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Discomfort after sex

reasons discomfort after sex, according to experts, very much.But the most common among them are those that show a number of pathologies are directly related to the pelvic organs in women.Such pathological disorders should not be allowed to drift and is sure to seek advice and perhaps treatment from a specialist.But self-medication using different analgesic drugs can just simply make the situation worse.So, compulsory medical examination - is the best way to detect and prevent the disease in its early stages.Only with it you can find out the real reasons that cause discomfort and undergo special treatment, aimed at eliminating this problem.This is sure to help you regain idyll in your love life and get rid of a disease that can bring irreparable harm to your health.

Thanks to modern medicine capabilities, the main reasons that cause the unpleasant sensation of discomfort in women after sexual intercourse, it is easy to treat and are not any consequences.Therefore it hoped that "everything goes by itsel

f" - quite silly idea, which can not only be harmful to health, but also to destroy family life.

Sometimes, just after the intercourse, some ladies begins to ache in the lower abdomen, and more precisely in one of the sides.In this case, such pain could be a harbinger of such diseases as ovarian cysts.In other words, good-quality education in the ovaries.Plus, this disease can cause a bout of pain at the time of menstruation.This disease is treated, depending on the nature and type of education racemosa.If the cyst is a functional nature that it can pass itself already after two or three menstrual cycles.During that, as the disease is on the wane, the attending physician must prescribe special pain pills, which necessarily should be consumed before the actual intercourse.Experiment alone in choosing these means we categorically do not recommend.But as the sex itself, it is worth to give preference to such a position where the woman is on top of the man.It will certainly help the woman to control the situation, and thus prevent the emergence of the feeling of pain and discomfort.Only through these recommendations, you can quickly get rid of the disease and to enjoy intimacy.

course, besides cysts, cause of this problem may be a variety of sexually transmitted diseases and inflammation of the genital organs.Just exactly inflammation, which give rise to a painful and difficult process in a woman's body, most often appear because of the increased activity of pathogenic microflora.Also here you can safely carry a special kind of fungal infection, which is the cause of such diseases in women as candidiasis or thrush.Most active fungal infection, this becomes noticeable in the case of low immunity, the use of various means of intimate hygiene with strong flavors and the use of contraceptives, which include a significant amount of chemicals.Because of all of these reasons a woman may feel discomfort such as burning and itching in the vagina.Especially this will all be keenly felt when urinating.At the time of the inflammatory process, all the genital mucosa of women becomes swollen and red hue, which is accompanied by profuse vaginal discharge.The process of treatment of inflammation or disease transmitted exclusively through sexual contact, must necessarily be diagnosed and occur under the supervision of a specialist.

Another important reason that can cause pain after sexual intercourse may become cervicitis, in other words, an inflammation of the uterine cervix.In most cases, this disease occurs due to too deep penetration of the penis into the woman's vagina.But in the case of symptoms such as atseklicheskie uterine bleeding, frequent urination and giperpolimenoreya, has all chances to believe that a woman has uterine fibroids formed.That fibroids, but rather to say the tumor has a marked pressure on closely spaced bodies, causing the above-mentioned symptoms.This disease needs immediate detection and treatment of it at an early stage, helping to avoid negative consequences for the woman's body.

In addition, unpleasant after sex is due to the following factors: endometriosis, Bartolini, a variety of infections that affect the normal functioning of the urinary tract, as well as the so-called adhesions pelvic organs.But sometimes cause discomfort not only after, but also during sex, may be insufficient hydration of the vagina.The main reason for this unpleasant sensation of sex in this situation acts that a woman can not be excited or has a reduced activity of secretion glands large genitals.In the latter case, it is most often seen in women who are going through or just beginning to enter the phase of menopause.

And as a conclusion, I would like not to once again repeat and remind that the real cause of discomfort after sexual contact may reveal only gynecologist who, based on your complaints will make a plan for further action and send you to the appropriate procedures (detection of infection, smearflora, US).So do not pull the time and take care of their own health.Good luck and do not get sick!

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