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Life Marat Basharova

Marat was born in a Tatar family on August 22, 1974, in Moscow.Parents Marat, had no relation to the actor's environment, his father - a mechanic plumber, Marat and his mother worked as a cook.After graduating from high school, where he mastered a good knowledge of the English language, Marat arrives at the Faculty of Law, Moscow State University.But soon interrupted training.At the suggestion of his brother Milihata Yunisova, theater critic, Marat auditioned for the role in the play "The Canterville Ghost" at the theater "Contemporary".

His take on this role, Marat understood that working in the theater for his interesting and important.He takes the papers from the university, and fully given to work in the theater.He is playing in the theater "Contemporary" for two seasons.Leaving his studies at the Law Faculty, Marat enters into a higher drama school named after M. Shchelkine.During the study actively acted in advertising, with his friend Yegor Dronov removed in a cameo role in the film tank Nikita

Mikhalkov's "Burnt by the Sun".After the film "Burnt by the Sun", Mikhalkov invite your friends to play the cadets in the film "The Barber of Siberia".With this film, Marat many memories.He and other actors to obtain relevant military experience, directed to three months in a military school.Marat together with Yegor had all this time to live in the barracks on the Charter of the Kostroma Military School.I had to get up early, forget about all the home charm.After the filming of "The Barber of Siberia," Marat constant offers to act in films, every year it is removed you one or even a few films.

He has had about 38 films.This "Voroshilov Sharpshooter", "Turkish Gambit", "oligarch", "border", "72 meters", "Fall of the Empire", "The Savages", "Yulia", "Give myself in good hands", "Office Romance" andetc.He takes an active part in projects on television: "Ice Age" - as a participant and then as a leading, leads a reality - show "Battle of psychics," the leading project "Ice and Fire."Despite his busy schedule in film, television, Marat finds time for a stormy personal life.His first wife Lisa Krutskikh Basharova Marat says that creative people without flirting and love can not live.Lisa and Marat linked not only to personal relationships, but also professional.Lisa is an agent of Marat.According to her, they grew up together in the profession, and even after their break, it will remain an agent Basharova and also gets to defend its interests and fees as before.Lisa lived with Marat eight years, did not become official wife Basharova, they have a beautiful daughter Amelie, for the sake of Marat and his mother Lisa even converted to Islam.

Marat Mom always wanted his son to marry a Tatar girl edinoverke.But, despite all the love Lisa, Marat repeatedly gave her a reason to be jealous.One of them was the acclaimed novel Basharova and figure skater Maria Butyrskaya.But finally, Marat and Lisa parted because of the novel and Basharova skater Tatiana Navka.Lisa was very nervous at first, but eventually calmed down, Smer, realizing that Marat will not keep.They remained on good friendly relations.Lisa even quietly let rest a daughter with Marat and Tatiana.According to Lisa, Amelie realizes that his mother - a mother, and Tatiana is a father's woman.With Tatiana Marat approached by participating in the project "Ice Age."They did their best to hide their relationship, as both were not free.About his relationship with Tatiana Marat officially announced the premiere dedicated to the film "Little Yulia", in which Marat played a major role.Marat even introduced Tatiana with his kinsfolk.He comes from a wealthy Tatar village where Tatiana and drove to explore the relatives.But Lisa in this village never was.Mom Basharova first very worried about the gap of Marat and Lisa, still have a wonderful child and have lived together for many years, but then decided not to interfere, as long as the son was happy with his chosen.Navka and Roman Basharova developed very rapidly, but did not receive its logical conclusion.Navka broke amorousness Marat, who is not averse to an affair with every pretty girl.

After breaking with Tatiana appeared in the press information about the new passion of Marat.They became Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova.Together with Svetlana Marat was in the movie "Office Romance", the continuation of the Soviet film of the same name.It is alleged that Marat and Svetlana spend a lot of time together.Marat himself denies all the rumors about his and Svetlana.Firstly, Svetlana married to actor Vladimir Yaglych, and secondly, they are just good, professional and friendly relations.And at its heart is the only representative of the fairer sex - it's his daughter Amelie.Her he believes the most important achievement of his life.Here's a she, the personal life of Marat Basharova.

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