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After breaking up with Brad Pitt photos of her not to go on the cover of magazines.Yellow press dubbed her the woman who changes men like gloves and all day lying on the beach with nothing to do.In reality, in recent years, Aniston starred in the two already standing films, which should remind a surprisingly funny, lively and true, it can be on the screen."Marley & Me" - the best, and perhaps the most significant of them.And perhaps it is this tape will be the most successful work of the last few years for both Aniston and her partner for Owen Wilson.The story begins with the fact that the couple buys a puppy - and ends when the dog dies.During this time the couple time to build a career, have three children and live through several crises in the relationship.Movies funny, but raises questions about the mass of everyday problems were arising in the life of each and certainly the most Jennifer.However, Aniston strongly against drawing parallels with her real life, especially in regard to the plans for th

e expansion of the family: "I have already said many times: I really want children.And are confident that they will I have.All in good time".

Since then, Jennifer started dating Brad Pitt in 1998, her love affairs were constantly under the gun cameras, and their divorce only fueled interest in her romantic pursuits.Paparazzi follow her everywhere, and she has got used to the idea that everything is a matter before, and with whom she spends time: "I am not able to respond to all written and said about me in the press.The only thing I can do - quietly relate to how people perceive me and my life.Though, I admit, I disliked the image created by the tabloids "poor thing Jen is so unhappy in love."I myself believe in love and personal life in general I was very lucky.And even now I do not fit into the usual model for society "husband, two children and a house in the wilderness," it's my life and I'm absolutely happy with it!And if someone has other ideas about happiness, better let him take care of his own.I'm exactly where and should be. "

In confirmation of these words, it strongly shows kindness to her ex-husband and asked, "Do you communicate with him?" Answers "yes" - the tone, suggesting that it is stupid to ask."I am very proud of Brad and sincerely admire him!He does amazing things. "It looks like Jen did not intend to exploit the image of the victim: "In fact, it was not so dramatic.Of course, a divorce - not the most pleasant thing.But now I'm so far from everything that's happened, I do not remember the unpleasant moments.We parted as friends.Simply, we both realized that continue to live in a marriage is meaningless - we went our separate ways.Shortly after the break, we talked on the phone for a long time.And now we have a very warm and respectful relations.There is nothing even similar to what they write tabloid rag. "

When asked about Angelina Jolie, she otbivshuyu Pitt, Jennifer remembers the interview Jolie gave in 2007 to the American Vogue.Jen hurt that she did not hesitate to share all the details of her relationship with Brad on the set of the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" - while he was still married."At that moment I did not know anything about what was happening.It was not worth telling such things publicly - shakes her head.- All these stories about how she could not wait for morning to quickly reach the set and meet your favorite.Not very nice of her to! »

Fortunately, soon Jen could distract from the hype around the vicious triangle" Jolie-Pitt - Aniston. "Public attention was drawn to her relationship with Vince Bonhomme, its partner in the film "Break-Up."However, sympathetic sighs of well-wishers did not have to wait long - a couple collapsed before distributors have time to count the box office of the film, and journalists otsudachit on the topic of how unworthy bruiser Vaughn cutie Jen.Whatever it was, according to Aniston, he has been a godsend, "Wine - my savior - with genuine warmth she says.- He brought me back to life.He's sweet, kind, and our relationship - that's exactly what I needed at that time.I still love him and very grateful to him for everything. "

Then she had an affair with a ladies' man John Mayer.And again, there were those who condemned the choice of Jen - musician younger than her nine years, and even with such a dubious reputation!"Love can not be planned!She catches up with you - you can not assume in advance with whom you will bring fate "- says Jennifer.

But while the world looked forward to a possible wedding, the couple had a disorder.The paparazzi caught up with Meyer at the exit of the gym.It is clearly caught off guard: "If you continue to write gossip, it is better to write it, I put an end to our relations", - he said at the time.

Again, no dirt from the mouth to the Anniston man publicly insulted her: "He had to let everyone know that he is not parted with any girl that is with me.We are all humans.It does not touch me and crosses his dignity.We're both going through each other.Sometimes in relationships there comes a time when you both realize that it is not made for each other, while still having strong feelings.I am sure that he least wanted to hurt me. "

Despite the fact that a couple of months later, Jane and John reunited, giving food for new rumors about his personal life, Jennifer Aniston today is an example of a separate and independent person who does not need a patron: "I can not stand girls who complainthat with them there is a man!Never loved "Sex and the City," where a woman feels confident only if zahomutat this male.It is not my case.I do not believe it.In love, nothing is subject to control.I always keep in mind one wisdom: "All that you really want in this world is outside your comfort zone."

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