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Massage, physical therapy as a means of rehabilitation for disabled children

On the effect of massage on the respiratory, cardiac activity of a young body, a general hardening and resistance to various diseases mentioned above.However, parents need to know and always remember that there are contraindications to massage.Not every child can carry out this procedure.Furthermore, the effectiveness of massage is dependent on the strength and nature of massage, its duration.What prefer massage in diseases of various kinds in a child learn in an article entitled "Massage and physiotherapy as a means of rehabilitation for disabled children."

First of all, you must remember that the massage and physiotherapy is strictly contraindicated in children and the disabled, suffering from blood diseases.You can not do massage and those children who have a variety of skin lesions, rashes or sores, and malignant tumors.Tuberculosis, thrombophlebitis, inflammatory processes in the body of the child also serve the cause of contraindications of massage.It is not recommended to do massage and acute re

spiratory diseases.Even if your child does not suffer from any of these diseases, and almost healthy, yet before you start to massage his body, you need to consult with the district pediatrician.Another condition that must be observed in this case - it is clearly ensure that before the massage and immediately after the child did not take the food.Until the moment of the massage must be at least one and a half hours after the last meal.To begin the meal after the massage can be no earlier than an hour.Only then massage will give a positive result.And, of course, during the massage is necessary to consider the child's age, his individual characteristics, lifestyle and health.

features massage and physical therapy for diseases of the cardiovascular system

Because cardiovascular diseases are most common in children hypertension, ie high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Hypertensive heart disease

The disease is common in children and people with disabilities, especially during puberty, that is, twelve or fifteen years.The human heart pumps a large amount of blood that the blood vessels (arteries, veins, capillaries) spreads to all organs and tissues, bringing them oxygen necessary for their work, and taking them out of carbon dioxide.Going through the blood vessels, the blood creates pressure in them, and this pressure, the smaller the farther away from the heart is a blood vessel.By the force of the pressure in the large blood vessels, arteries, and blood is determined, and the blood pressure of human.For its measurement using a sphygmomanometer.Blood pressure depends on the individual person, his age, activity and health.In the adult healthy person it is 100-140 / 70-90 mm Hg.In children, blood pressure can be calculated as follows: 80 + 2, where a - the number of years a child.The sum of these numbers, and gives a value of normal blood pressure in a particular age.Blood pressure in children with disabilities, usually kept in the normal range.When the child begins to attend school, it bombarded school problems: it is more time has to be in the room, a little move, add to this never-ending flow of information, which it should grasp, and so on and so forth.As a result, these loads often is an increase in blood pressure in children.The reason for increasing the pressure are also poor diet, disturbed sleep, emotional stress and sexual maturation of the child.The constant increase in blood pressure in the child and disabled children leads to the disease.

That is why, given the above, before making massage a disabled child, you need to consult a doctor.At the time of acute illness, that is, during a hypertensive crisis, baby massage is strictly contraindicated.In the same period, when the pressure he is in the normal range, a massage is a must.It will allow young body massage to relax, calm down, forget about problems.Under the influence of massage normalizes the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improve blood circulation, calm the nervous system.However, starting to massage the child, which often is an increase in blood pressure, it should be remembered that the procedure of massage for him to be qualitatively different from massage for healthy children.

Massage limbs of a child with diseases of the cardiovascular system is carried out according to common rules.But massage chest and back, that is the region of the heart, has its own characteristics.It starts back massage strokes.Stroking carried along or across.Movement hand massage must be gentle and not strong.Then, the rubbing.A more vigorous movements of palms, fists, fingers pounded the surface of the back from the center to the periphery and vice versa.These movements should be done slowly and exert more effort than when stroking.For grinding again be stroking.You can then repeat the rubbing.In the first case can be made rubbing his fists, and then his hands, fingers.It will diversify the massage as a massage for children with cardiovascular diseases, which include hypertension, limited only by the two methods.Strictly contraindicated in this case, kneading, vibration, slapping, chopped, tremors, shaking, pushing and other power intensive techniques.This requirement applies to both prophylactic and therapeutic massage for a baby with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Massage heart

in children, and especially in the middle school age, that is, during puberty the child, often there are cases when there is a spasm of the coronary vessels and cardiac arrest.This can occur in children suffering from cardio-vascular system, and when an electric current or lightning.In this child's facial skin becomes pale, loses consciousness, pupils dilate.This often leads to seizures and partial or complete disappearance of the pulse.In this case it is necessary to take urgent measures to resume the work of the heart.In order to provide timely assistance to the child should urgently carry out cardiac massage.Children of primary school age cardiac massage should be done with one hand, but infants and newborns - two fingers of the hand, so as not to damage the baby's chest, as its skeletal system is very fragile.

outer, or indirect heart massage can perform virtually any adult.The child must be put on a solid surface.Legs of the child victim must be lifted slightly above the surface, placing them under the pillow, folded robe or otherwise.Massage therapist should stand next to the disabled and put one hand on the child's chest.To increase pressure on the heart second hand should be placed on top of the first.Then, leaning over the child, all the force of gravity of your body to produce a sharp pressing his hands on the chest of the victim.Then immediately remove his hands from the chest of the child.Such movements should be repeated as long as the child again begins to breathe normally and do not come to his senses.

better if cardiac massage unconscious child will carry two adults.At a time when one of them will make massage, the other must carry out artificial respiration mouth to mouth.The combination of these procedures will contribute to the rapid recovery of systems and functions of the child victim.Moreover, massage and artificial respiration must alternate: one breath for five chest compressions child.Indirect massage combined with artificial respiration - a first aid to the victim.It helps to save the life of a child, and after some time after the commencement of these simple procedures, the victim appears pulse, his pupils narrowed and he begins to breathe.In any case, a full cardiac arrest is necessary to call "ambulance."

features massage in diseases of the digestive system

There are many diseases of the digestive system: gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcers, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, constipation and so on.Upon detection of these diseases in the child's need to consult your local doctor or on the impact of massage on the body of the baby.In each case, the massage should be conducted on strictly defined rules.A child with a disability has to be a long time in a sitting position.This five to six hours of school lessons and homework.As a result, it is constantly compressed digestive organs.In them there is stagnation of blood, and as a result, the child often disrupted the digestive system.Circulatory disturbance in the stomach and intestine leads to the fact that food is not completely processed and "zalezhivaetsya" in the digestive organs.For this reason and because of the violation of a child's diet often appear constipation, accompanied by sharp pains in the abdomen, nausea and often vomiting.

To prevent stagnation in the intestine, it is necessary to conduct daily full body massage.In general, massage masseur's hands are on the nerve endings on the surface of the baby's skin, irritating them.Nerve endings serving the necessary signals to the cerebral cortex, and that, in turn, passes the information to various organs and tissues of the child's body.This entails the normalization of their activities and strengthen the overall health of the baby.Besides the general body massage, the child alone can help your digestive system.To do this, and there is a self-massage of the abdomen, which was described above.Simple hand movements that every child is able to perform on their own, will not take much time, but will help to avoid congestion and stagnation of the digestive system.Even during class, sitting at a desk or in a break between lessons a child can hold a session of self-massage of the abdomen.Two-five-minute procedure is self-massage of the abdomen will give immediate result.This will cause a rush of blood to the abdomen and internal organs of digestion.Begins to intensify the work intestine, thus avoiding the development of diseases of the digestive system.

features massage in diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Among the diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which often suffered by children, the most frequent diseases of joints and fractures.They may be in the resting position for only a short time - between 10 and 30 minutes.But this it is enough to when the opportunity immediately to break up and begin to act: to climb, jump, run, and so on.As a result, very often there are cases when a child falls, and its fragile bone can not withstand, resulting in the fracture of certain bones.Most often broken limbs: arms and legs.First aid adults in this case is to stably fixing broken limb by a bus or a bandage, as quickly as possible to transport a disabled child to a medical facility, where he will have expert help to remove bone fragments and lock it in position by imposinggypsum.Then will follow a long period of bone accretion young, which can last from several weeks to several months.After srastetsya bone and plaster will be removed, it comes perhaps the most difficult period - the return of health limbs, which for a long time were unable to move, and have lost this capacity.Here also play an important role of physical exercises and massage.Typically, diseases of the joints and fractures of massage administered to children attending physician and performed by medical workers to complete recovery.However, parents and adult family members can greatly simplify and shorten the process of recovery of the child.Massage techniques in different cases to be used are different.It depends on the child's age characteristics, the type of fracture and the manner in which rehabilitation.After consultation with the doctor can be done simple gymnastic exercises and massage the affected part of the body, most commonly the limbs.

Do not underestimate the preventive properties of massage, warning young bone fracture.With continued implementation of massage bone and muscle tissue of the child is much stronger and less traumatic.In rheumatoid arthritis massage is performed under general rules to the implementation of special procedures.In this case, instead of a cream or talc is best to use a strong wine and salt or honey-salt solution.They can be made at home.To do this, large common salt dissolved in vodka or liquid honey.Store such a mixture is necessary in a cool dark place.However, before applying it to the surface of the body it is necessary to slightly warm.Wine and honey brine will contribute to more rapid recovery.After the massage the affected area should be thoroughly warmed.

features massage respiratory diseases

to diseases of the respiratory system are bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis, pleurisy, pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma and others.Most of these children suffer from diseases due to exposure of the environment, as well as due to hypothermia.Incomparable role in the prevention of respiratory diseases and respiratory system as a whole plays a general hardening of the young organism.By hardening procedures respiratory here are air and water treatment, as well as gymnastics and massage.

Massage affects the respiratory and nervous system, contributing to the quality of the changes and development of the body's resistance to various kinds of factors affecting them.The massage strengthens muscle tone and respiratory muscles, improves blood circulation in the child, amplified heat and ventilation in the lungs.The right choice of massage in various diseases of the respiratory system and respiratory system as a whole belongs to a specialist, as in various diseases and affects different organs are affected.However, knowledge of the general requirements for children's gymnastics and massage will allow adult members of the family to help the child recover.Preventing the diseases of the respiratory system of the child, as noted above, it rests solely with the parents and other adult family members.

features massage in diseases of the nervous system and rehabilitation

human nervous system - a link in a chain called "the body" because it regulates the activities of all organs and systems in general, ensures their operation and relationship with the environment.In turn, other systems and organs instantly react to the information about deviations and fault therein.For example, disruption of the heart, digestive system and other organs entails a violation of the psyche and the nervous activity in general.This communication and interaction systems and organs and necessitates constant monitoring of the operation of all organs and systems of the child's body.A particularly strong influence on the nervous system, as well as to other systems and organs, the child feels ill.Constant mental stress, eating disorders, low mobility lead to the child becoming unrestrained in their words and deeds, he has broken sleep, he loses his appetite, often experience headaches, tires easily.Especially aggravated by the state of his health, if the child does not exist routines.As a result, there are failures in the work of the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive system, nervous system suffers.In this case, can help the child respect for the day in which the optimal amount of time devoted to labor, mental and gaming activities.Massage not only performs the function of healing, restoring the normal functioning of all organs and systems of the child, but also prevention, strengthening the child's body as a whole.

features massage and contraindications for skin diseases and rehabilitation

in different periods of a child's life haunts a lot of skin diseases.This diaper rash in neonates and infants and sweating in the middle and older age;pustular and fungal diseases of the skin;acne and pimples;warts and scabies;hives and eczema;

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