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Proper nutrition in terms of physicians

yes differently and could not be.Power - the energy for work and life and building material for cells.

Naturally, traditional medicine, in dealing with the preservation and restoration of human health, can not fail to pay due attention to catering.

Organization of proper nutrition in terms of physicians, can be divided into three main groups.

1. Healthy food. In essence - this is catering, which must adhere to all the people who care about their health.Food should be varied, balanced composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, rich in vitamins and trace elements.Diet should not be less than three-time.We must respect the principles of regularity and fractional meal.Calorie intake should match their consumption.For this group of power characterized by the absence of prohibitions on the use of certain products.Clearly, this does not mean that it is possible without limitation to use products that contain large amounts of fat, spices, preservatives.All should be moderation.Sometimes you can afford

and smoked sausage, and bacon and salmon, but only occasionally and better in small quantities.Any special recommendations and bans are not contained.It's just a normal nutrition, which plays a preventive role by helping to maintain health for many years.

2. Diet food. of the supply of such medicine already plays the role of a somewhat different.In this case, persons with different diseases are selected and recommended special diet - such diets in which prohibited the use of certain products, while others, must be present in certain amounts and frequency.Different diets are appointed in order to prevent ill health and to improve metabolism, the nervous system, activating the protective functions of the body.That is to say, diet plays a therapeutic role.This special diet can act as a supplement to medication and medical procedures, so sometimes even the main curative factor.

There is even a medical specialty - dietician.Some people are addicted to reckless newfangled diets for weight loss or to achieve other results.This often violates the principles of balanced nutrition and calorie content.And then comes the deterioration of the internal organs, vitamin deficiency (beriberi), weakened immunity, protein deficiency.There may be a power failure - with regular shortfall of calories needed for vital functions, ieDaily calorie consumption exceeds the intake of calories from food.In this case, without the help of a dietitian who has knowledge about the biochemical effects of food on the body, we can not do without.To restore health disorders require a special diet.

As for disease, almost none of the treatment is not without purpose or a special diet recommendations on diet.Especially it concerns the treatment of various chronic diseases of internal organs.For example, at a stomach ulcer is assigned split meals, at least six times a day in small portions.Completely excluded acute and fatty foods.In hypertensive limited or eliminated salt intake, contributing to an increase in blood pressure.Animal fats are replaced by vegetable.It is forbidden the use of strong tea and coffee, a stimulant effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems.And, for example, respiratory diseases (asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis) number of animal protein and fat in the diet is not limited, but on the contrary, preference is given to fats and animal proteins within the physiological needs of the body.In rheumatoid arthritis significantly limited the use of carbohydrates by increasing the use of fats and proteins.As you can see, diet is significantly different from the conventional diet, due to the influence of some food components in the biochemical processes in the body, and, accordingly, properly selected diet slows down some processes (worsening of disease), while speeding and enhancing other (metabolism, blood, tissue regeneration).

3. preventive nutrition. This type of power is assigned to persons subject to the influence of negative factors (toxic or radioactive substances, radiation, gas concentration), for instance, work in hazardous industries: the chemical industry, metallurgy, paint shops).Properly chosen diets preventive nutrition to prevent violations in the body that can occur under the influence of harmful factors.Used products that can accelerate the excretion of harmful substances that bind harmful substances to slow their absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as increase the overall resistance of the body to the effects of hazards.Diets preventive nutrition are not the actual food, and taken further by acting as a source of biologically active substances that perform a protective role.Moreover, since the hazards are known in advance, the preventive nutrition directed at preventing the development of a specific disease or group of diseases.In different industries, different professions are assigned different contents evidence-based diets preventive nutrition, especially taking into account the possible impact of specific factors of production.

Therefore, confirming a long time ago formulated by Hippocrates postulates proper nutrition from the point of view of doctors, used to human medicine.

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