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Biography of Queen Jane Seymour


Several months later, Jane has proven that in choosing a profession was not mistaken.Her role in the play Richard Attenborough himself suggested: to get to the living legend of European scaffolding at the beginning of a creative way - a huge success.Jane immediately began prochit future diva.

It would have been, you love it in the director's son - Michael Attenborough.Otshumeli wedding;it would seem, what more could you want - a loving husband, the famous test that would not leave without the talented daughter-role ... But marriage ruined Michael's desire to become as famous director than his father, and the desire to make the actress wife of their own taste.Jane wanted to stay itself.Her thirst for independence, Michael felt betrayal and desire to follow the path of acting, relying only on their own - impenetrable stupidity.Divorce cut the ties that bind a family of Jane Attenborough.She decided that in England it nothing else to do, and went into the assault did not waited for

her America.

Many years later, when Jane will play a major role in the world famous TV series "Dr. Quinn - a woman doctor," she remembers about that escape from a comfortable life and stability: in fact her character Michaela Quinn commits a similar act - will leave a rich parents' house in Bostonand go alone to storm gray dull town of Colorado Springs.

VICTIM jealousy

Again Jane was lucky to notice her.A few bit parts - and the curve soared upward career: she was given the role of the girlfriend of James Bond in the film "Live and Let Die."This period was the second, just as sudden marriage actress.Now it is linked with the life of a wealthy businessman Jeffrey Pleynerom.If the first husband was proud that his wife, the actress, the second demanded the couple to spend more time at home.Endless scandals bored actress, and she opted for a career.

"No more marriages!"- Jane said ... and soon in her biography had a surprise - she married again, this time for his manager David Flynn.But Union collapsed and the third husband was jealous of her own children to ....Jane did not want to leave the kids at the baby-sitter and they even accompanied her on set.And David endlessly reproached his wife, because of the children he gets only the crumbs of her attention, then he deserves much more."Is it possible to be jealous of the children?"- Jane wondered, and when her patience snapped, demanded a divorce.David agreed, adding: "Only you pay me in full."He pleaded for every chair jointly acquired and won the case: the court ordered the actress ... pay monthly alimony to the former spouse - 10 thousand dollars.


action of the series takes place in the small town of Colorado Springs.In the wilderness, leaving the big city and comfortable living in the family home, and comes Dr. Michaela Quinn.But the villagers did not welcome the arrival of the graduate.They used to be treated in the old way, and the heroine has to break through their inertia, dullness and prejudice armor.

A few years later, when Jane's father falls ill with lung cancer, it will also break through the wall of mistrust.Only this time, Jane is on the side of alternative medicine: because his father spent traditional treatment, including chemotherapy, has not brought positive results.The disease progressed, and the chances of life almost does not remain.Doctors predicted he was not more than a month.Then Jane approaches to his father with a request to use the last chance.He is a true doctor hesitated, but had nothing to lose, and he agreed.Jane's father, she picked up the treatment - high doses of vitamin C, herbs, macrobiotic diet.A month passed, two, three ... Hopeless patient continued to live.A year later, withdrawing from life, he would say to her daughter: "If I had not neglected folk medicine probably would have lived."

salvation in the grass?

During the filming of the series, Jane was fascinated by phytotherapy seriously.According to the scenario, in Colorado Springs broke the strongest flu epidemic.Michaela, ignoring the danger, fighting for life cases, using all the means are at hand.The epidemic began to decline, but then she got sick herself.Teammate Sally put her on her feet with the help of fever-reducing herbal tea.

Hardly was shot this episode, Jane came down with pneumonia.The disease almost cost her her life and left their mark - now an actress caught a cold from the slightest draft.First, at the first sign of malaise she swallowed antibiotics, but soon realized that this is not the best way.Why not try herbs like the show?

have pronounced side effects of antibiotics, especially during long-term treatment.Visibly affected intestine, breaks the balance of beneficial flora, not to mention the fact that microbes may lose sensitivity to antibiotics.So the choice of Jane Seymour was fully justified.In folk medicine as anti-inflammatory agents use a variety of plants: a natural antibiotic and immune stimulant Echinacea purpurea, stevia, from which, together with the colors of chrysanthemums prepare anti-inflammatory and antiviral nectar.Very useful for colds raspberries - not only berries, but also leaves.Calendula and oak bark are good for gargling.


All friends and relatives of Jane marveled at how the adventures of Dr. Quinn are reflected in the life of the actress.Another turn of the scenario has forced Jane to be on guard when she remarried and became pregnant a third time - this time twins.Her character had to give birth to just a field.In reality, a third pregnancy and childbirth also were given a hard time, Jane.After the actress at the time of giving birth to twins 45 years.Seymour says that bear healthy babies she also helped to alternative medicine - echinacea, green tea and honey.

In the biography of Queen Jane Seymour herbal medicine has played a leading role.With age, the immune system weakens, and late pregnancy (especially twins!) Gives an additional burden to the body.Therefore, to strengthen the body's defenses, of course, necessary.However, it does not necessarily do with echinacea.Many experts believe that it is contraindicated in pregnant women, others recommend drinking it with caution.Do not forget that you can strengthen the immune system and by other means - hardening, release from addictions, full sleep and a balanced diet ... Besides Echinacea - is not the only plant that can enhance the immune system.In the same row are ginseng, lemongrass, Siberian ginseng, clover, dandelion, garlic, thistle, St. John's wort, Brion, anise, geranium, chamomile, plantain, aloe, mother and stepmother, mullein, licorice and even common nettle.

intuition lies

passion for medicine developed in Jane's intuition, and only through this sixth sense of her twins survived.The kids were born six weeks premature.Jane knew immediately - with them that something is wrong.Despite assurances by doctors that babies were not in danger, it has itself not having time to recover from childbirth, literally forced them to conduct a thorough examination of the newborn.And she was right: babies developed apnea - sudden stops breathing during sleep.Jane believes that doctors simply do not have the right to dismiss the troubles of mothers, because maternal intuition rarely fails.

Thankfully, actress children grow up healthy.When someone catches a cold, Jane quickly put them on their feet with the help of echinacea and goldenseal concoctions Canadian.These drugs are all drinking quite a family - a daughter and a son from a previous marriage, Jane, two children and her husband shared the twins.Another plant, which is always a place in the home medicine cabinet Seymour - arnica, a wonderful remedy for bruises and abrasions.His actress also discovered on the set when she fell from a horse.

"We are entitled to choose their treatment - says Jane. - I admire phytotherapy that helps my family to be healthy, but I will never criticize those who prefer other methods. In addition, there are diseases that are not grassesforces. And what works for one may not work for another. "

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