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Harm and benefits of carrot juice

Always a controversial issue arises, what the harm and benefit of carrot juice.Basically, this juice is considered to be extremely healthful beverage.But there are opinions that say about various contraindications to the use of carrot juice.Oddly enough, both judgments are true.The use of this juice good for the digestive system, nervous system, boosts the immune system, the overall tone of the body, increases appetite.But excessive number of drunk juice gives the opposite result.Therefore, you need to drink the juice in the correct dosage recommended 0.5 liters 3 times a week.Juice therapy - a method which requires the correct dosing.

Benefits juice.

Considering the benefit of carrot juice, be sure to point out that the drink perfectly restores vision, promotes prevention of various eye diseases.It lowers the level of cholesterol, good effect on the redox processes in the cells of the human body, regulates metabolism, nursing mothers effectively increases lactation.

It is recommended to drink carr

ot juice fresh for those who have gastric hyperacidity.The juice is useful in diseases of the thyroid gland, kidney stones, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction.

Fresh carrot juice is very helpful for small children, it is recommended to start with half a year in giving appropriate doses.Juice provides child's body with vitamins, it contributes to the development of the child.

Even more useful to use mixed juices or cocktails, which are a part of the carrot and apple juice or orange juice.Such vitamin drinks help to improve skin color.The carrot juice can add a tablespoon of sour cream or cream.This drink is well absorbed by the body and adds vitality and energy.

Drinking juice under consideration by the rules means a guarantee of health.People with unstable mentality freshly squeezed carrot juice helps relieve severe neurological disorders, as well as perfectly "extinguish" the negative emotions of teenagers who have started puberty.

Speaking more about the benefits of the juice, it should be noted that fans of tanning useful to use carrot juice as it contributes to the great tan.Carotene content in the composition of the juice allows hard to produce melanin, responsible for the smooth beautiful tan.But people with diabetes, despite all the healing properties of fresh juice from carrots, drink should be consumed with caution.

Harm juice.

Benefits and harms of carrot juice gives physicians peace for many years.Dentists, for example, claim that the carrot juice contains acids that destroy tooth enamel, and drink it should be only through a straw.

also worth considering the contraindications to the use of juice, despite its surprisingly useful properties.Carrot juice is contraindicated in people with acute exacerbation of diseases of the intestine and pancreas.If you often drink fresh juice of carrots, it gives a strong burden on the pancreas.

Overdose carotene affect significant change in the color of the skin, from which arise various negative processes in the body.This means that you need to stop using carrot juice until normalizing all of these processes.

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