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Chewing gum: its benefits and harms

Chewing gum in public places, of course, at odds with good form, but sometimes it is necessary.In fact, chewing gum can offer much more than fresh breath and gustatory pleasure.But before I say anything about the use of this product should be made the following statement: chewing gum can be useful only if it is sugar-free, and if its use is not more than 30 minutes a day.

history of chewing gum

Officially, chewing gum was invented in the mid 19th century.In 1869, William Sample of Ohio received a patent for his product, which is a lot of chewing in the manner of plasticine.This gum had its own unique flavor, reminiscent of wood tar.Such popular chewing gum enjoyed little while later it did not make a sweet and flavored more pleasant and familiar additives.Only sixty years later gum acquired a modern look.American Walter Dimar able to find the perfect balance between its components: 20% rubber, 60% sugar, or substitute, 19% corn syrup and 1% of flavorings.The main indicator of the quality of gum, of

course, was and still is its elasticity.
In fact, chewing gum came to the people much earlier.Or rather - in the days of the early Neolithic.Archaeologists have found imprints of teeth in resin pieces.The ancient Greeks preferred resin of coniferous trees, in contrast to the Maya, who used sapodilovuyu wood tar.

Today, the US military developed a new kind of chewing gum formulas that contain antibacterial agents that allow soldiers to "clean" your teeth right on the battlefield.The use of this invention is obvious - it would be useful and many civil especially busy people.Another type of invention of American scientists - chewing gum with caffeine, which is able to keep soldiers in standby mode for long periods of time, so that they did not know of fatigue or sleepiness.

Additional oral hygiene

Chewing gum is a good preventive measure against caries.Daily consumption of coffee and red wine, and smoking emalin changes color several shades.But we all know that white teeth is an important indicator of their condition.It is true that none of the gum can not cope "alone" with spots on the teeth, but it is a good additional measure to combat them.
chewing gum maintains the mouth moist, stimulates salivation, thus contributing to offset the negative effects of acid on tooth enamel after a meal.In parallel, the teeth are cleaned mechanically "attachment" to the food remains elastic.They just stick to it, and after all these residues are a major cause of tooth decay, which eventually destroys the protective surface of the tooth.We should not forget about fresh breath.Chewing gum is refreshing - it is beyond doubt.However, this process is limited in time.
You have to be careful in choosing a gum for our children, not to harm them.On the children's teeth are particularly strong negative influence sugar (sometimes can be seen darkening and even rotting milk teeth that can eventually lead to serious problems with permanent teeth).It would be useful to the chewing gum, which we buy for children, contains no sugar and has been enriched with fluoride and xylitol.It Xylitol effectively prevents the formation of plaque and tooth decay.its benefits for teeth is difficult to overestimate.

important to remember that substitute for brushing and toothpaste can no chewing gum - its benefits and harms can cause controversy, but one thing is certain - you need to brush your teeth anyway.Carrots and apples, in turn, are less useful in this regard.

Stabilization immunity in the mouth

unpleasant smell, of course, is not the most pleasant thing that could happen to us.But, fortunately, mint chewing gum effectively combats this problem by neutralizing and reducing by half breath.It would be useful however, if contained in the chewing gum lactobacilli caring for existing balance of bacteria in the oral cavity.Such gum already exist and are popular in some countries.Furthermore, some of the chewing gum enriched aluminum lactate, which significantly reduces bleeding gums and reduces inflammation.This is a special medical chewing gum - its benefits for people suffering from periodontal disease, assessed and confirmed by experts.

lock getting acid into the esophagus

It's a fact - chewing gum has beneficial effects on the digestive system.Due to the fact that in the production of saliva during chewing greatly increases its swallowed more.Saliva dilutes acid and aggressive swallowing reflex is to prevent reverse its movement from the stomach into the esophagus.Researchers from King's College London found that those who regularly chew gum for half an hour after eating, not only protects the teeth from caries, but also effectively prevent the return of food and acid into the esophagus.So what can be considered as the official gum tool for combating heartburn.

Protection against otitis media

This otitis media - a "privilege", as a rule, young children, who often suffer from painful bacterial infections.But scientists from the Finnish University found that ear infections can be easily prevented if chewing sugar-free gum with xylitol and it was.It can cope with not only caries and bacteria contained in the oral cavity, but also with pneumococci that cause otitis media.

Reducing calorie intake

American researchers have found that chewing sugar-free gum may benefit in controlling weight by reducing caloric intake.The study involved 35 healthy men and women who had to chew gum for 20 minutes before breakfast, and then two more times before lunch.The results showed that all the participants have learned to lunch on 67% fewer calories than usual assimilated before.Moreover, these calories are not burned is wasted during the day, and transformed into pure energy - so the whole body receives 5% more energy.Scientists believe the discovery may be successfully used to combat obesity.

Increased learning ability

professor of one of the German universities concluded that chewing movements akin to the processes in the brain play a memory at high speed.This is due to the fact that the brain is better supplied with blood and gray cells receive more oxygen when the working jaw.The study, which have been the children of several schools showed that the concentration, sensitivity and the ability to remember is increased by 20% if the chewing gum.
In another study, scientists have shown that chewing gum increases the productivity of mathematical activity.In the experiment, attended by 108 students from 13 to 16 years, who chewed gum in math class.14 weeks later, test results show that those who chewed gum showed 3% higher results than others.In addition, the experimenters observed that "chewing" children require less time to rest and they are less susceptible to stress.

prevent accidents

Very often, sitting behind the wheel for a long time, the driver gets tired due to a significant reduction in its concentration.The statistics are eloquent: every fourth car accident is due to fatigue, inattention or momentary loss of concentration of the driver.And if you drink coffee before a long journey - whether it will be helpful in this regard?Spanish researchers from the University of Zaragoza found another, more acceptable and very tasty way - while driving chew gum.It is, in addition to breath freshening supports brain constantly active, thus increasing the concentration and the ability to react quickly.For example, during the Korean War, US troops were equipped with a special chewing gum in order to be as focused.

Help Diabetics

Today, millions of people suffer from diabetes and forced every day to supply your body with insulin to survive.Hence the question: "Why is not the insulin delivered as a pill?" And the answer, unfortunately, is not in favor of the insulin-dependent people for the simple reason that the insulin is destroyed instantaneously in the gastrointestinal tract.Robert Dale, chemist at the University of Syracuse, has applied for a patent for chewing gum, which is struggling with diabetes.The idea is that in its special gum vitamin B12 binds to the protein contained in the saliva.This protein has the ability to prevent vitamin degradation.Scientists have linked vitamin B12 insulin, and conducted experiments on mice have shown that it can actually deliver insulin into the blood.Scientists say that this chewing gum is particularly suitable for diabetics and for this invention has a great future.

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