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Life of Ivan Urgant

Ivan Urgant was born in 1978 on April 16 in the city of Leningrad, in a family of actors.Ivan's father - Andrey Urgant - film and theater actor.Mother - Valeriya Kiseleva - actress comedy.Grandparents on the father of Ivan were also actors - Nina Urgant, who plays in the famous film "Belarusian Station" and Leo Milinder.Ivan raised mainly grandmother since his parents divorced a year after his birth.He studied at the Leningrad school №18, then in high school at the State Russian Museum.After high school, Ivan did not hesitate enters the Academy of Theatre Arts of St. Petersburg.Of course, his decision was influenced by the life of actor's grandmother and father.All Ivan spent his childhood in the theater, standing in the wings and peeping game actors.

His interests - music, Ivan loved songs of Mikhail Boyarsky, as well as sports.The Academy of Theatre Arts Ivan enters immediately into the second year, said the renowned family Urgant.But, despite the actor's roots and childhood spent in theaters, not to

become his place of work.As he says, the theater is very little pay, for life is not enough.While still a student, to earn a living, he gets a job in a nightclub.One works as a waiter in the other performs Spanish songs, and the third leads night show.After working for two years since Ivan reserves this activity and goes to work on one of the stations of Saint - Petersburg "Super Radio".It works while leading the St. Petersburg television.After working on "Russian Radio" and channel MTV.His radio station Moscow notice and invited to work.Ivan moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow and is fully committed to a television career.

Now Ivan Urgant is the face of the most popular TV channel in Russia.On the First Channel, he leads several projects: "Smack", "big difference", "ProjectorParisHilton", together with Vladimir Pozner conducts the transfer of "one-storey America" ​​and then "Tour de France" has repeatedly led the prize "Golden Gramophone" and so on.d.In addition to employment on television, Ivan manages to act in films.However, the film roles he does not have much, here are some of his film: "From 180 and above", "Tin," "Three and a snowflake", "He, she and I," etc.In 2010 we went to a TV movie "Christmas Tree", where Ivan played the role of a businessman Boris, and "Freaks" - the role of Danny.In 2007.Ivan won the National Television Award Taffy, also in 2010.Only in the "ProjectorParisHilton".
Despite this popularity, privacy Ivan Urgant prefer not to advertise.He always enjoyed success with the opposite sex.The first school of love Ivan was Natalia Kiknadze, niece sports commentator Vasily Kiknadze.With Natalya they attended the same high school and were friends with the eleventh grade.But at the end of the gymnasium Natalia and Ivan parted, she marries a Georgian businessman.And Ivan, already being a student of Theatre Academy, at 18, marrying a student of the University of Culture Karine, his senior by four years.Since the student finance was bad, and gifts beloved wanted to do, need to support a family, Ivan was forced to earn a loader.Close Ivan were against the union and the marriage soon fell apart.Working at the radio station, Ivan has an affair with the famous at that time in St. Petersburg radio presenter Dina Di, but the couple broke up because of infidelity Dina.On MTV Ivan met with the popular TV presenter Tatiana Gevorkian.It is called the common-law wife Urganta.Nobody doubted that the novel of Tatiana and Ivan end wedding.But Tatiana did not aspire to the stamp in the "passport," she said - it would have violated the romance in a relationship.They lived together for several years, then Ivan was invited to work at the First TV channel in Moscow, and Tatiana remained in St. Petersburg.She did not want to maintain a relationship, and the couple parted.

Accidentally in St. Petersburg, where Ivan came for, he met his first love - Natalia Kiknadze, at that time she already had two children.After talking with Natalia, they realize that their fateful meeting.Natalia divorced her husband in 2007 marries Ivan.In 2008 they had a daughter, which decided to call in honor of her grandmother - Nina.His family happiness Ivan really protects no one dares to flirt on the side.When asked how many times he had been married, Ivan says that married one single time.For their loved: his wife and daughter Ivan bought a house on the ruble.His passion was sports, especially like to watch American basketball.She loves to read, eat, sleep, although the latter is rarely succeeds, loves to watch movies.He enjoys photography and everything connected with the theater, certainly in my spare time visiting theaters and cinemas.He hates rudeness.Here's a she, the personal life of Ivan Urgant.

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