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list of the most popular and stylish representatives of Russian TV is changing almost every year.But there is in him a person who continually do not leave the charts of popular TOPs.These representatives of the media, very thoroughly settled in the rating grid ratio and for years their names fill a particular place in the list of "most professional and stylish representatives of national television."Who are they, these popular and at the same time the famous people we see every day on their TV screens, and who have demonstrated that the profession has always lead combines style and professionalism.By the way, TV presenter - is a profession in which you want to be fashionable and stylish.Let's finally find out who has made a profession leading television the main purpose of his life and achieved the title of "most stylish representative of the national television."

So opens our list of CEO of the rating in Russia and abroad, "the First channel» Konstantin Ernst .In addition to the post Constantine is t

he producer and co-founder of the magazine "However".His producing credits are such popular series and part TV products "First Channel" as "Checkpoint", "Waiting Room" (1998), "Deadly Force" (2000-2007), "SWAT" (2002)"Night Watch" (2004), "The hunt for red deer", "Day Watch" (2005), "Turkish Gambit" (2006), "The Irony of Fate.Continued »(2007) and many others.Also, the writer Ernst made such television projects as all of the New Year's musical project "Old songs about the main", "Irony of Fate.Continue. "The rigor and elegance of black color suits Konstantin Ernst always speaks of his good taste and relates it to the number of "most stylish man of Russia".In addition, Constantine, as no one knows what the profession of driving helped him achieve tremendous success in life.

followed by Konstantin Ernst confidently placed the director, producer and CEO of NTV-Kino Alexander Chernyaev .His post of director Alexander takes since September 2003.Most popular producer's work- "Truckers 2" (2004), "And yet I love" (2006 -2007 years), "Kings Can Do Everything" (2008).Alexander Chernyaev this year was on the list hundreds of the most beautiful men in Russia and took pride of place among the other members of the national television.Occupation of Television is the main foundation for his entire life, and he said he can not imagine his life without love to do.

known journalist, author of a series of programs about Soviet history, "The other day.Our era » Leonid Parfyonov also was not the exception.Leonid always had a beautiful and at the same time strict taste in her clothes.This taste is preserved for him to this day, which helped the journalist to get into the list of the hundred most beautiful women, along with the rest of our ranking.

TV journalist, showman, host of special projects studio "Channel One", the chief editor of "Star Hit" and just handsome Andrei Malakhov was no exception our list.In addition to working on television, Andrew even managed to play in minor roles in the movie "Kilometer Zero", "Indigo" (2007) and the TV series "Father's Daughter" (2009).All social events and corporate parties Malakhov always appear in the most fashionable outfits from the world of brand names.

glamorous and stylish journalist who once worked on the four Russian channels, such as the "First Channel", "Russia", "NTV", "TVC» Dibrov confidently joined the ranks of "the most stylish person."By the way, Dmitry is an honorary member of the Academy of Russian Television.In addition, a journalist professionally engaged in music.In 2001, the band released his solo album "Rum and Pepsi-Cola."

But a leading television actor, musician and humorist Ivan Urgant for two consecutive years is the leader of the list "The most popular TV - men."So do not notice it, we just could not.In addition, Ivan is very interested in taking pictures, playing the guitar, bass guitar, piano, and even a violin.In other words, "the guy no matter where."

We have not forgotten about the actor, showman and TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev .Dmitri always present itself in all its glory and splendor, so do not add it to the list, we just could not.By the way, Nagiyev is an honorary master of sports in sambo, which gives it an athletic career, and aesthetics of his profession on TV.

And what a list of television people without television journalist, author and host of many television programs, first and honorary president of the Russian Television Academy (where he reigned from 1994 to 2008), a Russian with French roots Vladimir Pozner .Despite his 78 years, Posner able to dress with taste.In addition, the journalist still occasionally appears in the lists of the most attractive men.

popular actor, director, screenwriter, author of many videos of pop stars, TV host, restaurateur, son of the famous actor and director Sergei Bondarchuk, Fyodor Bondarchuk also hit the ranks of the media, who are experts in the right style and taste.Acting and directing work Bondarchuk knows each one of us.These are such films as "Company 9" (2005), "Heat" (2006), "Gloss" (2007), "Inhabited Island" (2008) and many others.In addition to his film work, Bondarchuk, from time to time is the popular television shows ("armchair", "You are the supermodel" and others).

A completes our list Oskar Kuchera (real name Evgeny Bogolyubov).In addition to work on the Oscars TV broadcasts on the radio and in films removed.It does not prevent all popular host always look very elegant and stylish.

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