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Biography of Nina Dobrev

Due to the fact that the girl has evolved in many ways, it can play a variety of roles.For example, the fact that in his youth, Nina went to the ballet, helped her get the role in a fairly well-known film "American store."He was a musical and played Nina Woman Ellie, who makes every effort to the music store her family is not ruined.In addition, in 2006 and 2007, Nina has played in two films that were awarded.Drama "away from her" and "fragments" were nominated for awards at the Toronto Film Festival.Also, Nina has a role in the series, in which it already knew a certain circle of admirers.It is the role of Mia Jones in the youth drama "Degrassi: The Next Generation."

But still, the peak of the career of a young actress began at the moment when she came in 2009 to the set of the new at the time of the "Vampire Diaries."

If we talk about hobbies girls as well as its other achievements, they are very diverse.For example, Nina likes to read and her favorite book is "The Lovely Bones," Alice Sebold, "The

Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho and "Path of Memory" Anna Miles.Of course, the actress, like all young people, in addition to books, also loves movies and TV series.Here is a list of her favorite paintings, "Schindler's List," "The Notebook," "Transformers," "Knocked Up."As well as the TV series "Gossip Girl," "House," "Grey's Anatomy," "Heroes", "body parts", "So, you think you know how to dance."Also, she is a great lover of the musical "Chicago" from which she often drew his inspiration when she needed to fulfill the role of music.

Nina for two years has his own car.By the way, for the purchase of Audi Woman spodvig her friend and partner in the shooting area 'Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder, who plays charming vampire Damon Salvatore.

Nina talented not only in acting skills and sports.She also loves to make a variety of jewelry and wants to open his own line in the near future.

Filming of the series "The Vampire Diaries" takes place in Atlanta.There Nina rents an apartment with her friend Kaylee Ewell that we could see in this series as Vicky.

His idols Nina says actress Rachel Mc Adams, best known for the film "The Notebook" as well as an ardent fighter for the rights of children and Craig Kilbergera greatest actress Meryl Streep.

As we all see, Nina always looks good.The secret to a girl that she is able to eat moderately and never allows himself to excesses.By the way, it never really does not overload yourself different exercises, doing only what it considers essential for himself.But Moksha Yoga Dobrev has been a great pleasure.

And yet Nina loves books and movies about vampires.For example, she was a fan of the series "Twilight" and wanted to play Bella.As we can see, her dream came true in part because Elena and Bella are often compared to each other.In addition, Nina loves the popular TV series "True Blood", which also tells the story of vampires and humans living side by side with each other.

Nina has quite a good education.She studied at the School of Art and Dean Armstrong acting studio in Toronto.Currently, she is trained in one of the best universities of Toronto, specialty "sociology".

Together with his teammates on the TV series "Degrassi", Nina engaged in charity.For example, she was in Kenya, and built a school with his friends.

Also Nina is fluent in English, French and never forget their native language - Bulgarian.

At the time, she starred in a public service announcement that taught adolescents to resist the bullying and violence by the more powerful and wealthy peers.

In fact, Nina's really a lot of talent.For example, we know that it plays in a rock band.Besides, she never forgets such sports as swimming, windsurfing, wakeboarding and scuba diving.But that's not all.Dobrev also devotes his time horse walks, European football, ride a snowboard, and is engaged in mountaineering.And yet, the real Nina "frog-traveler."She loves to travel somewhere and most of his free time is spent on it to go to Europe and see the sights.

also need to think again about her athletic achievements.For example, in 2005, she represented Canada in international competition for aesthetic group gymnastics, and also took part in the World Cup.

This girl really surprised by their talent, intelligence and fearlessness.It is only in appearance it is so fragile and a little naive.In fact, Nina is a very strong young woman who knows how to seek and fight for his success, but at the same time, never forget about others and always trying to help those in need.Nina lot of friends, a great relationship with fellow film sets "Vampire Diaries."Also, a girl has a best friend - actress Sara Paxton.So Nina can confidently say that everything in life she manages and she feels satisfied and happy.

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