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Life Alina Kabaeva

athlete Born May 12, 1983 in Tashkent in the family of professional athletes.She studied at 195 schools in the city of Tashkent, which still hangs a memorial plaque of its achievements.From an early age, 3.5 years old, his mother gave Alina on gymnastics.And the choice of a family of athletes did not stand out where to send their child.Parents planning to lead a girl or a gymnastics or figure skating.As the hot ride is not particularly Tashkent, the choice was resolved in favor of gymnastics.When Alina was 12 years old, her mother realized that the girl is sent to Moscow for more of its potential.Coach of young gymnasts becomes Irina Viner, a condition that puts a girl to lose weight (Alina was inclined to be overweight, according to the gymnastic measures, for which he received an early age the nickname "TV on legs").

Since 1995, the young gymnast training at the Winner, and 1996 starts to play for Team Russia.Career athletes is growing rapidly, because after two years of participation in the team (

Alina was 15 years old), artistic gymnast won the 1998 European Championship, and later another 4 times winning the title.In 1999 Kabaeva at the peak of their capabilities and win the world championship.But all the people there are ups and downs, and at Kabaeva comes "black band".In 2000 at the Sydney Olympics, she took a 3rd place and in 2001 doping scandal erupted, for which two Russian athletes, Kabaeva and Chashina, suspended for 2 years and are deprived of winning the Goodwill Games.These two years have left their mark for Alina, she leads the program "Empire of Sports" on TV channel "TV 7", removed the clip of the musical group "Wordplay", filmed in the Japanese film "Red Shadow".In 2004 at the Athens Olympics gymnast ranked 1st.Life Alina Kabaeva also haunted journalist.The media have always written about her many novels, which at the time simply could not be, becauseshe devoted all his spare tear the sport.There were rumors that Alina will participate in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, but it did not happen, because in 2007 she completed a career.However, the completion of a career was the beginning of the end for the former athletes: in the same year she graduated from the Moscow State University on the specialty service "sports management" becomes the deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, a member of the party "United Russia", deputy chairman of the committee in favor of Youth.In 2008 on REN-TV program starts author Alina Kabaeva "Steps to Success", where newly baked presenter talks about the life and career of successful people.

Also in 2008, the world community was literally shocked by the news of the impending wedding of Putin and Kabaeva, published in the newspaper "Moscow correspondent".In connection with this event spokesman athletes requires the newspaper to refute, and Vladimir Putin at a press conference called the story a marriage sheer fiction, where there is no grain of truth.Shortly after this statement the chief editor of the newspaper "Moscow correspondent" was fired, and the publication itself has been suspended allegedly because of the existence of the loss-making newspapers.

In 2009 Kabaeva ends St. Petersburg State University of Physical Culture Lesgaft, continues to lead the program "Steps to Success."Also, ex-gymnast was recognized as the owner of the highest income among deputies of athletes over the past year (in the statement of earnings has been specified amount of 12.9 million rubles.).It was in 2009, the gymnast becomes a mother her son, but the father's name is not disclosed.A newspaper "Reader's Digest" published a survey, according to which the athlete was declared "the best" mom.

In June 2010, inflames another scandal involving Alina Kabaeva as the Public Chamber was to publish a list of absentees who do not attend the session of the Duma, which, according to various versions of Internet publications should include the athlete.But soon she Chamber denied this information.In 2010 Kabaeva gets on the cover of the Russian edition of Vogue magazine and became one of the few Russian "nemodeley" who did it.

In the just-beginning of 2011 Alina also succeeded - applied to Rospatent to register your trademark under the name "Doll Alina".Manufacturers of toys in a panic, because if the athlete will be able to patent the product under the same name, they will have to immediately remove from its production of dolls with the same name.Application athletes still pending.As stated in the press service ex-gymnasts, creating "dolls ..." should be confined to the children's festival of rhythmic gymnastics "Alina".Apparently, these creations athlete is going to give all the participants.Here's a she, the personal life of Alina Kabaeva.

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