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The life and work of George Bernard Shaw

The life and works of George Bernard Shaw had a lot of ups and downs, but his plays are always striking in its lightness, beauty, wit and philosophy.

life of this talented writer began July 26, 1856 in Dublin.While Shaw Sr. almost completely ruined and could not save his business.Therefore, Father Bernard drank a lot.Bernard's mother was engaged in singing and saw no point in their marriage.So the boy's life flowed not very good conditions.But Shaw is not too upset.He went to school, but there is nothing really never learned.But, but he loved to read.Creativity Dickens, Shakespeare, Bunyan, and Arabic Bible stories and left the track and mark on his life.Also on his education and work influenced the opera that sang mom and beautiful paintings in the National Gallery.

Creativity show was so interesting and special is not immediately.Initially, the guy did not really even thought about his literary talents.He had to earn money for a living.Therefore, when Bernard was fifteen years old, he became a clerk

in the company, which sells land.Later, he worked for four years as a cashier.This work was so repugnant to show that, in the end, he broke down and went to London.It was there that was living at the time of his mother.She divorced his father and moved to the capital, where she worked as a singing teacher.By the time Bernard has already thought about his literary career and trying to make a living writing short stories and essays.He always sent them to the editorial board, but the work did not take into publication.However, Bernard did not despair, and still continued to write and send, hoping that one day realize his talent and work published.Nine years of work of the writer rejected.He has only once received the article and paid for her fifteen shillings.But the five novels that he wrote for a while, were rejected.But that did not stop the show.While it was impossible to become a writer, he decided to become a public speaker.Therefore, in 1884, a young man joined the Fabian Society.There he immediately noted as a brilliant speaker who is perfectly able to speak their language.But the show is not only engaged in the art of oratory.It is understood that the writer must constantly improve their education.So he went to the British Museum Reading Room.It is in this museum that he had met with the writer Archer.This acquaintance was quite momentous for the show.Archer helped him move into journalism and became a freelance correspondent Bernard.After that he got the job of music critic, where he worked for six years, and another three and a half years, he criticized various theatrical productions.At the same time, he wrote books about Ibsen and Wagner, as well as creating his pieces, but they were misunderstood and rejected.For example, the play "Mrs. Warren's Profession" prohibition of censorship, "Wait and - see" rehearsed, but never delivered, and "Arms and the Man" was too confusing for everyone.Of course, the show also wrote other plays, but at the time, received only a successful play "Devil's Disciple," which was set in 1897.

Besides plays, the show written various reviews and was a street orator.By the way, he promoted the ideas of socialism.More show the number of members of the municipal council District St Pancras.As you can see in this district he lived.The nature of this show was that he was always around and gave to full strength.That's why his body is constantly tolerated various congestion and health deteriorated.Everything could be really bad, but, at that time near the show was already his wife Charlotte and Payne-Townsend .She nursed and cared about her talented husband until, until he went to the amendment.During his illness, Shaw wrote such plays as "Caesar and Cleopatra», « circulation of capital Brasbaunda »."Appeal" he believed religious tracts, and in "Caesar and Cleopatra", readers could see that the classic images of the main character and the main character changed so that they can hardly be found.

At some point, it seemed to show that a commercial theater for it is not fit, he decided to become a playwright and wrote the play "Man and Superman."But in 1903, everything changed when the London theater "mole" to lead the young actor began Granville-Barker Aedrenn and entrepreneur.It was in this theater and the play were put Shaw: « Candida » , « Live - see » , « Other Island John Bull » , « Man and Superman » , « Major Barbara » and « Doctor dilemma » . new leadership will not lose, and because of Shaw's plays, the season was held with resounding success.Then Shaw wrote several plays, discussions, but they were too complicated for intellectuals.A few years created a light show of the play for the people, and then there were two masterpieces that impressed and surprised.It was the play "Androcles and the Lion" and "Pygmalion."

during the First World War show again ceased to love.He was criticized and insulted, and the writer does not pay attention to it.Instead of being angry and experience, he wrote the play "Heartbreak House."Then came 1924, when the writer again recognized and loved for his drama "Saint John."In 1925, Shaw was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, but he refused from it, considering the prize false and meaningless.The last of the most successful plays of Shaw, is a "cart with apples."In the thirties, it shows a lot of traveling.He visited US, USSR, Yuzhn second Afrique e , Indy and , New Zealand and .

wife Shaw died in 1943.The last years of his life show held in a secluded house in the county Hertfordshit.He finished his last piece at the age of ninety-two years, keeping a clear mind, and died November 2, 1950.

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