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Life Ekaterina Andreeva

Ekaterina Andreeva was born in Moscow in 1961. November 27.He is currently working on the main Russian television the First Channel, conducts information program "Time".The family of Katya and her little sister loved, Mother Catherine even left work after the birth of the second child, to pay more attention to children.Katie's father worked as a deputy chairman of the USSR gossnabzheniya, now retired.As a child, Kate is interested in sports, playing basketball.At one time he studied at the School of Olympic Reserve.After school he goes to the evening department of the All-Union Correspondence Institute of Law (VYUZI).But with the jurisprudence Catherine did not work and she decides to transfer to the historical faculty of the Moscow Pedagogical Institute.Krupskaya.

Catherine worked in the Attorney General's Office in the Department of Investigation Department office.In 1990, she successfully completes the teacher's college and entered the training courses of employees of TV and radio.She studied at the

school of announcers Igor Leonidovich Kirillov.It is often criticized, it felt that the screen looks like Kate too arrogant, strictly.It Kirillov supported Catherine always said 'take a look, something it has. "And later, when Catherine became a professional leader, Igor Leonidovich at the meeting is always something advises praises.Work on television Catherine began in 1991.At first she worked in the announcer's department, then led the program "Morning", and then she was invited to conduct the "News" on the First Channel.Since 1998.It is constant leading news program "Vremya".During all these years of work on television Catherine became a true professional, she says, she can concentrate and work in any conditions.To the output of each program to prepare very carefully.Itself makes hairstyle makeup, picks clothes herself stylist.Catherine buys clothes mainly in Italy, here live her favorite designers.

Generally, Italy - a favorite Katina country.And she loves antiques, likes to go to antique shops and always something gets.Ekaterina your best matches the type of business lady in our time.Always trim, looks great, even the birth of a daughter is not particularly influenced her figure.But it was not always, studying at the institute in the last year, Kate is very much recovered.Affected tension, it is the time wrote a diploma.According to Catherine, she could safely go to the kitchen at night and eat a very full plate of fried potatoes, and even seize something.Moreover, its fullness she did not notice, at its height is 176 cm. Weighed 80 kg.In the summer, relaxing with friends, such as the suspension and was horrified.On his return to Moscow, he enrolled in a sports club.Kate was very lucky with the coach.He told her to lose weight do not have to starve yourself, but you need to follow a diet and constantly engage in sports.Observing the lifestyle coach who recommended it for four years, dropped 20 kilograms and more in the weight does not come back.This way of life has become the norm for her.

Now she visits once or twice a week, pool and sauna.As for food, Catherine does not consider himself a gourmet, prefers simple food.Very fond of Japanese cuisine, where there are natural products and a maximum of vitamins.In its menu always includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.For breakfast, usually eats porridge, cooked in water or milk with a small percentage of fat, no added butter.Butter is absent in the menu of Catherine.Kashi eat a variety other than manna.Preference is given to black rice and English poridzhu.If you do not eat cereal for breakfast, you can eat yogurt.Be sure to drink a cup of green tea without sugar.At lunch always eat soup, the main thing that was not on a meat broth.On the second may be a fish or meat steamed chicken, different game and definitely a lot of vegetables.Salt substitutes soy sauce.Dinner prefer easy, no later than two - three hours before bedtime.The menu always present fruits, which are used to from childhood, but not exotic.Though very fond of mango, pineapple but not.Drinking only water and green tea.Ignore soda and juices in packets.Water buys her family, as the tap is considered not suitable for drinking.Sometimes allows himself to drink a little red wine, preference is given to Spanish, Portuguese and Georgian wine.German only likes white wine.His bad habit from which it can not either get rid considers smoking.Only Smokes "superlight" with a charcoal filter cigarettes.In his personal life
Catherine is very happy with her husband Dusko.Dusko Petrovic Montenegrin.According to Catherine, Dusko saw her on television, journalists tracked down through a friend three years caring for her.During the years of courtship I learned Russian for Catherine is very important to communicate.Together they have many years and has a daughter from his first marriage Catherine - Natalia.Here's a she, the personal life of Ekaterina Andreeva.

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