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Neil Patrick Harris

What is it, Neil Patrick Harris biography?Who is this man who became the idol of many.

Neal was born July 15, 1973.He is an American, and his childhood spent in Ruidoso and was born in Albuquerque.His parents, whose name is Sheila and Neil, were masters of the restaurant. Patrick wanted to be an actor, because his older brother interested in this, Brian.Thanks to his support, Harris went to the audition in a theater group.It was not in vain and Neal got his first role.This role was a young Patrick was the role doggie Toto from the "Wizard of Oz".After Harris successfully played his first role, he is constantly engaged in the drama circle and succeed in acting skills.By the way, in spite of his passion for art, Neal is also always attended classes regularly and in different studies.In 1991 he graduated from high school with honors, proud of what his parents.But it is worth noting that the boy was a real actor before being last school bell rang in his life.How did this happen?The event happened at a time

when Neil was in a theater camp, which was located in La Cruz.It was there that he was discovered by playwright Mark Medoff.He realized that the guy is a talented young actor and invited him to shoot the film "Clara's Heart".There he played with many well-known and beloved actress Whoopi Goldberg.Immediately, Neil received his first nomination for the performance of the role.Man was nominated for the "Golden Globe".This happened in 1988, when the Nile was only fifteen years old.At the same time, Neil got the role in his second film.

But this still is not over.Career talented guy just begun and evidence of this is the fact that he was nominated for the "Golden Globe" and for his next role.Then the guy played in the TV series "Dr. Doogie Hauser."This TV show was broadcast on screens for four years.Of course, it has brought popularity, but after its completion, in the career of the Nile came some stagnation.For a while, he had to be content with only secondary roles.For example, he played in the TV series "Murder, She Wrote", based on the most famous writer Agatha Christie.Then Neil played in a few more films, also played supporting roles.Among them are such as "best friend", "Undercover Brother" and "Starship Troopers."

Then Neil went to one of the main roles in the series and at the same time, he finally achieved fame on Broadway.In 2001, Neil Patrick Tobias played reggae in the play "Sweeney Todd."Then he brilliantly played the role of Emsi in "Cabaret" and got quite controversial and scandalous role in the play "The Killers."There he played a rhodium Ballidara and Lee Harvey Oswald.And then came the moment when Neil was invited to the role of Mark Cohen in "Rent."It was a musical, where Neil was able to show all their talents.It is known that man has always had excellent vocal and it is in this project, he was able to discover their talents.In addition to the brilliant acting of the game, Neil hit spectators with her beautiful voice and the ability to transform into any role.Prior to that, the actor appeared some doubts about his talent, but in the musical again convinced of the Nile in the fact that he knows how to play and is able to achieve a lot in the case, which he chose as the main craft of his life.

And then came the really finest hour.Neal came to the set and implemented the role adores a lot of spectators.This is Barney Stinson on the show "How I Met Your Mother."His character is so similar to the one he played in "Harold and Kumar".And even if in the credits read, "Neil Harris Neil Harris in the role of" people who watch and love "mother" can say with certainty that Neil was played Barney.In fact, Barney - an amazing, funny, expressive and multi-faceted character who could not interest the audience.Perhaps that is why the role of Barney Nick twice nominated for an Emmy.Neil has always been a consummate showman and comedian.Perhaps that is why he was entrusted to lead the sixty-third award ceremony "Tony."Soon after that it was Neil's leading sixty-first award ceremony of the "Emmy".By the way, Harris was seen at the presentation of "Oscar".However, there was nothing he led, but was the star of the musical numbers.

In fact, Neil is a very open, kind and honest man.Of course, we all love him for his cynical, funny and womanizer womanizer.But, in reality, it is in reality not so.Firstly, we all know that Neil was gay.However, he does not try to hide their orientation and admits that he loves men, or rather, one man.When the press learned that Neil meets with actor David Bёrkti, he did not deny it.Moreover, publicly Neil gave an interview to everyone and confessed his orientation.He said that the meeting with David since 2004 and loves that person.They have a real family and 12 October 2010, the couple had twins: a boy and a girl who appeared from a surrogate mother.Neil loves his children and did not want to show them to the public, but just the other day, he still gave pictures of their children to the public.

Neil - a very versatile person and a talented actor.He's a great singer, and still able to conjure that can be seen in the series "How I Met Your Mother."Harris really knows how to get used to the role and we all adored him for his role as Barney dandy who always runs after women, but deep down is a romantic who is looking for love and with whom, finally, to celebrate a wedding in the season, which starts this fall.