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A healthy lifestyle of children

three main components of success in life - physical health, high intelligence, perfect professionalism - always worried thinking people.Outstanding teachers Ushakov, Makarenko, Sukhomlinsky revealed a number of very valuable provisions for the formation of young people's personality.The vast wealth of educational values ​​embodied in the classical artistic, religious and business literature.Meanwhile, the great truth of pedagogy convincing: you can teach him who he wants to learn.After giving birth, the most intense impact on the development of his personality has a family.It is proved that the main parameters of the physical and intellectual potential for life are laid in infancy, up to 2-3 years of age.Later, the parents in this important work connected educators, teachers, friends.

well known that interest as a motivation for certain actions, activated stimuli.Moral incentives and tradition of collectivism, effectively working in the old days, unfortunately, been forgotten.They are almost not used i

n 90 years in the education of today's young generation.Although this experience in 60-70s of the last century with great success used the capitalist countries, primarily Japan.Is it because they are so smart and rich?A similar system has been in the Soviet Union, although with its own characteristics.Today, teachers are trying to revive them.But these traditions, like health, is easy to lose - is much more difficult to recover.Especially in modern life, in personal priorities and aspirations of the people has made significant adjustments to the market economy.Today, therefore, seem to be very effective and tangible incentives for young people to a healthy lifestyle.As well as administrative, penalizing deviations from the established norms of behavior.Parents and teachers need to be competent in these matters, to skillfully use all three groups of stimuli in their educational functions.

What opportunities are fraught with, for example, incentives to promote healthy lifestyles?The child, a teenager has on the example of their parents to see that material well-being of the family and, therefore, his personal, too, depends on good health.After all, good health allows you to earn good money and careers.Always wondered what purpose your child is spending pocket money.For harmful sweets, beer, cigarettes?Or purchase a subscription to the pool, the ice rink?After all, today's children always have money, and they give us parents!Try to use them more deliberately as a financial incentive to health!

However, our children have a good understanding of what addiction to alcohol, smoking, drugs can lead them into conflict with the law, violate social norms.For example, smoking in places where it is prohibited, will result in an administrative penalty.Because the man is free to dispose of their own health.But if his behavior, actions will be a threat to the health of others, he must be punished.And these truths from a young age should be taught in the home.

technological revolution has led to a dramatic reduction of physical activity in all spheres of human life.Young people no longer need to prepare themselves for working with high loads of muscles.Increased requirements for general education, intellectual training of the younger generation.Prolonged incubation for the school desk in the university auditorium, a computer and robotics system negatively affects the metabolic processes in the human body.Vein occlusion, stones in the ducts, atrophy of muscles - common defects of human health throughout the world.

therefore encouraged to conduct their children's outdoor activities, their studies in groups and sections of interest.The impetus of these associations appear to rise and enrichment of the individual.And such a man would not allow himself lightly to their health.Why do teachers and parents are deeply concerned about the issues raised?This is for two main reasons.After all, we are not indifferent to what physical and moral qualities of our children go to study or work after school.And our experience shows: there is a direct correlation between the formation of a healthy way of life of children and their success in life.From this depends on good study, and the attitude in the team, and even material prosperity.Dear Parents - do not be lazy to form the child's respect for their health!