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Massage for children of preschool age

What are the main features of massage for children aged from one to three years, learn in the article entitled "".Pre-school is considered the child's age of three to seven years.During this period, the baby continues to grow and develop.Motor activity of its greatly increased, and the movements become free and informed.Skin thickens considerably.The skin becomes more elastic and resistant to various influences: mechanical, climatic, although supercooled child at this age are much more likely adults.The reason for this is that the surface area of ​​the skin of a child of preschool age much more surface area of ​​an adult per one kilogram.Accordingly, a large surface more susceptible to hypothermia or, conversely, overheating.That is why doshkolyata often suffer acute respiratory diseases.During this period, the parents have a problem - how to protect your baby from many diseases that await him in the kindergarten, in the street and at home.That is why the child of preschool age should be tempered.As a h

ardening can be used water and air procedures (wiping and pouring, baths, etc.) and, of course, exercise, sports activities, morning gymnastics and massage.In combination, these procedures will help preserve the health of the child, strengthen and harden his body, and, therefore, to develop a stable immunity to various diseases.Before you go to the gym and massage, you must stay at the proper care of the children and their daily routine.After all, exercise and massage may not be helpful if the child does not comply with hygiene rules in his room to keep clean your body and respect the daily routine of waking and sleeping, outdoor games and activities in mental work and the like.Always observe the correct mode of the day, combined with regular exercise and massage motor is the key to good health and proper development of the child.

preschooler's daily routine should be planned and installed by parents and other adult family members, depending on their individual and age characteristics.By age three the child should develop certain skills at the level of stable reflex and habit.By this time, his body must comply with the rhythm of their own life, it is the mode of the day.On the mode of the day the child as such parents should think long before a child reaches school age, that is, from the moment of his birth.That's when you need to teach a child has at one and the same time to eat, sleep, watch and so on.Three-year child's daily routine will be qualitatively different from the daily routine of the child of six or seven years, as during the preparation of the child to school, he will spend more time on passive activity: reading books, drawing and others.Then at the age of three to four years the child to move more and plays.That is why the pre-school child's life, when the time for an active life he is becoming less necessary every day to spend with him morning exercises and evening massage.During the day, it is important to constantly monitor the child's posture at the time of games and activities.It is necessary to teach a child the rules of care for your body and personal hygiene items.In addition, for proper growth and formation of the baby should regularly monitor the cleanliness of the air in his room, sanitary and hygienic conditions in it, maintaining the desired mode of heat and humidity.

gymnastics for preschoolers

Gymnastic exercises with preschool children can be carried out in a room, and outdoors.The room should be thoroughly aired.Conduct exercises are better at wide open windows or open windows.For gymnastics in the child to be special, the best from natural fabrics, loose clothing.It can be shorts and a T-shirt, bathing suit and so on.During training, you can use a variety of toys and sports equipment: balls, flags, hoops, skipping ropes and more.Gymnastic exercises is best done on the mat.The complex of gymnastic exercises for the child can be made individually.It is best to take the exercises that replicate the movements of different animals that the child knows.A child with a great pleasure will jump as Bunny, walk like a goose, jumping like a frog, and so on.In drawing up the complex morning exercises should be included in a variety of body movements and its organs.This will strengthen the whole body of the child and contribute to the overall development of the child, all his muscles and joints.

gymnastics with the child of this age is best done in a playful way.If the family has two or more children, you can use the competitive nature of the exercise.This will cause a greater interest on the part of children, and they are happy to join in a game-competition.The complex, requiring a lot of physical exercise load necessary to alternate with lighter exercises or do short breaks in between.If gymnastics are held in the evening, they held no later than one hour before bedtime.Eating on the eve of the gym must be at least a half hour before.After the exercise must be at least forty minutes, when you can, without prejudice to the child's body, take some food.Swimming, sledding, skiing, skating, cycling also contribute to the physical development of the child's body and better health.

Massage for children preschool age children

During the massage preschool children (from three to seven years), you can use all the techniques of massage.It is appropriate both local and total body massage.Given the fact that the skin of the child of preschool age is very sensitive, it is necessary in the implementation of massage ensure not to cause damage to the surface of his body.Hand movements should be moderately soft and skillful.Massage should deliver the baby pleasure and relaxation contribute to the child's body.Massage begins with stroking.Running this method ends of the fingers or palm.Hands massage therapist must move when massaging the child's limbs and torso up and down.Belly ironed in a circular motion clockwise.After stroking the reception of rubbing.Produced more vigorous hand movements, which shift and stretch some parts of the skin.Rub the baby's body can be hand, fist or fingers, while respecting the precautions, as in the implementation of this technique, you can pinch the baby's tender skin.Grinding can be carried out in all directions.First rubbing performed slowly and then gradually increased his pace.The most advanced techniques of massage - kneading it, so it requires a vigorous hand movements masseuse.With its performance and captured lifted some areas of the skin and muscles of the child.There is squeezing them.This technique can be performed with one hand, since the area of ​​the body the baby is small.This procedure should not bring discomfort to the kid, so it is necessary to accurately calculate the masseur arm strength and time of exposure on the surface of the baby's body.

Next Reception - vibration - can be lowered and used only some of its elements in the body massage the child of preschool age.Vibration - a technique that involves quick and sharp vibrating motion, slaps, chopped, shaking and the like, which are not all can be used for massaging the child's body three to seven years, because he is still very unstable nervous system is not fullyformed musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system.Therefore, this technique should be used very carefully.After each stroke should be carried out of the body of the baby.The same technique should end with a general or local massage.Now we know how to do massage for children of preschool age.