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Useful properties of fish mullet

this fish is known as one of the main occupants of the Black Sea, where you can meet as many as 4 of its kind.This sharp-nosed, Sing, native Black Sea mullet and striped mullet.By the way, mullet came from the Black Sea of ​​Japan at the end of the last century.The reason was the decrease in the number of fish in the Black Sea, as a result it was decided to make in the sea much more unpretentious its species.

In the 20th century, approximately, in the 30s, the Black Sea fish let into the Caspian Sea, where it has successfully taken root.Now the Black Sea mullet can be found all along the coast of the Caspian Sea.

This fish is quite beautiful.She has a small mouth, its length of about 40 centimeters, it is silver and scales in her large and shiny.Mullet mainly kept flocks.Fish is very moving, and sometimes they can even jump set fishing nets when they are frightened of something, something quite deftly jump out of the water.Mullet reaches maturity at 8 year of his life, when it reaches a length of fort

y centimeters.Spawning takes her from May to September, and it for this fit and coastal waters, and open.Mullet - a very prolific fish.The basis of its power of vegetable fouling substrates underwater.

Mullet: its species.

If you look at the representatives of all kinds of mullet, you'll find that the difference between them is small, they are very similar.

The smallest sea mullet is a mullet.Its weight reaches half a kilogram and a length - 25 cm.

golden mullet.It can be described as the most common form of the Black Sea mullet.He is second only to Lobanov.It rarely grows longer than 35 centimeters, and its weight is within the kilo.While its length can reach 55 centimeters.

striped mullet and striped mullet.This kind of mullet largest.It can be seen in the seas around the world.Its length can reach half a meter, and weight - two and a half kilos.

Mullet: its application.

MULLETS valuable as commercial fish.They have great taste, especially in fish caught in the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in early spring or late fall months.In the Caspian Sea mullet usual larger size, but its lower fat content.

mullet have a very tasty white meat.It contains no seed, so it is widely used in cooking.Her fried, boiled.Smoked and dried mullet simply impossible to find a competitors.When smoked and dried mullet often not gutting to keep the original flavor characteristics of the fish.

have striped mullet, the largest MULLETS variety, very tasty caviar.I appreciate white, so-called fat located in mullet in the abdominal cavity.This "fat" features an original, but a very pleasant taste.Kitchen

many countries include a variety of recipes, including the basis for mullet.It is tasty breaded or fried in oil, baked with mushrooms, especially white, braised in a sauce with white wine, broth of fish and golden bow.From mullet make excellent preserves.Her implement and fresh and salted, and smoked and sun-dried and frozen.The mullet much fat: up to 9%, and protein - almost 20%.

Mullet: useful properties.

have mullet fish is very tasty, tender meat, for which the fish is very highly valued.Fish contains proteins, many kinds of fats, nickel compounds, molybdenum, fluorine, chromium, zinc, calcium and phosphorus.It contains many elements of vitamin B1, provitamin A, PP.

It is known that regular consumption of fish can prevent the development of stroke and other heart diseases.This is due to the fact that fish, as, indeed, molluscs and other inhabitants of the deep sea, are composed of the form of oil, which is called omega-3.It is able to support the normal operation of all the arteries and small vessels.Strokes and heart attacks occur due to complete blockage of blood vessels and arteries.And the above-mentioned oil can prevent this blockage.It is, among other things, can lower blood pressure.That is why those who frequently eat fish dishes, rarely myocardial (strokes).In general, doctors, nutritionists recommend eating fish at least a couple of times in 7 days.There are useful any fish.Omega-3 oils in many of these types of fish like mackerel, cod, trout, tuna, salmon and, of course, the mullet.

This type of fish is very useful in chronic lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as in acute intestinal diseases.In atherosclerotic lesions need to have a mullet dishes, especially baked and boiled.That is why it is necessary to have the people of the older generation.

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