Ingredients // Fruit

Lemon jam

  • Lemons - 2 kilograms
  • Sugar - 1.8 Kilo
  • Water - - Leitrim
  • cinnamon, vanilla - - To taste

Lemons thoroughly washed, cut withpeel into thin half moons and put in a deep bowl.Lemons with top pour cold boiled water and leave to infuse in a warm room for a day.A day drain, lemons we shift into a saucepan and fill with fresh water (0.5 liters).Then put on a slow fire, tormented lemons about 30 minutes, until the skins will not be quite soft.In another saucepan cook the sugar syrup.To do this, fill with sugar 1/4 cup of water and put on a strong fire.Boil the syrup until the sugar is completely dissolved.Then we shift the lemon syrup.Cook for about an hour, then remove from heat. Let cool slightly and crush using a blender or grinder.Add cinnamon to taste or vanilla, poured into banks.Close and sterilize.

Servings: 9-11