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As the girl pleasure - point g

Women can make their sexual life varied and complete.We offer nine facts about the point g, and also information on how to give pleasure to the girl - point g here is the main subject of discussion.This will be useful for every woman and for her partner.

Fact number 1
point g exists!Its location and the description was made in the 40s of the last century by the German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg.During the next 50 years, numerous studies were conducted on the effect of this point on the female orgasm and female libido.However, no definitive results so far.

Fact number 2
point g has many names, such as "sacred spot", "g Square", "female prostate" and "internal trigger".Also, experts describe the various attributes of this small seal on the front wall of the vagina.There are several opinions as to the exact purpose of this point.But for sure it is proved that the stimulation it gives a number of strong sensations.

Fact number 3
Experts say that you can not see the point of g, since the o

utside it does not differ from the total surface of the vagina.This point can be detected only when testing with the fingers on the front wall of the vagina.This fact and the low reliability of the subjective feelings of the women making the process of finding the point g is quite difficult.

Fact number 4
Vaginal tangle of nerve fibers in the clitoris, which allows a girl to please makes him particularly sensitive surfaces.Such nerve nodes on a woman's body a few.It is believed that the largest of them is precisely the point g.Orgasm at the impact on the area is strong and powerful.Location of g has a direct and strong impact on the clitoris (which leads to the climax of the clitoris) and on the nerves of the pelvic area (which leads to vaginal orgasm).

Fact number 5
point g is a cluster of nerve fibers and knots diameter of about 3 cm, which is a few inches from the entrance to the vagina on the front wall.It is believed that this "magic zone" you can just find your fingers as a small ledge near the bladder.Opening the zone g hampered by many folds that are in the area, where exactly is g.

Fact number 6
Many men are concerned about how the girl pleasure - point g here has a special role.It is believed that it can lead to stimulation of an unforgettable climax.However, to stimulate this zone is not so easy.That is the best way to do it.Particularly stimulated by point g in such positions where the man sitting on his knees before the woman lying on her back.Thus, under the woman's thigh pillow.There is another posture - when the woman kneels and leans his elbows on the wall or headboard.These two postures are able to create the most favorable conditions that allow penile region to stimulate point g.

Fact number 7
stimulation point g at first leads to a sharp desire to help, as it is located next to the bladder.But according to experts, this reaction is quite normal and should not stop the search for partners in the pleasant sensations.

Fact number 8
According to statistics, not all women experience orgasm through stimulation of the point g.15% of women do not feel nothing but discomfort and the urge to urinate.However, it is possible that the stimulation was performed incorrectly or a little to the right place.

Fact number 9
Modern medicine and obstetrics in particular, are very different in their views on the position of the point g, but do not question the existence of such an area.Many experts deny its existence.However, it must be admitted - some area of ​​high sensitivity is still there.However, it is very individual, as well as any issues related to the intimate sphere.