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Benefits and harms of chocolate

composition of chocolate.

So, considering the question, what is the benefit and harm of this product should refer to its material composition.

Firstly, it herbal stimulants , they also methylxanthines: caffeine, theophylline, teobrolin.It methylxanthines cause many addiction to chocolate as a positive product.Besides, metiksantiny increase efficiency.

also worth say about contained in chocolate endorphins - hormones of joy and happiness, chocolate actually improves mood.

In addition, chocolate contains a small amount of amandanid - typical relaxant hemp.But the number of the above ingredients is negligible and can not cause harm, so do not give up chocolate is.

How to choose a really delicious and healthy chocolate?

enough to know the composition.This chocolate, depending on its grade, manufactured by different techniques and in different proportions.But the foundation of any chocolate are cocoa butter, cocoa beans and sugar.The chocolate mixture is divided into ordinary and dessert

.In ordinary chocolate mixture contains sugar in large quantities, and the dessert, in contrast, is much less sugar, but the taste and aroma of exquisite.From such prepared mixture aerated chocolate.

Bitter chocolate - the most useful, includes chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, low sugar, high amount of cocoa beans.That it contains large amounts of antioxidants and iron than other types.Studies have shown that moderate consumption of dark chocolate helps to restore tone and performance.

On assurances nutritionists, production of the chocolate is not subject to modern technology.In our time, are not uncommon when manufacturers add chocolate instead of natural cocoa butter, hydrogenated fats and vegetable oil that reduces the taste and benefits of chocolate is not.This product has no right to be called chocolate.

Also worth noting is the white chocolate lovers which is also quite a lot.The benefits of this type of chocolate is not observed, as there is no cocoa mass, but mostly high-calorie content of foods can only do harm.

healing effect of chocolate.

If properly select and consume chocolate, its use is obvious.

  • Chocolate with regular moderate use prevents dementia , stimulates the production of red blood cells.
  • In addition, replacing dark chocolate coffee, you will feel more tangibly how regain your strength .Besides, it is much more useful than coffee.
  • polyphenols contained in cocoa beans, perfectly improve blood flow , thereby reducing the load on the heart muscle.
  • Contrary to popular belief that chocolate (like any sweetness) provokes caries and other dental problems, it should be noted that cocoa, part of the chocolate in front perfectly prevents destruction of tooth enamel .Cocoa butter, enveloping teeth forms a protective film.
  • chocolate also prevents the formation of blood clots and stabilizes the pressure .
  • A with a strong cough it will help better than any pills.

Chocolate, like any sweetness, of course, adds extra weight.But to abandon it is not necessary.Eating foods in moderate amounts of chocolate will bring harm to a minimum.Also, beyond praise the use of chocolate in beauty salons as a cosmetic.


course, with all the indisputable beneficial properties of chocolate, it is worth remembering and about contraindications.Dark chocolate should not be given to children, and patients with diabetes mellitus should be excluded from your diet all kinds of this product.

Chocolate - has long proven useful delicacy.Eat it, and the good mood will not leave you, but the health benefits you provided!