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Ten plump sexy Hollywood actresses

These actresses are at the top of the world, they are graceful and flawless, and the extra weight for them - it is their main trump card.So, to complete about their shape or sit on a grueling diets for outdated standards 90-60-90 is not within the scope of their lifestyle.What they and you do not advise.Let us together with you a closer look at our list of Hollywood beauties plump.In our ten plump sexy Hollywood actresses included such celebrities:

1. Scarlett Johansson

2. Liv Tyler

3. Kate Winslet

4. Kim Kardashian

5. Christina Hendricks

6. Tyra Banks

7. Eva Mendes

8. Mischa Barton

9. Jessica Simpson

10. Gabourey Sindiba

These are actresses who are on the list and "plump ten movie stars."It is they who dictate fashion, not only in clothing, make-up, but also in the features of the figure.They do not try to hide from their fans curvy shape, but on the contrary - emphasize them.These ladies of Hollywood feel confident and proud of their fluffy volume.

Let's try to get acquainted wi

th the life of these actresses and learn about them as much as possible.We begin our acquaintance with the ten sexiest "donuts" with Scarlett Johansson .Among all the Hollywood actresses, Scarlett is recognized as one of the most successful and talented divas of the American film industry.The actress has a beautiful appearance and seductive charm.In addition, the actress has impeccable taste and always skillfully emphasizes its forms and shows them to the audience that brings her great popularity.By the way, to sit on a grueling diet in order to lose weight, Scarlett is conscious.According to her, to be skinny - it is not always beautiful and fashionable.

second place in the list of "ten plump Hollywood" takes us all the famous actress Liv Tyler .One of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood.Plus, Tyler is the most popular person among the secular parties of movie stars.After her roles in such films as "Armageddon" and "The Lord of the Rings" career as an actress began to rise sharply upward.By the way, in spite of the visible forms, Liv critics considered the most "hot star".

Star oskoronosnogo brainchild of James Cameron's "Titanic» Kate Winslet never differed refined figure, but it is a few extra kilos to her very face.Kate recognized as the most successful and are often awarded with various awards in the field of cinema actress.In the glory of the actress: "torment yourself diets - it's too much, but to lead a healthy lifestyle - this is the most important thing."

Kim Kardashian is one of the famous actresses in America, never chasing thin forms.Kim believes that excessive thinness is able to swing one deprive a woman of lovely shapes and destroy all signs of femininity.The actress could join the ranks of Hollywood divas plump, who were able to make popular curvy fashion trends and look at all of this, one hundred percent.

famous stars series and part of Hollywood Christina Hendricks never hesitate to publicly demonstrate its lush roundness.It Christine, thanks to the complete absence of complexes about their figures, become role models for many plump ladies of the world.Many critics believe actress idol of perfection and charm.Says the star itself: "Towards the full perfection importantly - accept yourself consciously for what you are and it will help you find harmony."

Tyra Banks, like many women, uncountable struggled with excess weight. But eventually she came to one final conclusion that curvy shape - this is not a vice.Neither Hollywood get-together is complete without this stylish and beautiful actress.

successful actress Eva Mendes become a true leader and idols of those who are not eager to have a slender figure.The actress always very stylish and well-emphasizes its plump shape with mini dresses.And that gorgeous body can not hide from the public.

Mischa Barton , a famous actress, often significantly gaining your weight and lose it just as quickly.But this does not prevent the actress to appear on the secular parties in luxurious clothes and not manned by prominent kilograms to his weight.By the way, last year Mike markedly recovered twice.

After birth, the actress Jessica Simpson farewell to his refined figure.Then the star and her entourage nervously beginning "beat all the bells," to return to the previous form.But, nevertheless, the actress is moderately well-fed and the same charming.By the way, plump shape, as noted by some critics, a very go Jessica Simpson and make it more feminine and stylish.

and completes our list of well-fed handsome Hollywood Sindiba Gabourey "Gabby» .Gabourey one of the plump black stars in Hollywood.But this absolutely does not deprive her star status, but on the contrary gives it a special charm and individuality.Fighting overweight actress does not want to.She was able to turn his disadvantage into a huge advantage.By the way, «Gabby» is the most popular "plump" of Hollywood.By the way, this year is expected to yield new film with her participation.

And so far look ten slender movie star.It is these actresses were able to show the world and prove that the rounded shape - this is not a disadvantage, and dignity, and that the fashion for plump ladies just beginning.

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