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Myths about men's sexual ability

The most common is the myth that black men have incredible size advantage.It often plays in films for adults.This is not true.Only in repose penis may differ from representatives of the white and Negro races.No need to argue that in the erect state there is a significant difference in size.The difference can be quite miserable.Therefore, the white owners of large manhood may well become competitors of black men.Race may not have a material impact on the penis.

also exists that myth that the presence of a large member binds with any part of the body.For example, in Asia it is considered that the larger member, the longer leg on the male thumb.Another popular option related to the size of manhood is the length of the hand.Research by American scientists proved that the statistical dependence on the length of the hand and the foot does not exist.You can also refute the myth that the European part of the population and mostly Slavic peoples, tend to think that there is a relationship between the length of

the nose and the long term.

calm state of manhood can not talk about the size of the penis in the excited state.There is a big difference.Studies have found that a two-fold increase member can erect.And if in repose member is also quite large, aroused, he may well remain the same size.

There is a myth and that fully satisfy a woman can not the man with the small size of manhood.To get started is to decide what size is considered small.The average penis length is 16 cm. The men themselves are assured that the average length of 16.8 cm, small - less than 14 cm, and large - more than 17.8 cm. Not every woman is ready to experience such a giant because of, for example,, the small size of the vagina.The most important thing to the genitals partner in harmony and consistent with each other.If a woman has weak muscles, then it will be more interesting man with a big penis.If on the contrary, the muscles of the vagina in women are trained, then it may well come and have a man with a thin and long term with a small head.Men with modest dimensions esteem often boast faster excitement about those who have a large penis.

Male circumcision - the last myth.It is believed that such a man gives a woman the greatest pleasure.Probably there to say about the duration of sexual intercourse and activity partner.Circumcision eventually leads to the fact that the head is less sensitive as the skin becomes rough around.This greatly increases the male sex, and not rarely have to be more active in order to achieve maximum pleasure.You can not argue with the fact that these men are the least hazardous to women's health.

many legends about the dignity of the strong half of humanity come up with in order to disperse them, the myths about the sexual abilities of men.Size dignity will not matter much if you love your man and enjoy love.

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