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Useful properties of shiitake mushrooms

What shiitake?

Wild shiitake mushrooms is most common in Japan, China and other Asian countries, where it usually grows on dead wood of felled trees.Today shiitake is considered a valuable product and is cultivated in many countries around the world, including Europe.In addition to the delicious food as an alternative to conventional mushrooms, shiitake has medical value.In the history of traditional Japanese medicine as early as II-III century BC, the emperor received a shiitake mushroom as a gift from the indigenous peoples of ancient Japan.Hence it decided to make use of this fungus count in medicine.However, shiitake was known earlier in ancient China and was called Huang Mo.

active ingredients Shiitake

most valuable component of this is a Japanese mushroom polysaccharide letinan.This substance is 1/3 of all fungus which effectively fights cancer studies with laboratory mice.Another useful feature of shiitake in that the active substance directly attacking the cancerous cells of th

e immune system and controlled the development of harmful tissue.But its worldwide fame shiitake won not only because of its healing properties.It contains a substance that can enhance the taste of man.The peculiar natural "flavor enhancer", thanks to which this fungus is so loved by many chefs and gourmets of the world.Exotic taste of shiitake mushroom will not leave anyone indifferent, who will dare to try it.It will be remembered for a long time and be nice to remember.

How useful shiitake mushrooms?

This product has a lot of useful properties - shiitake mushrooms enter into the secrets of miraculous healing of many diseases.Therefore, he is often credited with some fantastic opportunities and excess properties.In fact, shiitake helps in the main - it directly affects human immunity.And since most diseases arise because of poor immunity - like shiitake heals them all.The edible form shiitake can be applied in the form of dry extracts and tinctures.In addition, letinan - drug based on shiitake - sold separately from the extract as a specialized drug to fight cancer.All problems, which makes the efficiency of shiitake, associated in any way with the human immune system.Most studies have shown that this fungus district actually strengthens immunnitet and forms a protective base against various diseases.This is its exceptional value.

proven benefits of the use of shiitake:

anticancer effect: Japanese doctors have long used shitake, as a means to strengthen the immune system and fight tumors.In particular, it was found that polysaccharides stimulate immune cells to produce interleukin and cause so-called "tumor necrosis factor".Different types of cancer respond to different extents of treatment letinanom, but even with a small content of polysaccharide can extend the life of the patients more than 50%.

adaptogen, restoring forces: Japanese shiitake physiologists use to deal with chronic fatigue syndrome, if it is associated with a low level of specific cytotoxic leukocytes.They are called "natural killer cells".Shiitake is able to quickly restore power and contributes to a healthy and deep sleep.

immune stimulant: Shiitake is also known for its beneficial effects in fighting colds.Mushroom stimulates the production of interferon, which has antiviral effect.Unlike chemical interferon which is administered to human patients by injection, shiitake simpler and operates more efficiently, without causing side effects.This is especially true in the treatment of children, as many of them have an allergic reaction to interferon led by the.

myths and unfounded allegations:

anti-cholesterol effect

Experiments conducted on animals showed a decrease in total cholesterol by mostly "bad" cholesterol - and 25% within 7 days.But the effect was more pronounced only when a diet with a high intake of fat, and adoption of additional shiitake extract.So to claim that this fungus has affected a decrease in the proportion of cholesterol in full is impossible.The mechanism of action has not yet been explained.

There are many side effects and contraindications for taking shiitake

Shiitake is widely used in Japanese and Chinese cuisine for more than 3,000 years, appreciating it for its beneficial properties.Currently, no serious side effects.Some people may experience discomfort gastrointestinal tract after ingestion of these fungi.But mushrooms - it's all junk food.And the same effect can have any other "our" mushrooms, if a person has digestive problems.As for contraindications, in the case of shiitake are practically no.

In combination with medications can not be taken shiitake

There is no scientific evidence of drug interactions.It is considered absolutely safe for use by healthy people.No information about the danger of influence on shiitake health of pregnant and lactating women, as well as on the development of the fetus.There is also evidence that shiitake reduces the effect of other drugs taken.It can be taken together with any drugs, even with antibiotics.

There is clearly a limited dose, which can not exceed

There is no established daily dose.It is best to follow the instructions supplied with the product containing shiitake.Usually takes 6 to '16 dried mushrooms per day from 1 to 3 g dry extract three times a day for an extended period of time.

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