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Biography Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov

When Igor was a teenager, his parents divorced.Initially, his father took him to the United States.There for three years Garik well learned English, but had no base to this.Also in the US Kharlamov I was in theater school, where he participated in various performances, mostly in musicals.In exile Garik did not like.When my mother gave birth to twins, Garik went back to take care of their loved ones.Life them was poor.The school Garik easy given the humanities, those where you had to say - literature, history.With the exact sciences fared worse.

Since childhood, Garik Kharlamov wanted to be a clown or a policeman.Igor received a specialty "Human Resource Management" at the State University of Management, majoring work but it was not possible.Generally Garik would enroll in a theater, but his mother was against it, since theater education was not considered then promising.The university Garik began playing for his department in KVN.Initially, the team had four, then they were six guys called the team "Jo

kes aside."Later in life Kharlamov was the team "Team Moscow" and then "Nezolotaya youth".Then there was a system: for participation in each game had to pay a fee of $ 100.Games were held during the year.At year end, the winning team received prize money - $ 1,000.

have a young team, which consisted of Garik, there was no money at all, and why they did not pay anything, saying that will give that benefit.And so it happened.The guys are champions and have received $ 1,000.And immediately, almost all gave back - back the debt for contributions.The remaining $ 200 spent on the celebration of the victory.It is unknown as to fate of a young man, if not Drink where Garik was an excellent school.But he did not want to stay forever in KVN, Garik wanted something new of their own.And so at some point, Igor joined Comedy Club.This project was one of the most popular shows in the country and Kharlamov became a star.The idea to create a project Comedy Club owned by KVN-schikam Artak Gasparyan, Artur Dzhanibekyanu and Tasha Sarkisian - the guys from the team "New Armenians".

Young people have decided that you need to bring something fresh to add a new genre, as KVN and "Full House" is already worn out and a bit tired.Genre called «stand-up comedy», the guys found out about it in the United States and for Russia it was new and fresh stream.The first concerts were held in 2003.The boys did not know whether their idea is a success.The first reaction was negative, the audience did not immediately perceive them, criticized, considered folly.But young people do not stop and did not give up and eventually got their way - they are accepted and loved.If Garik Kharlamov did not hit the Comedy Club, he would have stayed on television anyway - there were various proposals to participate in the programs and shows.His debut as an actor Garik old movie "The Executioner."

Then Kharlamov due to the large employment agreed only on a small bit parts, for example, in the sitcom "My Fair Nanny", "Sasha + Masha", "Touched."Also, the actor starred in several other movies.Garik Kharlamov participated in the creation of comedy films "Best Film" 1, 2. In 2011, he published the third part of the film - "The Best Movie 3-DE".The first sexual experience was with Garik in 14 years with a girl 2 years older than him.It happened in the camp, and it was, according to Kharlamov, cognitive and new.First Love Kharlamov - Svetikova Svetlana.When they met, Garik was an ordinary student involved is not clear what and do not have a penny to his name.A creative career Svetlana successfully evolved, she was a star, she predicted the future.The gap provoked the parents of the world - they wanted a daughter found a more worthy and successful gentleman.Igor was very upset.And according to other sources the reason for the gap Kharlamov and Svetikova - his obsession with work, which was for him in the first place.But that was long ago.

Garik now married to Julia Leshchenko, the wedding was September 4, 2010.Kharlamov says Julia - his half what it is for him - a perfect woman.Garik thinks that real friends can be a lot.He has two of them, a stretch of three.These are the people who were there and always helped him when he was a nobody.When all was adjusted, and Garik became popular, many people began to surround it, but it's not friends and acquaintances.Cultural events Garik Kharlamov rarely visited, he it is simply not enough time and effort.Garik tries less to attend clubs, discos, public places, although it is, of course, have to do it.Kharlamov not drink alcohol because he is allergic to alcohol - it becomes bad even small amounts of alcohol, and there is no pleasure.Kharlamov truly rests and relaxes only at home, he finds himself a home, calm and serious man in life.You can not constantly make jokes and have fun, as noted Garik.Humor - it's his job.Garik Kharlamov loves the meat in various forms.He loves sushi, but it just does not like fish.

Garik says that he unusual taste preferences - it can be combined in the diet did not match.Kharlamov likes good clothes, but do not like shopping, can not be more than 20 minutes in the store.Friends brought him a lot of clothes from abroad.Garik loves unusual clothing, and sometimes even outrageous.Garik Kharlamov - a real gamer.He has a home consoles, lots of game discs.Garik considers himself a betting man, but because the casino does not go for safety.Why the "Bulldog"?This nickname arose spontaneously and long.After retiring from the KVN Kharlamov invited to Muz-TV - he played the evil master.He needed a suitable stage name.And there was a "Bulldog".A Comedy Club nickname given to all.On stage, Garik - hamovaty merry, but in real life - attentive and caring family man.Now Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov has almost everything to be happy - and the family, and favorite business.Here's a she, his biography, Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov undoubtedly go down in history of domestic show business as a talented artist.