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Life Ksenia Borodina

Xenia was born in 1983 in a family of Armenian in Moscow.A birthday fell very well - March 8.Parents divorced when she was only two years.Mom Susie second time she married an Italian architect, who had his own construction company in Italy, so the mother and her new husband had left to live.Xenia mom wanted to take with him, but had problems with visas, sincewere Soviet times.And Ksenia left Moscow in the care of grandparents, who adored granddaughter.

Ksenia every year traveled to Italy, visiting my mother and stepfather.She was a naughty girl, so once for her bad behavior deprived the summer holidays, but instead were sent to three months in an English school "Multilingva."Ksenia England had no taste, and she returned to Russia, on which very bored.Xenia studied at the Moscow secondary school №749 up to grade 9, and in the 10-11 class studied in high school, where in-depth study foreign languages.After graduating from a private high school, Xenia came to the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism,

once in the second year.With his classmates Xenia speaks to this day, becausetheir class was very amicable.

At 17 Xenia first fell in love, and feelings, as usual at the first love, were very strong.Man named Sasha, and he was 2 years older, and therefore seemed Ksenia very clever and wise adults.To comply, she read a lot of books, wrote poetry, trying to catch every word of a loved one.After graduation, his parents sent Ksjushu study in the UK to improve English proficiency.Xenia lived in a nice English family, where she was treated very well.But she missed her madly loved ones in Moscow.Therefore, it had the month and a half, and then she threw a prestigious school and returned home.What is said now does not regret.Then no amount of persuasion could not get the girl to remain in the UK, so she went to study in Moscow, enrolling in the same institute of hotel management and tourism, which has already been mentioned.

rare occasions that first love and first relationships are for life.It happened at the Xenia - after 2.5 years of relationship, the couple broke up.Xenia wanted to find their man, a kindred spirit.Ksenia actively communicate with friends, different people, she loved good company and fun, dancing, sport, including football.Xenia Grandfather instilled a love for "Spartacus", and then met with his wife Ksenia Dmitry Sennikova Anna Sennikova.Dmitry - the player of "Locomotive", and Ksenia Anna became close friends, so Ksenia moved from "Spartacus" to the "locomotive."Xenia also made friends with members of «Comedy Club», which are also mostly rooting for "Locomotive".

Ksenia always wanted to be a television presenter, since childhood.She sent out resumes, participated in the auditions, but all the work was not offered.Xenia upset, absolutely give up and decided to fly to Italy.When she was on the plane, she suddenly called and offered the leading role of the "Dom-2".After some confusion Xenia remained to carry out the dream of his life.Further, as we already know, we were launched multi-year project in which Xenia was successful duet with another Xenia - Sobchak.Work on television was heavy - a lot of competition, a lot of different people, and sometimes is not the most pleasant.Therefore Xenia had become harder, learn firmly to defend their interests.At first, she studied with much Sobchak.Ksenia Sobchak was older and more experienced, had a certain notoriety, Borodin was a freshman and gained experience.Over time, relations between the two Ksyusha become very good, but later began to appear some frictions and conflicts, and because the relationship lost idyll, and become a smooth and professional.

With regard to the interests of Ksenia Borodina, she loves romantic comedies, poems of his favorite poets Pushkin and Nekrasov.Many of these poems Xenia knows by heart.Xenia loves animals as a child really wanted to have a little animal.So now, as an adult, he got himself a lop-eared cat plaid and two Yorkshire Terriers.Life Xenia developed rapidly.She had a relationship with a famous football player Dmitry Sychev, and a romantic relationship with a member of "House 2".But soon all Borodin rethink and realize the value of family relationships.Ksenia has long sought a loved one and "the very" man and, finally, found quite by accident.Xenia was traveling in his car with a friend, when suddenly someone had clipped a sports BMW.Xenia angry and too insolent cropped.When both the driver stopped at a traffic light, and looked at each other, they realized that the familiar - crossed once in the project «Comedy Club».His name was Yuri.

Xenia car just a strange noise, it was necessary to change the pads.She asked the Jura, where it can be done.He offered to change the car, he said that will change the pad and return the car.Xenia refused becausethe car had a lot of useful things.Therefore, young people agreed to meet in the evening.They met, went to change the pads.And then we went to dinner.And began a period of courtship, flirting Xenia, but long resisted.But Jura was persistent, trying to melt the heart of the beautiful courtship, he gave gifts, flowers, strongly assisted attention.And then everything happened quickly.Once Jura did Xenia offer.It is a long time do not hesitate to agree.Then began married life.Jura and Xenia are very fond of each other, cherish family values, they are very happy.The couple tries to spend more time together, go to rest.When Ksenia became pregnant, she has long concealed the pregnancy from the prying eyes of superstition.But soon it became apparent and clear without words.In June 2009, the couple had a happy family is healthy daughter who was named Marusia.Deliveries were easily and without complications, postpartum depression was not.Soon after birth Xenia went to work.For child care to hire a nanny and relatives to help young parents.Maroussia - very nice and not at all a difficult child who brings a lot of happiness mom and dad.Here's a she, personal lives Ksenia Borodina.