The mysterious body language when communicating

the study of the mysterious sign language when communicating we will start a conversation with our head movements.Thus, the basic movements of the head, which often give the relation of man to a given situation - is negative and affirmative nod nodding from side to side.Almost always nodding his head back and forth is "yes", and its movement from side to side disagrees, or a categorical "no."This habit of expressing its consent or denial, we obviously gain, while still a child.

By the way, you probably do not just suspect that your partner when dealing with you gives his verbal consent, and in the soul, in fact, is protesting against this or that his approval.It is very easy to check.You need to pay attention to how the person says "yes" and at this moment subconsciously shakes his head slightly, as if to deny all the above.Even if the voice sounds convincing, this sign language tells us about the negative attitude to the human situation.So you should not believe what was said, and the best solution wo

uld be that if you specify a question.

In general, in order to learn, with interest refers to whether you interlocutor in communication, notice how he keeps his head - right or tilt it to the side.In the first case, this mysterious gesture shows that your opponent is completely indifferent to you or this meeting, conversation.The head is usually in this situation is fixed, only occasionally made minor nodding.Together with this, the position is often used when a person simply supported on one hand.If your companion tilted his head slightly to the left, it shows directly that enveloped his deep interest.If you often have to make public speeches in front of a mass audience, pay attention to whether there is a manifestation of such gestures from the audience.It is in this way and you can determine how you listen, and your message is interesting to the audience of mass recipient.

Incidentally, an interesting fact that with a tilted head women often show their interest in them, interesting guy.So we can safely say that it is not necessary to flirt, flirt and a lot of talking in front of a nice guy.You just need to tilt your head a little bit and the guy will notice that you are interested in them.

In the event that apply directly to you, it is recommended to tilt his head to the side and occasionally nod to her - so you can customize the interlocutor in a positive way and show him that you are serious about your discussion topic.

But if the person with whom you talk, the head is down - this is the first sign that you urgently need to change the course of the conversation.Just your opponent uncomfortable or you have touched something of his emotions, putting him into trouble.

also the most popular gesture is a gesture with hands clasped behind his head.This mysterious gesture always says that before you is a very confident person who has priority over the other.But if a person has and throws his legs in the form of the number "4", you know this man, "bare hands" do not just take.Its main credo - bet on any topic.

Now, let's say a few words about gestures when communicating, involving the hands.By the way, as of palms can also see how honest with you people.If a person is telling the truth, then it is usually fully or partially opens the interlocutor his hands.If the person has something to hide, he will try in every way to hide his hands in his pockets, behind or cross them together.

So, let's look at the most common hand gestures and find out what they mean.Hands touch the face.Most often it is said that man is not sincere with you.If a person rubs his hands together, then this gesture suggests that the source transmits a positive way to their expectation of something pleasant in this situation.If the hands clasped behind his back, it is, first and foremost, talking about the POI that person appreciates his inner "I".But the gesture when his hands behind his back and closed to the castle, said that people are very upset and tries in every way to reassure yourself.Well, if a person has his arms crossed on his chest, it shows that he does not agree with the statement, even if he does not show in words.In this situation, you should try to find out the cause of this gesture and move the companion to a more open position.The simplest and most effective way to do that man parted his hands, would be that if you give it in the hands of an object (pen, paper).

And now a few words about the legs, which also play an equally important role in showing the internal mood.So, crossed his legs as well as in the case of the arms, they say that people protest or protect your opinion in the interview.

If the interviewee is sitting with his legs crossed, still clasped their hands, remember that the person in front of you, which is very difficult to convince anything.This man is very hard and harmful nature.To conduct interviews with them need a special approach.

If you talk standing, pay attention to the position of the feet of the interlocutor, but rather on how they are deployed.If they are deployed at right angles to your, you should know that this person has a perfect location for you and your support any idea.

So we covered the basic gestures in communication.Remember, knowing full well the body language, you can easily feel in any conversation and be sure that you understand.

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