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Life singer Jasmine

Jasmine - Eastern woman in the East a very different upbringing than in Russia, so Jasmine - a wise and mysterious captivated us with their songs.As a child, Sarah dreamed of, and probably could not even imagine what will be the actress, singer and was awarded a different height.She graduated from medical school at the insistence of parents, who wanted her daughter to become a doctor.She herself was interested in learning English, despite the fact that the time to participate in KVN, where she performed vocal numbers for his team.

singer's life was not without bruises.Then, out of her life she leaves a mother who was ill with cancer of the brain.It happened when the girl was 18 years old.For Sarah it was a great shock and a blow, because it lost the most beloved person.In this regard, the girls plan to life drastically changed, there was soul-searching, and after graduating from medical college with honors, Sarah goes to Moscow.

where she had a new hobby - interest in the modeling business.But the sin

ger's career began in the late 1999, when she sang a song entitled "It happens."A ticket to the stage, she received the financial support of her husband - a businessman Vyacheslav Semendueva, with whom he met in Moscow.Jasmine gave birth to his son Michael a few years before the execution of the composition.The peak of popularity and take-off of the singer came in 2001, when there was the famous song "Rewrite love."Probably, this song and became a reflection of further privacy Jasmine, since the marriage broke up.Divorce with the husband became public, the yellow pages of publications have appeared in the media gossip about the private life of the singer.Like many people, she did not like that intrude into the life, because "private should remain private."Although the fact remains that divorce in October 2006, took place because of the beatings her husband, direct evidence of this was the book "Hostage", written by the singer and was published in 2007.What effect Jasmine wanted to achieve the release of this book, one can only guess.

After the divorce, Jasmine bought an apartment, without repair, as the funds that left ex-husband, a businessman, was not enough for the purchase of the house.One time, she and her son Michael live in rented apartments, constantly moving from one to the other.

Since the former spouses was a common son, how they can not disperse until the end.Jasmine herself wanted him to communicate with his father because the child's development a little love it, you need to educate men to temper the character and quality.Therefore, the child is not deprived of attention from parents.

Then, in the privacy of Jasmine everything was much calmer.The singer shared that her life is a man who loves her, but she does not know how to do it, because a failed marriage has left its mark on life.Jasmine refused to comment and discuss their personal lives.

However, Jasmine developed creatively.September 25, 2009, she was awarded the following prizes - Honored Artist of the Republic of Dagestan.And later he was released seventh album entitled "Dream".Yes, yes, all the time, since 1999, she has performed with a variety of concerts, I went with constant touring in different countries, makes a video and working on recording their albums.Incidentally, in 2005 the singer won in the nomination "The best performer" in the Award «MTV Russia Music Awards».

After such recognition Jasmine that a person who recognized her in her amorous feelings, the media and the press follow the personal life of the singer, often see it in restaurants and at parties with a strange man in an expensive suit, who take care of her andIt takes care of every possible way.Friends Jasmine said that he takes care of it, taking care that he raised and calm person.And the sparkle in the eyes of Jasmine shows that in private life she is doing well.

Now they say that perhaps the singer is pregnant, as it recently stout.But this singer's fans will know only after some time.Life singer under lock and key.But the arguments of the press will still only speculation.

Jasmine - one of the best singers on the Russian stage!Her love and appreciate.A personal life - the right of every human being.

most popular compositions Jasmine "Long days", "Rewrite Love", "Hurry up too", "Puzzle", "Dolce Vita", "Yes!"" The most beloved, "" How I need you, "" Indian disco "," Deja Vu "," Night "," blame "," Elbe-Dub. "

A July 26, 2011, we saw a great performance at the opening of Jasmine "New Wave" in Jurmala.Here's a she, the bright life of Jasmine.

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