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Sergei cord biography

So what is the biography Shnurova?Cords born April 13, 1973 Sergey and his biography is very peculiar.Many believe that the power cord and biography - a few lines about the constant uproar and revelry written obscenities.Of course, this is not so.For example, Sergei studied at such universities as the Leningrad Institute of Civil Engineering, Institute of religious and philosophical, as well as restoration "putyaga." In addition, in his youth, this guy has worked loader, a glazier, a guard in a kindergarten, a blacksmith, a designer at an advertising agency, a carpenter, promotion director at radio "Modern".Cords always been noted for its unconventional thinking.He never wanted to be like everyone else.If this were not the case, then most likely, his life would have turned out quite differently.Sergo created the first hardcore rap project on the territory of Russia.And, of course, if it were not a cord, no one would have known about this group as Leningrad.But more about that a little later, and now r

ecall how life began Sergey.

So, how was small, Sergei?In school, he was a good student, but it managed to contain registered in the children's room the police.By the way, the cord has never been a member of the Komsomol.He went to music school and learned to play the violin, but it is drawn to this instrument he did not have.On the contrary, he is still fiercely hated the violin.

After secondary school entered the Cords A eningradsky Civil Engineering іnstitut .But, with this institution of higher learning had not happened.As, however, and with the Theological Academy, where he went to study with a friend.Just Cords have always loved more rest than work.

first time Sergey married early.His wife was Mary Ismagilov.In 1993 the couple had a daughter, Serafim.As later I told Sergei, precisely because he is not a child carried away by heavy drugs, which by that time began to be interested most of his friends.

Of course, one of the dominant place in the life of Shnurova always play music.Although in his youth he took up the guitar only to the girls pay attention to it, that music brought Sergei such widespread popularity.

group "Leningrad" appeared almost spontaneously.Her collected over four days, and January 13, 1997 the first concert.Initially, as the cord itself, the group was rather a national team, which played all those who wanted to play, so he did not even remember the first composition.In general, the "Leningrad" rather be called an orchestra, as the years came out on stage with fourteen performers.

Initially, the "Leningrad" was not popular among the masses due to the cultivation of alcoholism, sloppiness, and the frequent use of profanity.But, nevertheless, the group immediately were his fans.Over time, the group became more and more popular.People romanticized images of musical disedentov who say everything they think.Therefore, the "Leningrad" has released many albums.This group even devoted a book.

course, the cord is not only engaged in "Leningrad".For example, he has also performed composer who composed soundtracks for films and TV series such as "NLS Agency", "The theory of binge", "Assa 2", "Europe-Asia", "Personal Number", "Leningrad front."A melody for the film "Boomer" composer received two awards: "Golden Ram" and "Nick".

In addition, rope can be seen in various films and serials.And though its role, often episodic, this man is still so bright person that is remembered even after the two-minute appearance on the screen.

Sergei Cords also acted as a presenter.First it was the project "Cord around the world," but he is not particularly interested in the musician.But in the creation of the documentary series "Trench Life", which tells about the life of ordinary soldiers during various military campaigns of the twentieth century, lace has taken a significant part.He was not only leading, but also author of the idea.

Also, the cord starred as the lead in in multiserial documentary cycle dedicated to the defense of Leningrad during World War II .

Sergei Shnurov, in addition to musical talent, there is another - painting.His paintings are characterized by skill and good technique.His exhibitions are held in the exhibition halls of St. Petersburg.Some pictures can be purchased Shnurova, although, of course, the price is not small.

image Shnurova - scandalous and shocking.It is very rarely seen on stage sober.Sergei says that he likes to drink with close friends, and he's not going to stop.But in other people's company, he does not like to drink.Also, the musician smokes a lot and is not going to promote a healthy lifestyle.He really likes to be exactly the way it is.

If we talk about girls Shnurova, then, in addition to his first wife, they are much younger musician.For example, the second law wife Svetlana was Kostitsin, who gave birth to the son of Apollo, corded, by the way, the name Sergei in honor of poet Apollo Grigoriev.

Third-law wife was Oksana Akinshina.When she met with cord, she was fifteen years old, but that did not stop the musician.They dated for five years, drinking and having fun together.And now Cords found a new passion young - twenty journalist Helen Brain.

Sergei Cords - a very controversial person.He often gets involved in fights and scandals, a lot of drinking and swearing.But, at the same time, he is still the darling of the modern public, talented composer, musician and presenter.And, despite its brutal image of a stern man, his love of women.