Russian superstition, bringing luck and failure

Black cat

As everyone knows, Russian superstition, or otherwise they are called - signs, depending on their purpose, can bring good luck or bad luck.It has long been familiar, that if a black cat ran across the road, it is - not good.It turns out that this bias is to the black cats comes from ancient Russia.While the owners were afraid to drive the animal out of the house, because it is very dear to him, considering him a member of his family.Running around the village, the cat meant bad luck.But over time, the number of stray animals was becoming more and more, and this prejudice was the only refer to black cats.Because of old black color at all associated with the evil spirit.


Russian believe in the evil eye, the so-called evil eye.This applies especially to children and newborns.What is most interesting - in order to avoid this, we, the naive Russian people, is only knock on wood - and the trouble will bypass the alleged party.But a comparison of Russian for foreigners - "if there is no

tree, and then you can knock on the head," explaining that "the effect will be the same", it seems very funny!


Yes, that only our Russian people do not believe, just to warn himself to save from misery, to create the most good fortune, naively assuming that everything is predetermined.Take even this omen of salt, though, if it rassyplesh, you quarrel with someone from their loved ones, here they are, the Russian superstition.But there is his justification.The fact that in ancient Rus salt cost a lot of money.Its loss could lead to physical abuse.From here and such a belief.


Yet there are superstitions, which have been scientifically proved.For example - a broken mirror - a bad omen.It is believed that this may lead to death in the family, or to quarrel with a close friend.Scientists say that a human mirror takes the negative energy.This can be explained by poor health, anger, irritation, a person in a broken mirror.

But, as mentioned above, not all superstitions associated with the expectation of something terrible, evil, brings troubles and misfortunes.One of the most common superstitions that bring luck - a horseshoe.She usually beat for the door ends up.This belief explains the protection of the devil, who walks around from one end of the horseshoe to the other.It is this position does not give him the opportunity to come down, thereby protecting the family home of evil spirits.


In the villages, of course, will and superstitions far more than in the big cities.All this is due to more free time, not limited to the bustle and the possibility of discussion among neighbors.Russian superstition, bringing luck and failure, is transmitted from generation to generation.For example - you need to give a person the way with a full bucket - otherwise you can flush out your luck.Accordingly, the carrier saw an empty bucket, it will need to cross the road in order to warn themselves from the failures.

There is such a sign, as throwing rice at the bride and groom.Rice, a symbol of fertility, should be protected from evil spirits Suite.

Ants in the house, not visible mole on the spot, broken dishes - all this for the good and happiness.

bad and good superstition

All signs - good or bad, bringing luck and failure, originate from ancient times, when it is not educated people rely only on God and superstition, hoping for the mercy of God.A good sign of our ancestors were associated with fair intentions, thanks to which gives hope for a favorable outcome of cases.Yes, whether or not to deny that in our time, sometimes some sort of sign, for example, broken dishes, at some point calms tiny hope though that somehow made up for the loss of happiness.After all, there are moments in life when only faith can help, even if it's not true, but even the smallest hope ogonёchek able to conquer evil, black thoughts, so often knocks us astray.

bad superstition, on the contrary, cause the most negative, bad, pessimistic thoughts in man.And at such moments it is very difficult to convince oneself in a favorable outcome of the case.

As practice shows, many superstitions bring good luck thanks to mitigate internal tension, peace of mind.This can give an example of the positive effect of amulets that affect a person's confidence in their decisions.How, for example, can be neglected such superstitions that prophesy disaster, misery and ruin.It is sometimes easier to do as folk wisdom advises, than to long to regret their wrongdoing.

Many religious people against superstitions, explaining that believe it is only those who do not believe in God and all superstition can be attributed to magic, mostly in black.Therefore, if you believe in superstition - it means you do not believe in our Almighty, this is their opinion.In general, the more positive thoughts, good intentions and pure thoughts we create, the less we think about whether, for example, to cross the road without pereplyunuv three times over his shoulder when a black cat ran, or tell their friends and family in advanceabout their possible achievements to exclude failure.Because the more we believe in bad omens, the more often they come true.No wonder more and more often we hear in various trainings that our thoughts are material.

setting yourself only the best, cutting away, like weeds, negativity and pessimism.Remember that we do, and not some otherworldly forces, whether good or bad, to build their lives.And from that scenario that we thought would depend not only our lives, but the lives of our family and people close to us.Be happy!And just in case, you no fluff, no pen!

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