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Biography of actor Andrew Gaydulyana

His story is simple but happy.This is the story of an ordinary guy normal average family, who came to conquer Moscow and conquered it.

Gaydulyan Andrew was born in 1984 in Chisinau, the son of a teacher and a police officer.He studied in a regular school, not dreaming of fame and acting career.But fate is his pet at the Lyceum «Studium», where his parents decide to transfer.There he meets the head theater group, the actor Sergei Tiranin, who saw in the young man entertainment.That he is obliged to Andrew Gaydulyan decision to go to the theater, and good luck on exams, as Sergei Tiranin thoroughly prepared him, knowing firsthand actor's "kitchen".Andrew's parents, as often happens in such cases, were not ready for such a choice son, expecting him to appeal to the more mundane profession.However, they did not commit obstacles Andrew, on the one hand, respect his choice, and on the other, secretly hoping that his son will outgrow this "freak" and stand on the right path.Incidentally, Andrew and sister, al

so has to do with art.She works in a theater set designer.

biography of the actor in the capital is composed as follows.In 2002 in Moscow, young talent submits an application once in 2 institute - GITIS and the Institute of Contemporary Art, and held the first round in both the educational institutions.But since the second round of exams held in the same day, he has to choose only one institute.For unknown reasons, for myself and Andrew chooses the ISI is not wrong with the choice.Who knows what would have been his creative life if he continued to study in GITIS.The Institute actor goes to school not only acting, but also the school of life.Removes an apartment with friends for four, many moments in which very similar to the lives of the characters sitcom "Univer".This morning all the toilet, and living with uzhaty student budget when times barely have enough money for a loaf of bread, but at the same time a strong friendship, fun and cheerful comrades.

graduating from the institute, the future star goes to work in the theater "Glas", begins gradually to appear in small roles in television series "Kulagin and Partners", "Law & Order," "Detective."It was his launching pad.In 2007, the actor received an invitation to work in the television series and, after casting, agrees to act.Youth series "Univer", about the life of students, it is finest hour Andrew Gaydulyana.The role of the infantile, insecure young man Sasha Sergeyev is the best suited to him, and the romance of student life he knows firsthand.Hence the success of his hero on television.

Now Andrei learn everywhere - from the capital and cities of Russia, to the lost villages of Uzbekistan.His character, soft, not always successful, but open and sincere man, a kind of Russian Ivan the Fool, instantly wins sympathy, showing viewers the quality of native Russian.To the credit of say on television is not shining infected Andrew "star disease", he calmly relates to success, enjoying it, like any man, but are not lifted up in transcendental distances.

Despite his youthful appearance, Andrew Gaydulyan at the beginning of the filming was already married and raised a son with his wife Rimma.Many of his fans have been surprised by this fact, as well, it does not look like a grown man with a family, and aware of the responsibility.In many ways, this was joined by his way of "Univer", because the viewer is usually difficult to separate the actor from the role.Andrew, in his own words, it is not like in the life of his hero Sasha.

Well, now for Andrew Gaydulyana very important not to stay in the role of infantile boy, he needs to show his versatile talent and filmmakers to the public, to further his creative career was successful.How is it, by the way, is now engaged.So between the two seasons he managed to unlearn sitcom in America, the school of acting.This time the actor best memories, because he managed to get lessons from a famous Hollywood stars: Al Pacino and Denis de Vito.Also, in his free time shooting, Andrew with a troupe of actors touring the country giving performances, and even gives master classes acting lessons.

Bad is the soldier that does not dream of becoming a general, and that Andrew Gandulyan cherishes the dream of filming in Hollywood, and is engaged in various projects in Russia, gaining experience and developing their talent.

As for his personal life now, judging by the articles in some media, Andrew divorced and meets with her friend Diana, who travels with him on tour all.Here's a she, Biography Andrew Gaydulyana, wished him success in his career and personal life!

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