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Stas Mikhailov, personal life

In 1992, an aspiring singer Stas Mikhailov took his first steps to conquer the peaks of the Russian scene.The singer had a chance to participate in a number of musical projects, and then had a job in the Moscow theater stage.Then the artist wrote his first song "Candle", which made him popular.The self-titled album "Spark" included songs written by the author in this period.2003 saw the release of their second album "Dedication", which at first was intended for a narrow circle of friends.However, since the album was received well enough, it was decided to send him "to the masses."

Mihaylov - actor that can successfully compete with a host of modern star-by-night.His songs - a fusion of elements of the quality of the lyrics and the specific Russian chanson.No wonder a lot of people, both in Russia and abroad, appreciated the sincerity and the romance of his compositions.Popularity Stas Mikhailov is not a result of the actions of many producers any significant financial investment - it came later.The n

ew, fifth album artist is saying the name "Coast of Dreams"."His dream coast have each and moving them, very important to maintain the right course", - says the artist.Stas Mikhailov's great work.Secret of his success impossibly simple: "I'm always working at full capacity," - says Stas.

Since childhood fate actively pushing artist to his true vocation."I sang as I can remember.And his first fee is earned vocals, while still a preschooler.Visiting grandmother Tambov I was singing in the courtyard pitiful "prison" song.A man came up, in which it was evident that he spent a lot of time in places not so remote, and sobbed.This man gave me three rubles, I took their parents. "However, this happened to be a musician Stas immediately.While playing the guitar, he learned independently and quickly.Soon Mikhailov began to travel to the competition of young performers.That such was always active Stas Mikhailov, whose personal life and achievements in a career haunted envious.
Then there was conscription.From there, the young man came back considerably grown up and matured.He found a job - though this had to try a number of professions.But still I did not understand, he will sing or not.By the time Stas wrote their own songs, though for a narrow circle of friends and relatives.The dream gave him in 1996.A friend offered him a budding artist to sing live with the musicians.Songs recorded directly into the restaurant on a normal cassette.The album quickly sold out, and subsequently went on sale under the name of "Candle".Friends helped Mikhailov record polformatnuyu version of a professional studio, and in 1997 in St. Petersburg the singer's debut album "Spark".The title track of the album soon became a real hit and became the hallmark of the singer.Then talent novice actor appreciated the well-known entertainer Boris Brunow when Stas came to audition for the Moscow theater stage."It was then that I realized what a real scene - says the singer.- I ispolyal then one - two songs, performed in combined concerts, presenting artists of different genres. "Soon Stas Mikhailov began to tour.There were new hits, recorded albums.The singer appeared plenty of fans across the country.By the way, the actor gives autographs with great pleasure.He does not deny himself, and in communicating with the public.

«I need to see your eyes and feel the soul of their fans - it gives a very strong emotional charge that is required for further creativity," - says the singer.One day, in search of new impressions the artist went on tour in Germany.The concert was organized quickly - in just two weeks.However, it was a huge success: it was a full house!However, the stay abroad the artist did not want to, "I could not live in a foreign country - says Mikhailov - maybe so for more than two weeks in Germany, I could not resist."

incredible popularity of love hits Mikhailov is quite understandable interest in his marital status.However, the singer is trying every possible way to move away from questions on the subject.However, as you know, over the past ten years, he had to change three wives, each of whom left for the child.Sochi resident Ina hump in 2003 gave him a son, Nikita.But later, when Stas has already become quite well-known singer, they began to quarrel, and then parted.Following this, the woman he loved Mikhailov became his backing vocalist, jazz singer Natalia Zotov.Office romance was very stormy and ended in 2005, the birth of his daughter Daria.And today the actor and his companion law wife became Inna Kanchelkis, which in 2009 gave birth to his daughter Ivan.All my love songs he now devotes only beloved.Here's a he, Stas Mikhailov, whose personal life is so well formed.