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Sexual problems of spouses

disorder.Imaginary or real?

Before understanding come sexual disorder or not, you need to know what the norm.Here it makes sense to partner, and individual norms.The criteria that distinguish normal from the sexual pathology, may be different, but first of all a person has to be satisfied with their sexual life.If it does not, it's time to seek help from a specialist who will examine what caused dissatisfaction: high self-esteem, overestimation partner bytuyuschimi sexual myths among the people, or there is a real sexual violation, start or far advanced.

Perhaps we are talking about imaginary disorders.These include psevdoimpotentsiyu and psevdofrigidnost.For example, the absence or weakness of erection of the people considered to be impotence (today this "offensive" term is replaced by another - erectile dysfunction).But can it be considered a true impotence, if it is caused by the quite understandable reasons - unattractive views partner, fatigue, self-doubt, fear of rapid ejaculation, or interfer

ence from the outside?

Female sexual lzherasstroystva may be associated with the fear of coitus or inexperience.To determine exactly need advice may not be alone.It is likely that not only will have to turn to the sex therapist, but also to the urologist, gynecologist, psychologist or psychiatrist.After all, determine why it happened disorder is difficult.One thing is clear: if you feel discomfort in the genital area, couples delay the campaign to the doctor is impossible.A more expensive work.

unfulfilled desires

main problem of women is that they rarely go to a sex therapist.At the fifty men to a specialist treats a woman.And in general, it is clear why: to simulate an erection is much more complicated than an orgasm.Most men do not realize that their wives do not feel anything during intimacy, at best, "suffer."Very often: a man thinks his wife is temperamental, and it turns out to be just a good actress.In fact, sexual problems in women than in men, but they are mostly out of sight therapists.Perhaps those involved psychologists or psychotherapists, but not gynecologists.

If women come into the office and sexologist, the most complaints about the standard sexual problems - lack of orgasm (anorgasmia) or decreased sexual drive (libido).By the way, research shows that orgasm during every sexual experience only 16% of women during sexual intercourse every second - 22%, and have never experienced an orgasm about 18%.Anorgasmia can be caused by inexperience partner hereditary constitutional peculiarities, pain during intimacy, inadequate stimulation partner irregular internal installation or inflammatory processes of sexual sphere.Sometimes she even an option frigidity.In any of these cases, you need a thorough examination of the patient.

low blow

Over 30 years in sexual pathology does not appear anything new, and the men come to those of the same problems as before: weak erection and premature ejaculation.Here are the reasons became more.It is necessary to take into account the difficult times in which we live.Stress has become an integral feature, and this is primarily an effort on men's health.

most often seek help from men aged 20 to 35 years, although cases that come and younger and much older.Some young people panic after the first sexual intercourse, and sometimes it turns out that the man suffers from a sexual disorder for 40 years and only now, when he was 70, he decided to finally come.

Recently, the male population there is the so-called syndrome manager.The hard work and stress lead to the fact that men do not even reduced opportunities, and desire.This is especially true of business people.They are sexually active less likely than those who work in a quiet mode, in other areas.And, obviously, it is not a salary or age, and emotional stress.Men just "burn out."Remember the state when it was necessary to take a serious exam.Was it to sex?The stress you were an hour or two, and these men live so for months and years.Problems with them - respectively, the emergence of sexual problems of couples.

Sometimes it is simple: traveled, rested, and everything seems normal.Alas, not for long - I went back to work, and back problems.But among men, not all rush to contact us for help.On the one hand, there are "experts" who are not even recorded in the health care system, and on the other hand, - products that allow a man to feel complete.Get at least the famous Viagra.A doctor once said: "The emergence of Viagra - is the death of sexual pathology."Several years ago, the report of our pharmacy network mentioned that this drug is among the ten best-selling in the country.Can you imagine how many men suffer from disorders!But, despite this, patients have fewer therapists.I would not want people to continue to err, since no such drug does not cure the cause of the disease.

One problem for two

Speaking of harmony in the family, marital relations, we mean the family as a whole, when one problem is divided into two and the problem of one of the spouses is experienced together.We can not talk about the exact statistics of sexual problems of couples in our country - there needs serious research and a lot of money.We own only statistics the West.As far as this problem is common to us, we can only be judged based on the amount applied.

Unfortunately, in recent years, women are less likely to raise the alarm about sexual disorders in spouses.Husbands are left alone with their problems, and meanwhile, the number of extramarital sex in women, according to one study, increased by almost half.About 30 years ago the situation was different.Families were stronger, and there were fewer divorces.The couple held each other.When men arose disorder, he came to the reception with his wife.Sometimes the wife came for consultation first, and then sent the couple.

Also today, about a third of women practicing "castrating" sexual behavior.They behave in such a way that even a healthy man is not able to perform normal sexual intercourse.These ladies are not attracted to intimacy with a man, and the "dividends" that can be obtained.And they see their task is not to give myself the joy and the man, but to call it a sense of guilt: "It did not work in bed - used!"And the "work" - gifts of money or property.And if it is, in theory, be healed, his wife lose their benefits.Therefore, these women and men are not allowed to recover, as it were, the doctor may try.But to understand it's really going on, you can, again, only to be consulted.Nowhere in the world do not engage in sex therapy only one person.This act of the couple.And strong family relationships depend on how men and women are willing to participate in each other's lives.

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