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Life Faith Alentova

These awards, merit recognition of millions, theater and film actress Alentova get later after going to this complex and thorny path.In the meantime, in a family of actors, living in the city of Kotlas, Arkhangelsk Oblast, a girl Faith, February 21, 1942.Her father died when she was 4 years old, and she and her mother went to the Ukraine.

Childhood Faith, like all post-war children was not easy: food was scarce, various goodies, candy, toys, clothing - were simply short supply replacement to serve them - toys made of cardboard, which cut mother Irina andclothes - only flannel dress made from her mother's robe...with Housing while business situation was also very difficult, and the family lived in Alentova grim.ubornoy the basement of the theater where not even got daylight.My mother worked a lot, Vera went to kindergarten, to school and often has given to itself.Loneliness is not frightened her, because she knew very early what real life is full of hardships.Despite the difficult times in the country

, faith had saved her imagination.Her passion for dancing, dressing up, composing tales of their production in kindergartens with children - is the embodiment of all her imagination, an early manifestation of a creative nature, helped her to quickly gain the attention, interest in children who no doubt believed its leader and literally idolized for those tales,she thought out and was playing with them, because they were witches, beautiful princesses and knights, as well as the evil forces that prevent the victory of good.But the good always triumphs, unfortunately, not always the case happened with faith in her adult life ..

As it usually happens in the actor's family, the family of faith (her mother married a second time) moved frequently: the school she went toUkraine, then studied in Uzbekistan, graduated from high school in the Altai.After school in Barnaul, she decided to go to medical school, but because of the irresistible desire to be an actress, Vera secretly mother comes to the position of actress Barnaul Drama Theatre, where while her mother worked.Of course, the medicine has been forgotten forever, and Faith felt like a real Cinderella, that finally she was a fairy tale.When her mother learned "the secret" of his daughter, which covers her stepfather (also an actor), Housing scandal.Irina was not at all against the choice of a profession of Faith, she suffered an amateur work on a professional stage.My mother decided that her daughter should go to Moscow and enrolled in theater school to become a professional actress.But with all this, the mother wanted a daughter to work on this, uncreative work, so send her daughter to work at Barnaul Melange Mill, in the position of a laborer, and a year later Vera went to conquer Moscow, just like her character Kate Tikhomirov ..

In 1961, the future actress was admitted to the school-studio.VINemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Art Theater.Already in the 2nd course she married a student of Vladimir Menshov, with whom they are married to this day.Teachers were shocked by such an act young and budding actress.Student Menchov was considered at the time bezperspektivnym all teachers believed that he will ruin his career Alentova, but it turned out just the opposite ...

In 1965, after graduating from high school studio, Vera Valentinovna actress goes to work in the Moscow theater named after ASPushkin.Young, emotional, energetic, talented woman with a strong character and quickly fell in love with the audience was literally created for such roles as the - Eulalia on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky "Nevoltsy", for which the actress received a diploma of 1st degree Ostrovsky, the performance "I am woman"in which Alentova brilliantly played a heroine Masha, resulting in performance has gained immense popularity among Moscow theater, and it was impossible to get a ticket.In the 80s there were other, no less important work of the Faith in the theater: "Chocolate Soldier", "treasure", "Robbers" and others. This allows young theater actress return to the world of his childhood fantasies, it is in the theater Alentova opened all theirtalents showed sensual nature, revealing to the audience's soul.In the movie debut of Faith held in 1966 in the role of Lydia in the film "Days of flight."In 1976, on the screens out devyatiseriyny film "This long life is short", which is one of the most interesting works of the actress.This one of the first series shows the life of the heroine Anastasia, who has lost a child, survived the war, found a new tough luck - 20 years of life, just nine runs.Alentova never been afraid of the difficult role where you had to show emotion, pain, suffering, love and hate - because life itself has tempered her when she was a child.The talented actress could not help but cause envy of colleagues, yet they could not resist her ability to play, did not know when Vera Valentinovna as flooring.

his film debut, the actress, as well as many television viewers, according to the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" (1979.), Directed by the husband of Vera Valentinovna Vladimir Menshov, who once presumed teachers could ruin the career of aspiring actress.The film was released in 1980, it was purchased for distribution in over 100 countries, only in 1980, in our country it looked 90 million people.It was a huge success, which came after harsh criticism from journalists, politicians and other figures.In the same year, Vera Alentova received the prize "San Michel" for Best Actress at the International Film Festival in Brussels, and in 1981 was awarded the State Prize of the USSR, the film won the "Oscar" - in such a runaway success for a long time could not believe it.

The success of the film is required not only the talent of the director and the actors a great game, but the coincidence of the fate of one hundred percent of the actress and her main character - Katie Tikhomirova.Both arrived in Moscow from the provincial cities to succeed, to prove, especially to themselves that they are worth something, the two lived in the dorms for a long time went to his goal, the two daughter.When 1969m Alentova year had a daughter Julia, the two of them lived in a hostel Pushkin Theater.Her husband, Vladimir Menshov lived in another dorm, where he received a second degree.Young family of the state has been slow to provide accommodation that played a negative role in their relationship.Menchov and Alentova officially divorced, the only thing that connects them is the daughter Julia, with which his father could see only on weekends - to drive her to the theater, zoo, restaurants.

spouse Vera Valentinovna believes that the daughter has brought them together again, and the separation, which lasted several years, only strengthened their marriage and made both spouses wiser.After the "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" is less long shot, and Alentova continued its work in the theater.In the title role, she appeared again in the mid-90s in the screwball comedy "Shirley Myrli" but no hype or violent critics of this picture is not caused.At 2000m, the screens out the film "Envy of the Gods", which discussed and condemned with great intuziazma with a huge share of negative malice.In this picture Alentova plays Sonia, the film is much younger than most actresses, that does not prevent her passionately and beautifully play in explicit scenes with the French writer who loves her madly.

Vera Alentova always in good shape.Keep fit actress (and the weight of the 20-year-old girl) did not help her fitness rooms, but the real strength of will.The actress is very attentive to their weight (scales, an integral part of its interior), because in my life recovering only once - when to quit, but the lesson learned from this.Get rid of the extra weight helped my mother's advice: if you want to lose weight, eat a third of what used to eat all day, but do not starve.According to Vera V., insanely difficult to smoke in the frame or in the theater and not to smoke in real life - only helps willpower.

After the film "Envy of the Gods", and others were working in movies such as "Mamuka" (2001). "Silver Wedding" (2001)., "Samara-town" (2004). "Balzacage or all of its men .. "(2004-2007.)" And yet I love "(2007). et al. movies.

Besides career, Vera V., do not forget to cultivate.In the last one, the actress is actively improving their computer skills - wants to master the Internet to keep up with the times.Parallel learning English in order to - to master it perfectly.French language perfectly mastered actress in his student years that really helped her to communicate with the French on the set of "envy of the gods."Faith also a passionate driver - behind the wheel of 6 years.The first machine - Volga (Faith called her tank) was purchased on the rental fee from the "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", later working in the theater Leonid Trushkin, was purchased more modern machine, because it had to go to different sites.

To this day Alentova Vera and her husband live in more than a modest (by the standards of local actors) apartment in the center of Moscow, near the Belorussky railway station.Family Menshov Gavryushov loved his dog, whose recent death experienced as a real tragedy.Menchov very accommodating and always very kind to your friends and colleagues.In their family there is an interesting feature - Vera performs male housework: engaged in repair, design (which manifests desire for a child, when she invented the costumes kids) apartment.And the kitchen is always dominated by Vladimir.Menchov was born in Baku, so know how to cook tasty and fast, his wife calls him "a culinary virtuoso."The daughter of Yulia good cook, like her father, but Vera, as well as her mother, and not mastered this art.

And so the question arises: what is the secret of spiritual and physical youth Alentova Faith?How much energy and love of life?Maybe it's in her philosophical attitude to his age, because at the age of 23-years, it is believed that many had to be sdelano.No age she realized that she lived a wonderful life, because she is already these things, "great"not across the country, and within the framework of her life is the family, friends and loved work.And maybe because Alentova - fatalist who hopes not to chance, and that life itself will present surprises and do not need to think anything.

One thing is certain, Vera Alentova - an example of this strong woman (if you want a real Russian woman), who is living in a modern society, every day, proving to herself that she held a person who is not going to rest on our laurels, womanageless, which enjoys every day and genuinely loves what has been his whole life from childhood ... Here's a she, the personal life of faith Alentova.

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