Location of Feng Shui bed

Location bed according to the rules of feng shui

Firstly, in any case can not put the bed in front of the mirror.This can lead to poor health sleeping person on the bed.

Secondly, Feng Shui masters recommend to put the bed headboard in a direction that is favorable to you personally, so your neck will be directed in the right direction favorable to you.This rule is much written about him today literally knows everyone, but that is not the only factor, much less information.

What can be avoided by setting the bed in accordance with the rules of feng shui?

not place the bed so that the head of it, or the opposite side were sent to the front door or window.

not install the bed headboard to the wall, if it is a door.

is impossible to over the head of the bed hung anything.Not recommended feng shui masters to put the bed in niche, as well as under the girder.

You can not put the bed between the entrance and the window.

not recommended to install the socket next to the bed, as well as other sourc

es of electricity.Minimum distance from outlet to the sleeping man and a half meters.

Avoid large lamps and chandeliers over the bed.And even paintings, shelves and other decor elements on a massive headboard.

should not be placed in the bedroom a lot of houseplants.The bedroom is not a greenhouse, and a place of rest.The abundance of plants can affect the sleep disorder.

In no case do not place in the bedroom fountains, aquariums and so fashionable nowadays fireplaces.

If the bedroom is for you also an office, set the bed so that her workplace to be seen.

If the bedroom has a door that leads to the toilet or bath, set the bed in such a way that neither the head nor the reverse side were not directed at the door.

bed in the center of the room and not the best option for healthy sleep.Bed definitely need to put in such a way that it has on the one hand protection and support in the form of the wall.

space under the bed in any case not clutter.It must be free and clean.

furniture in the bedroom should arrange so that on the bed was not directed any acute angle.

And a few more tips and tricks on the location of the bed of feng shui.

Put the bed in the far corner of the entrance to the bedroom.From it have to be visible to the front door to the bedroom.Do not clutter the space above the bed.TV or computer in the bedroom at night hide under the cloak, but rather in the closet.Bed size must match the dimensions of the room.If the apartment you make alterations, do not place the bed so that no under you or over you did not have a bathroom, toilet or kitchen.

But if even if all of the rules does not provide a long-awaited dream vacation to the full, should pay attention to the energy of your home.This is a situation when to see a specialist in feng shui.It is rare, but there are situations where the bed is the place of the wall with a door or in the center of the room.

Another important point is that your home landscaping in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui, the truth of the direction in which you move, you can check only by experiment.Feel free to move your bed if you do not feel it pleasant sensations.A sign that your bed is in place, will be a good rest, good sleep and pleasant dreams, and in the life of joyful events occur.

In conclusion, it should be added, though there is usually the need to establish a bed in a personal favorable direction, it is not mandatory.Thus, if a favorable direction spouses do not match, there is a tradeoff.The bed should be placed in a favorable direction for the wife, but if the bedroom door located in a favorable direction for her husband.As well as important energy that prevails in your bedroom.If the room is for sleeping favorable energy, the bed and you can not put in a favorable direction, t. To. The dominance of power over the direction is obvious.

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