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Alexander Panayotov: biography

first time, Alexander spoke to the audience in the Children's Day.This happened in 1997 in the central square of the city of Zaporozhye - Square Festival.Sasha sang a song at a concert of another Alexander, Alexander Ponomarova - "W wound up the night."Of course, that day Panayotov upset because for the first time spoke to a large audience.But as he was not nervous, the performance was great and vital life began to change.First, the guy auditioned for the studio "Youth", which is housed in the palace of culture "DSS."Then the man began to take an active part in various competitions Zaporozhye young talents.First it was the "Morning Star", then "Zorepad" in Gulyai-Pole, where Alexander won the first prize.Since the time of biography Panayotov become saturated in many different competitions.

Why Sasha immediately fell in love with the audience?Perhaps the reason for this was the radiant smile that never left the face of the guy, and also artistic behavior and the confidence with which he always came out

on stage.

At fifteen Sasha realized that he wanted to perform are not strangers, but their songs.So he began to engage in creative work and the studio "Youth" has been recorded his first compositions such as "banded bird" and « Summer rain ».Sasha was the first producer of the head of the studio, Vladimir E. Artemyev.The guy still remembers with deep gratitude his teacher, through which he was able to reach the professional level.If not him, then Sasha will likely not be known Zaporizhia, and then all of Ukraine and CIS countries.But, of course, Alexander, and he did a great deal to reach the highest peaks in the works.He had no "star disease", although Zaporozhye press already called at the time of his talent and the pride of the city.But Sasha, instead of resting on their laurels, constantly working on yourself and move forward.He has participated in a variety of the most various competitions, recitals in her native Zaporozhye and received numerous awards and Grand Prix.For example, in the famous competition "Slavic Bazaar" ranked third man and struck his voice jury, which were such famous personalities as Iosif Kobzon, Nikita Theological Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Robertino Loretti Povaliy, Yuri Rybczynski, Rosa Rymba Eve.

In 2001, Sasha graduated from high school and went to the capital, where he enrolled at the Kiev College of Variety and Circus Arts.Even moving to Kiev has not changed his life as much as it did the Russian TV contest "Popstars".That's what the show glorified Man on the territory of Ukraine and Russia.Many suffered from it for Sasha because he was just a guy who weighed about a hundred kilograms, was a nice, friendly and positive, and, besides, perfectly sang.He really wanted to get to the finals, but still did not get into the top five, which was the group "Other rules".The jury decided that it would be difficult to sing in a pop group, as it has a high potential for a solo singer.Of course, Sasha is upset, but he did not despair.Instead, a man engaged, lost weight, and in 2003 went to another show called "People's Artist".Sasha was not frightened by what money he had only second-class ticket to Moscow, and if it is not passed, it would have remained in the street, because the first night and so he slept on a bench.But apparently he likes to risk life, so Sasha won the silver medal at this competition and got a contract with producer Eugene Friedland.Now Biography Man is full of filming videos and performances.

Alexander - a very talented man.In addition to the songs, he also wrote poetry and prose.Besides, the guy really wants to become an actor and sometime to play a negative character in the film.If we talk about the fact that Alexander annoying in others, it is incompetence and betrayal.Sasha is very difficult to forgive the lie to those who he trusted.And he believes in magic.In his youth, Alexander was very fond of various mysticism, bought a lot of books on magic and magic, but then decided to stop with this case, but still believe in signs and mystical events.

Sasha loves Japanese food and chocolate.Houses in Zaporozhye he has a black cat Puzo, which he presented to the fans.They knew that Panayotov loves Cat.Also, the guy loves to read.Watch movies of the genre of fantasy and transmission KVN.Today, he is very satisfied with his life, but is not going to stop there.Sasha is improving all the time and worked on himself, giving fans new hits and clips.

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