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Maria Sharapova, biography

Maria Sharapova was very smart and the smartest girl.She's captured and taken literally from the first word.She never had to show something twice.In seven years, Sharapova could do twists feed.Its safely be called a young master of his craft.Mary from the early years was very purposeful and always tried to do everything just five plus.At the same time in the life of Mary she was very calm, kind and gentle child.At the age of six, Sharapova played with Martina Navratilova when she gave a master-class tennis in Moscow.Perhaps it was then that the young tennis player Biography changed dramatically.The fact is that Navratilova talked with her father and persuaded him to develop talent daughter in the tennis academy of Nick Bollettieri , which is located in Florida.In America, Sharapova was the coach, whose biography is dazzled by such famous names tennis players as Pete Sampras, Lindsay Davenport and Tracy Austin. He always said that Masha literally going crazy from tennis.Of course, she had to appear in

journals, giving interviews, but it was not for it as important as the game.That's in the game, she opened fully.She was a real fighter who never retreated from his own and will always go to the end.

Sharapova made her debut in the adult tournaments in 2001.Unfortunately, she lost in the first round, but this was not an occasion for the young tennis players to give up.On the contrary, she trained hard and oud a year in Columbus immediately won the girl who was one of the three hundred best tennis players in the world.Then Mary took one by one and won trophies in various tennis tournaments.Now no one doubted that this girl will become a new star of the tennis court.

In 2004, Maria was one of the twenty best tennis players in the world.It was indeed a win-win athlete who could win tournament in Birmingham in singles and doubles, and three weeks later and Masha could translate into reality his dream.It was then that she was able to win Wimbledon.Moreover, Sharapova is not just won.That's when she won at double winner of this particular tournament Serena Williams.

After that Mary was the real star of the tennis sport.She is a girl who just showing promise, he became the man who could translate into reality their dreams and embody on the tennis court is what many could only dream of.

But, of course, as always after wins, losses come.So after such a fabulous take-off, Sharapova lost in the US Open .She lost to Mary Pierce in the third round.

Then Mary again and again won the tournament.But, like any athlete, the injury bothered her that she was getting on the tennis court.Occasionally Mary could not go to court due to the fact that it disturbed joint pain.So Masha had to cancel matches.But in spite of health problems, she still continued to work on yourself and exercise.Masha was one of the hundred most influential celebrities in the world.After Melbourne Masha became the first racket of Russia.Tournament first category in Tokyo Toray Pan Pacific Open became the eighth tournament, won by Maria Sharapova. It is in this tournament Masha became the first racket of the world and have won the celebrity tennis, Lindsay Davenport.

Masha took first place, and then dropped in the rankings.In some tournaments, it just could not get out because of injuries that bothered her more and more.So Marie was nothing left except how to do their physical form and for the time away from the sport.

way, it paid off, and she was able to regain the physical shape, which was originally to change everything for the better.Sharapova won second Grand Slam title in his career - the US Open.The two sets she showed the best tennis champion confidence .It was then that Maria beat Henin-Hardenne - 6: 4, 6: 4! After this tournament woman spoke as follows: « This is absolutely incredible.I fell to my knees and thought of all that has been invested in this tournament!It is the merit of my work from the very childhood, which was possible thanks to my amazing seed s e ».

As the winner of a Grand Slam, Maria returned to Moscow to take part in the tournament, as the Kremlin Cup.It is in the capital of the Russian Federation Masha wanted return to competition after winning the US Open .

Maria Sharapova all his free time is dedicated tennis.Of course, she has a personal space and privacy.But still, in his twenty-three years is tennis she sees the most important part of his life.Well, of course.Another dominant for it is the family.Maria understands that only by parents she has achieved such heights, and can continue to pursue their goals.That her parents did their best to at the time the girl was able to deal with only the best coach and achieve exactly the results that it shows in the tournament.Of course, like any athlete, it has ups and downs, but Masha fans are well aware that it is the hope and all the Russian tennis star.