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What juices are the most useful?

Usually they are recommended to use the period of beriberi, especially immunocompromised people, pregnant women and children.In fact, drinking juices should always, regardless of the season.And with this we recommend regular consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.This is a mandatory condition in which the body gets all the necessary elements, especially in the summer, thanks to the rapid assimilation by the body.Even in ancient times it was known that fruit and vegetable juices are very healthy, and that they are an indispensable source of vitamins and other essential substances to the human body.

types juices

juice, usually a source of glucose, fructose and minerals.The natural juices are also high in pectin, which lowers cholesterol and normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.Juices are fruit and vegetable juices, concentrates and nectars form (juice, water-diluted).Here are the most popular types of natural juices and why they are useful:

Orange juice
It is rich in vitami

n C, various minerals and antioxidants.Studies show that it reduces the daily consumption of stomach cancer, mouth and throat by 50%.Dermatologists recommend even rub it into the surface of the skin to stay healthy and reduce the harmful effects on the skin to sunlight.Influence of the active substances contained in orange juice, also helps to cope with the aging process.

Grape juice helps to restore the damaged nervous system and is useful in muscular weakness.It cleanses the kidneys and liver from toxins and filters the blood, and significantly reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Carrot juice
improves vision, strengthens the body and restores power after illness, is useful in increasing mental and physical stress.Also carrot juice helps in the treatment of gastric ulcers and stomach cancers of the lungs, tuberculosis and anemia.It improves the appetite, strengthens the teeth, increases resistance to infections.

cherry juice
Cherry juice helps with constipation, improves metabolism, strengthens the body.It improves appetite, you need to take into account those who are sitting on a strict diet.But drinking a glass of cherry juice a day can significantly improve blood composition.

Pear juice
Pear juice has antimicrobial activity and is useful for people with kidney stones.It has been scientifically proved that it is pear juice helps dissolve stones and easy removal from the body.

Pomegranate juice
Pomegranate is rich in ascorbic acid.Its juice is recommended for exhaustion, anemia, arteriosclerosis, respiratory infections, asthma, angina pectoris.It is extremely useful for people exposed to radioactive radiation (or chemotherapy).It also helps in diabetes and gastrointestinal disorders.

Tomato juice This juice is the most useful for those who suffer from metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases.It contains a lot of potassium required to maintain cardiac muscle.

Watermelon juice is a suitable means for the treatment of edema associated with the problems of the cardiovascular system and kidneys.Natural watermelon juice also strengthens the immune system.

Black and smorodinnovy juice
recommended vitamin C deficiency, anemia, gastritis with low acidity, acute bronchitis, flu and angina.Natural black currant juice help destroy the virus, improve immunity, have a tonic effect and rich in vitamin C.

Pineapple juice
It contains a unique substance "bromelain" which helps to burn fat.This trace mineral also has a rejuvenating effect.Experts recommend the use of natural pineapple juice when kidney disease and angina.

Grapefruit juice helps in the fight against obesity, improves digestion, stimulates the liver and prevents the formation of fat.With regular use of cholesterol in the blood may fall to 18%.

Beet juice
juice Beet juice is considered to be for women.He is able to improve and regulate hormonal cycle.It is also useful for constipation, anemia, heart disease and gastrointestinal tract, and can lower blood pressure.Its use must begin with a small amount (1 tablespoon), or together with other natural juices.For example, carrot juice, gradually reducing the amount of the latter.

Cabbage juice is recommended for hemorrhoids, respiratory diseases, liver.A little-known fact that the content of vitamin C in cabbage is much higher than in the lemon!This juice also relieves stomach pain and cleanses the body of toxins and cholesterol.

pumpkin juice
Most Valuable juice metabolic disorders, obesity, diabetes, kidney stones and urinary bladder.It recommended especially for men who suffer from inflammation of the prostate gland.

Apple juice
Unbeatable diuretic.Especially useful for people of intellectual labor.The results showed that the substances contained therein, protect cells from oxidative stress, which leads to distortion of memory and mental decline.The juice is also recommended in infectious diseases, colds and treatment of purulent wounds.

Cucumber juice
It is the most used juice in cosmetology.It is believed that it contributes to a decrease in sunspots, freckles makes it less visible, it helps fight oily skin and has a bleaching effect.

Apricot juice strengthens the heart muscle.Its regular use prevents heart arrhythmia.

Potato juice helps in inflammation, burns, bleeding in the stomach, skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema, fungal).It is used to compress - just need to moisten the potato juice with pulp piece of gauze and put on the sore spot.

Peach juice
improves liver function, promotes digestion of fatty foods, increases the hemoglobin content in the blood.In natural peach juice contains large amounts of beta-carotene (vitamin A), calcium, vitamin B2.This juice is recommended for cardiovascular diseases and anemia.

Lime juice
Supports normal blood pressure and is a preventive measure against heart attacks, strokes and other diseases of the heart.It acts as a powerful antiseptic, has immunostimulating action.In combination with the juice of garlic is able even to suppress the symptoms of AIDS.

juice of red currants
This juice is recommended for diseases of the cardiovascular system, ulcers, gout, skin diseases, rheumatism, colds.

possible damage caused by the consumption of juices

Many people believe that the juice from the store - is a natural and hence a useful product, which can be drunk in unlimited quantities.But this is not always the case for many reasons:

  • Often the juice contains a lot of sugar and calories.The experts found that the 250 gram pack of juice can contain up to 6 teaspoons of sugar.One liter of grape juice contains 1100 kcal, and 1 liter of apple juice - 900 calories.Most shops juices contribute to increased appetite, and thus cause the accumulation of excess kilos.Excessive amounts of sugar in them can cause diabetes.
  • Packages written some drinks, they produced "sugar-free" or "low-sugar".However, sometimes these sugar is replaced with artificial sweeteners.Although they contain no calories, but in principle they are not much better than sugar.
  • Most juices contain many acids, which contribute to the destruction of tooth enamel.Acidic juices "absorb" the calcium from the body and therefore must be used with great caution, especially in osteoporosis.
  • more juice, taken for a short time, can lead to chronic diarrhea.
  • have contraindications to use natural juices, for example, ulcerative colitis, gastritis with increased secretion, pancreatitis, ulcers and others.

100% natural juices are rarely found in stores and are generally identified by the higher price.The most common way of processing and production of store juice - juice concentrate diluted with water.With approx the stores are almost always comes from another country, in place of water is added to it, and then it is sold.Unfortunately, the process of concentration under high temperature are destroyed half vitamins, flavoring scattered, and some amino acids and carbohydrates change their structure and are not useful for the organism.

Restoring juice added to it, not only water but also the sugar or substitutes for citric acid, natural flavors, even preservatives.Nectar can also be obtained from the recovered juice.This artificial drink made from concentrate, sugar and water.Sometimes nectars added citric or ascorbic acid (vitamin C), natural flavorings.

amount of juice nectar is 25-50%.They are divided into several types:

  • based on traditional juices (orange or apple) by dilution with water and added sugar;
  • lemon juice, passion fruit, which have an astringent taste, can drink only after adding sugar, or in admixture with other juices;
  • juice from bananas, peaches, cherries, which are more like a paste.

Guidelines for juices

  • Use only fresh fruits and vegetables without the worms and rotten parts.
  • For maximum effect, drink the juice in small sips, not later than 10 minutes after cooking.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be cleaned immediately before the spin cycle.
  • juice drink for at least 30 minutes before eating.
  • juice from stone fruits (plums, peaches, apricots) should not be mixed with other juices.
  • Optional cleaned fruits with thin skin (apples, pears, apricots).
  • Do not squeeze the juice from soft fruits (papaya, avocado, mango, figs, bananas).
  • juice stains on clothing can be removed with soda or vegetable oil.

Here is just a partial list of natural juices, the most useful for the organism.Natural juice in its pure form, is perhaps the best combination of taste and health.Once you have mastered the skills of preparation of juices, they will always be present in the daily menu.

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