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Popular Russian actor Ivan Okhlobystin

Parents actor had no relation to the creative professions, the father - as Ivan - a military doctor, was at war.Mother - Alevtina - worked as an economist.At school, on the background of Ivan does not stand peers.He studied exactly.After high school, firmly I decided for myself that he needs to do to VGIK.Studies interrupted by military service in missile troops.This life span later will be reflected in the work Ohlobystina.After returning recovered at the institute, different active social position, eccentricity, a sharp mind and was popular both among fellow students and among teaching staff.In 1992 he graduated from the Film Institute, specialty - directing.

In the painting "leg" Ivan Okhlobystin debuted in the film and immediately won an award at the festival "Youth-91" for the best part.The first author the screenplay for the controversial film "Freak" was nominated for "Green apple, a piece of gold."A first feature as a director Ohlobystina work called "referee" in the category "Films for izbrann

yh2 on" Kinotavr ".

theatrical stage were also not neglected by Ohlobystina. In February 1996, on the stage of the Moscow Art Theatre, the premiere of the play" The villain, or a dolphin Creek", the author of the play was Ivan Okhlobystin.

addition to the basic training, the range of hobbies Ivan is extensive. He is the master of a small collection of guns, an avid fisherman and hunter and a member of the International Association of Aikido Renmei kyoku. Ohlobystin not indifferent to jewelry businessand chess is the discharge. As for the political beliefs - Ohlobystin monarchist, at one time even in the party was "Cedar", whose main aim was the revival of the Russian monarchy.

At the time of the greatest pop Ivan met his future wife - actress Oksana Arbuzova.Officially, they have consolidated their alliance in 1995. Today the couple are raising six children - two boys (Basil and Sawa) and four girls (Anfisa, Evdokia, Barbara and John).

If intermediate results in official recognition Ohlobystina, the results are as follows: 9 prizes for best actor role 17 awards for best director, and 21 award as the author of the best script.Some of the latter, for the moment, works in the cinema: films "DMB" (in the footsteps of memories of military service), "Down House" (a modern version of the novel "The Idiot") and "scavenger".Seen under pseudonyms: Leopold luxury and Ivan Alien.

The fact that Russian actor - an adherent of Orthodoxy was officially known when he became a leading show "Canon" on television in 1998.And already in 2001, Ivan ordained priests Tashkenskaya Archbishop Vladimir.It happened in the Diocese of Tashkent.

In late 2001, Ohlobystin come to the capital for what would present his new short film about Prince Daniel.I thought it not quite as self-picture, but as part of a cycle titled "Lives of the Saints," which should contain the author's plans, 477 series.And in the same year, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented in Okhlobystin award "For Services to the Fatherland" - inscribed gold watch.

Since combining the service of God and acting career was virtually impossible, Ivan temporarily left his main profession.But at all times remained a writer.In 2008 Ohlobystin, taking into account the need for more income, returns to the acting profession.

until 2005 a famous actor (his father John) led Zayaitskom service in the temple Svyatilya Nicholas, since 2005 - at the Sofia Embankment, in the temple of Holy Wisdom, which is the color of the Moscow intelligentsia.

is a leading program "Flock" at the radio station Russian News Service, and is the author of a column in the community, "Snob"

role of great historical figures - Grigory Rasputin - Ivan Ohlobystin played in the movie "Conspiracy", shot by director Stanislav Libin.

The actor's life began again active shooting period.Several films in which he played Ivan, were published.This movie: "The bullet-dur" global historical canvas "King"

The script Ivan in 2007, was released in theaters sensational film "Paragraph 78", whose script has been dated 1995.

In November 2009, the press reported that Father John had asked the Patriarch to release themselves from the ministry, the reason for it became "internal contradictions".

early as February next year Patriarch Kirill complied with the request of Ivan Ohlobystina and removed him from the performance of priesthood, while prohibited from wearing priestly cross and priests' garments.And do not forget the Patriarch noted that, in the event that the father of John, in the world Ivan Okhlobystin, decide to take "final and unambiguous choice in favor of the pastoral ministry", in this case, given the removal from service can be canceled.

At the end of the same year Ohlobystin said within an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets" that over the next two years will make a decision on the return to service.

on behalf of its current character of Dr. Bykov (series "Interns") maintains a blog on Facebook.