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Ten of the most ugly legs in Hollywood

And our top ten most ugly legs in Hollywood included:

1. Kelly Osbourne

2. Mischa Barton

3. Leighton Meester

4. Whitney Port

5. Sarah Jessica Parker

6. Alicia Keys

7. Paris Hilton

8. Michelle Trachtenberg

9. Christina Aguilera

10. Angelina Jolie

Here in this manner and build dozens of ugly legs Hollywood divas.What can I say, perfect in everything can not even be our idols.Many of us did not notice that these Hollywood stars have the disadvantage of unpleasant woman.But thank stylists and fashion designers, who have helped these stars to hide the lack of distinctly ugly legs.So let's take a closer look every star of our ten and find out what is still a lack of legs for a long time she was able to hide from us.

singer, actress, fashion designer, the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Kelly Osbourne , recently lost weight very much.By the way, Kelly wants to permanently withdraw all their tattoos.According to most actresses, all these pranks very noticeable effect on female beauty

.But on his legs Osborne said nothing.Yes indeed, that talk about them if they are far from ideal.Legs Kelly, in its form and appearance resemble the legs of the world's most advanced lifters, so much they were stout and clumsy.

Actress Mischa Barton , on the contrary, much better.After the huge problems with their health and a long course of treatment at the clinic, Mary appeared before his fans in a very different guise overly plump girl.And here already is not very long legs actress became noticeably shorter and completely lost its aesthetic form.So now we can safely say that in the previous form Barton was much better.

actress, fashion model, singer and star of the television series "Gossip Girl" (the role of Blair Waldorf) Leighton Meester also got into the bowels of our ten.If the series actress captivated all charming legs, then in life it is not so.In reality, the actress is very short and at the same time, shapeless legs.But despite this, the actress appeared in public in a very short mini skirts and shoes, which significantly shortens the already rather short legs.

Actress and part-designer Whitney Port has very thin legs.Her legs are not just evil, they are just even look very unhealthy.But it does not bother the star, and she walks in a very short dresses that barely cover her lean legs.

Another Hollywood actress Sarah Jessica Parker , known to us for his role as Carrie Bradshaw in the series, called "Sex and the City," and in the film, is very thin and crooked legs.But it is difficult to see, as an actress very skillfully picks up the shoes that completely hides this defect.What can I say, all would be leveled at Sarah.

singer serving in such styles as blues and soul, winner of fourteen awards "Grammy» Alicia Keys, is still very unattractive legs.Having quite appetizing forms, the singer was not ashamed and do not recognize the fact that her legs are absolutely perfect and highly filled.

socialite, actress, model, singer, TV presenter and simply scandalous star Paris Hilton also hit the top ten most ordinary-looking and ugly feet.Paris has not adopted for the girl's shoe size, which reaches almost forty three.Plus, Paris legs are iksoobraznuyu form.Incidentally, the actress for this reason tries as much as possible on the people to cross their legs.But a huge amount of foot Paris hides in shoes with very high heels.

Michelle Trachtenberg , known to all of us on the role of Dawn Summers in the television series "Buffy - the Vampire Slayer", an exception, or rather, they were her legs.Her legs resemble shapeless high "pillars."By the way, during the filming of the actress very carefully and apply make-up long legs to make them look spectacular on the screen.But in the life of Michelle always looks for what it really is.And she did not care about her feet.The actress can always afford to wear tight leggings or tights bright color.

Oddly enough, but another owner ugly feet recognized singer Christina Aguilera .Everyone knows the great love Christina to low-soled ballet flats.But, unfortunately, it is not addicted singer tames it, but on the contrary, it provides non-ideal for foot structure.Aguilera released a very full and noticeably crooked legs.If you did not notice before, so it is necessary to pay tribute to her stylist, who made the selection of original outfits of the stars, so-called, the doll "Barbie".

And the last on our list nondescript feet of Hollywood, oddly enough, is popular all over the world actress Angelina Jolie .The actress is very thin, and it has had on her feet.They became very thin and very fragile at the appearance.But that does not stop the actress takes pride of place in the ranking lists of the most beautiful and sexiest stars of world cinema.Plus, the actress is one of the most popular among the male population.So Angelina worry about his lean legs makes no sense.According to most actresses, she is very happy with her new appearance.

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