and bend the knees.Partner is better to caress first inner thighs with your fingers, and then with a strong excitation of the woman should caress the clitoris with the help of language.

Men difficult to understand the pace and intensity required the woman caresses.Therefore, it must be gently directed.For example, a strong breath may indicate that now women are particularly pleasant or tips may be using hip movements.

secrets of orgasm: vaginal orgasm during masturbation

This type of orgasm is different from the quality of clitoral sensation.If clitoral orgasm is experienced as a sudden surge, the vaginal - gradually evolving heat throughout the body.

For vaginal orgasm is necessary to know where the woman is the point G (dot enjoyment).But some experts still doubt its existence.

To feel the G-spot, enter the vagina moist finger.Bending it, to feel the front surface of the vagina.There you grope rough surface (1-3 cm), at a distance of about 5 cm from the entrance to the vagina.This is the point G. First touch to this point will associate you with feeling of fullness of the bladder.Continue to gently press down on point with your fingertip, making a circular motion.

secrets of orgasm: vaginal orgasm with a sexual partner

to achieve vaginal orgasm during intercourse, you need to learn the exercises aimed at muscle training Kegel.These exercises increase the sensitivity of the vagina.To exercise the muscles of the vagina muscles tense as if holding your urine.These exercises are done 3 times a day, 10 times in training.Strain muscles should not be more than 3 seconds.

during intimacy sexual partner should slowly caress the clitoris and the area around the clitoris itself.When the vagina is moistened, go to have sex.During sex, choose such positions, which would allow further stimulate the point G. In particular, you can use the position when a man is behind.

To this day, there is debate on the subject, what kind of female orgasm is better.However, experts advise not to dwell on the matter, t. To. Any perfect orgasm.Different ways to achieve orgasm only.However, the female orgasm, first of all, is experienced in the brain.

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