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Ten of the highest paid actors in Hollywood

So, our "top ten highest paid actors in Hollywood" included such stars:

1. Johnny Depp (his income is about $ 75 million);

2. Sandra Bullock (her income is $ 56 million);

3. Tom Hanks (his income is about $ 45 million);

4. Cameron Diaz (her income is 33 million dollars);

5. Leonardo DiCaprio (his income is 33 million dollars);

6. Sarah Jessica Parker (her income is $ 25 million);

7. Julia Roberts (her income is 21 million dollars);

8. Tom Cruise (his income is 21 million dollars);

9. Angelina Jolie (her income is $ 20 million);

10. Brad Pitt (his income is 18 million dollars).

And so it looks like a dozen highly paid stars of world cinema.This list was constructed with the main actors of the income for the year.During its preparation were taken royalties and advances for films that have already reached the world's screens, or still at the stage of shooting.Also included here pay very different commercials featuring the stars.So we know the names of the richest and wealthiest representatives

of the Hollywood star.Now, we think it is useful to once again meet with the merits of these highly ladies and gentlemen from the world of cinema.

We begin with the first representative of our ten, handsome, talented actor and a rich man Johnny Depp .Joni did not accidentally headed the list of highest paid stars.At 48, the actor has a huge international recognition, thanks to its splendid game in the movie of a psychological nature, spikes good condition.The actor could play in two films that have been able to collect on its worldwide box office more than a billion dollars.This is a film from the studio "Disney" called "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D format in which Depp played the Mad Hatter (2010) and the movie "The Tourist", which played Johnny Handsome Alexander Pearce (2011).In addition, the actor has a good fees from the shooting in the film "Pirates of the Caribbean", the role of Captain Jack Sparrow (2003-2011 year).By the way, in 2013 the global film distribution will be released next part of this film.

Sandra Bullock (47 years) also fell into the ranks of the most wealthy divas American film industry and immediately took second place.Besides Sandra in 2009 he received the first "Oscar" in the category "Best Actress" for the film "The Blind Side," where she played Lee Ann Tui.In 2012, the screens will be released new movie with Sandra called "Gravity."

Following Bullock settled confident 54-year-old actor and Hollywood favorite Tom Hanks .In his elderly age of the actor gets very good 'fees, which must necessarily give him a luxury meeting old age.By the way, Tom continues to make movies, and next year we will be able to see him in the role of Professor Robert Langdon in the movie "The Lost Symbol."

39-year-old beauty Cameron Diaz addition to filming movies voiced the cartoon "Shrek" and thus receives a lot of money.This year Cameron starred in two films comedy "The Green Hornet", the role of Lenore "Casey" Case and the "Bad Teacher" role of Elizabeth Halsey.Incidentally, in the last film, the actress starred with Justin Timberlake.

What list without all oskoronosnogo remembered by the boy from "Titanic" hunk Leonardo DiCaprio .In his 37 years, he has a great income as much as $ 33 million.And he has the right to require such fees.After all, his film break records at the box office.Let's see whether to continue this tradition a new movie called "The Great Gatsby" with Leo, who will be in theaters in 2012.

47 year Sarah Jessica Parker opens second five rankings paid actors of world cinema.For the role of Carrie Bradshaw in the film "Sex and the City" and "Sex and the City 2" (2008- 2010), the actress received a good fee than very well raised its financial position.

Pretty Woman Julia Roberts the age of 44 on the screen looks as young and beautiful as in his first films.Its most profitable roles in recent years have become role of Elizabeth Gilbert in "Eat, Pray, Love" and Kate Gritson - "Valentine's Day".By the way, in 2012, the actress plans to play the evil queen in the movie "The Brothers Grimm: Snow White."Well, look what happens.

career 49 years Tom Cruise keeps him afloat in popularity, and all thanks to his roles in the films "Mission: Impossible" (Ethan Hunt).By the way, the coin he bring these films did very well.That is why the actor has decided to play in the fourth part of an action movie, which will be released on the world's screens this year.

Despite the fact that the earlier 37-year-old actress Angelina Jolie fell into the top five of the list, now it occupies the last place.Maybe she did not want to play with Johnny Depp, as it takes the entire fee yourself (the movie "The Tourist"), and may need to be more articulate cartoons (voice tigress in "Kung Fu Panda").Let's see what it will bring the fee role of Cleopatra in the film, which will be released in the world rolled in 2013.

A completes our list of the richest Hollywood actors Brad Pitt 48 years.He lags behind its star wife Angelina Jolie for a couple of million dollars.But we think that for their happy marriage is the little things, and they are combining their fees can easily raise and in no way deny their six kids.In addition to acting career, Brad became a producer on "Eat Pray Love" with Julia Robert in the lead role.