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Nutrition, healthy food: it is useful to eat, how to eat?

Of course not!Everything you need for a good mood - the hormone serotonin produced by the brain in the required quantities.We overeat because food is used in the wrong products.On the shelves are genetically modified fruits and vegetables, made of powder dairy products, semi-finished products for heating in the microwave.Such food is poor in nutrients, so eating it, we do not saturate completely.How to make serotonin produced in the body in sufficient quantities throughout the day?Eating a healthy, food that is useful to have, how to eat - all this in our article.

train yourself to start getting up earlier - studies show that the brain produces serotonin is particularly active for two hours after sunrise.Immediately after waking up, drink a glass of water activated.Prepare it easy: you need the juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of honey, 30 grams of aloe juice and 200 ml of mineral water, rich in calcium, magnesium, lithium, sodium, manganese, iodine and iron.Always Eat breakfast!Breakfast, rich in nut

rients, will encourage your body to burn excess fat.Eat a low-calorie breakfast - it's not the same thing as completely abandon it.If you do not eat breakfast, the body slows down metabolism to conserve energy.Thus, a hindrance to burn fat.If your ideal weight less than 61 kg, you eat for breakfast 200 kcal;if more than 90 kg - that 300 kcal.If the weight to which you aspire, is between these two numbers, then multiply it by 3.3 to get the desired figure.Try to eat healthy food: fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat.The main thing - to keep the balance in the consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates consumed during the day: their number should be roughly equal.Only in this way serotonin is produced by all the rules.Top suppliers of serotonin - a carbohydrate.But carbohydrates are different.Complex carbohydrates - they are rich in vegetables, fruits and foods made from wheat flour (pasta, bread), cereals, potatoes, nuts - contribute to a stable flow of sugar to the brain and increase the production of serotonin.Their use has a beneficial effect on the figure, and in the mood.That is not true of simple carbohydrates, which are abundant in refined sugar, chocolate, all kinds of candies and sweets, sweet fruits.

Simple carbohydrates throw blood sugar very quickly.In response to the increase in blood sugar levels, the pancreas produces insulin quickly - and if your blood sugar jumps, the jumps and your mood.Excess protein inhibits production of serotonin in the body.In order to avoid this, together with proteins in food should be consumed more and fats.But not all in a row, and helpful.Research over the past five years has shown that increasing the amount of dietary omega-3 fat in the diet contributes to the establishment of the hormonal balance in the body, stimulates the synthesis of serotonin, which entails, for example, reducing premenstrual syndrome and depression attenuation.For the body of harmful processed fats.They cause disruption of the functioning of cells, clogging arteries and degenerative diseases.Furthermore, it is believed that these fats normally prevents the body metabolize fats useful and hence they inhibit serotonin.On product labels, these fats are referred to as "hydrogenated."It should be remembered, and that under high temperature - for example, when frying - all hydrogenated fats, so better to cook food, bake, cook on the grill for a couple.No need to refuse to eat, not eat often, but in small portions.