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Emma Watson Filmography

Emma was born April 15, 1990 in Oxford.By the way, up to five years, Watson lived in France, where she was taken immediately after the birth.Parents Watson - talented lawyers.They named after the daughter of his girlfriend.Who is the girl's father and mother divorced.

Emma practically from infancy wanted to play in the theater.She has always been acting skills.At seven years old girl received her first award - for best reader among mladsheklasnikov.Of course, it was a small thing, but the seven-year old Emma had already realized that he could achieve what wants on her acting career.

When Emma was in high school, she played a role in the following productions: the evil sorceress Morgana in the musical production of "The Youth of Arthur";Swallows in the play "The Swallow and the Prince";cruel cook in "Alice in Wonderland" and co-starred in "The Little Prince."As a child, Emma often liked to dress up for Halloween in witch costume.Perhaps it was a premonition.By the way, she never believed in magic, spel

ls and magic wands.She never takes seriously the horoscope and believes that superstition is, in his own folly.

But her life was a miracle.Suppose it was not caused by a magic wand, but still this event changed her life.It happened when she was ten years old.It was then, and began her filmography, her career as an actress.Emma worked in the drama circle, and the head suggested that she take part in the audition for the film "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone."Then I went to audition for the filming, not only Emma, ​​but many of her friends.That's only the second round was held one Emma.Then she realized that receives the winning ticket and made every effort.

When Harry Potter was released, and Emma woke up famous, she was not really aware of what happened.At eleven years old girl did not think her life something changed dramatically.After her filmography consisted of only one film.She, like any teenager, talked about what she likes in popularity only the possibility of fashionable dress and walking in the forefront on various premieres.

then screens out the second part of the story of Harry Potter.People became interested in the relationship between Emma, ​​Rupert and Daniel.Then the girl just laughed and said that in the twelve years it is not going to anybody to fall in love.When asked about her relationship with the children, the girl has always insisted on the fact that they are just friends.In addition, in the area between the children has always been a healthy competition, and they are always trying to prove who is the better and more important.Of course, this applies only to acting, and never tolerated on interpersonal relationships.From the beginning, the boys and a girl were friends with each other.

When Emma was just beginning to appear, the parents did not tell her how much the girl earns, so that it did not develop so-called stellar disease.Emma was not angry with them, because it believes that at the moment they do the right thing.Emma did not feel like a star.She went to school like any normal child, looked after his brother and helping around the house.

Also, as a child, Emma lot of sports.By the way, this passion, she took over from her mother.Emma was a member of the hockey team, which she plays with four years.Also, the girl always took part in competitions in athletics and rowing.By the way, she studied in a closed boarding school.

Emma since childhood loves to sing and dance, so she dreamed of becoming an actress musical.If we talk about Emma's childhood idol, then they were Goldie Hope, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock.Also, she always loved to read, although it was not as fanatical as Hermione.From food Emma prefers Italian food and chocolate.When she was younger, she was very fond of Prince William and she has always dreamed of, the heir to the British crown has starred in at least some role in the Harry Potter films.

when the second part of the Potter, Emma asked, she would have kissed someone of his partners.The girl said a categorical "no."But, as we know, the years passed, Emma grew up, and her views have changed dramatically, as evidenced in the finals of a kiss between Hermione and Ron.

Despite its popularity, Emma is not going to be engaged only in the movies.She was also interested in literature and language.But at the moment she chose a specialty jurisprudence.She has not yet decided exactly what she wants to do, but it is quite possible that the actor's profession has become for her basic life.

If we talk about the interesting facts related to the filming in the Harry Potter films, it is worth noting that Emma had to change hair color.By nature girl has a light color hair, so she had to disguise from blonde to brunette.

Now Emma is a member of the famous French house of Lancome and face of a new perfume line.The girl saw a beautiful fashion model, real English rose, which combines the purity, innocence and coquetry.

Now that screens out the last part of the story about the life of Harry Potter and the round ended the life of a young actress.It has many diverse opportunities to achieve something in life.Therefore, we can only thank her for the role of Hermione, she embodied on the screen, and wish you good luck in any profession, whatever it may chose.

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