The lessons that teaches us our kids

Moreover , sometimes they are much smarter than us: it is that adult hidden under a layer of stereotypes and hypocritical morality, for the child, on the contrary, it is clear!The lessons are presented to us by our kids - quite unique.They - the good, wise, honest.We just do not be afraid to learn from their children.And use the lessons that teaches us our kids.

Recall .The daughter came back from school, and desperately roars: she has recorded homework, but her remark recorded in a diary.You're in the kitchen furiously wash dishes and try to pretend that everything is fine."And what, - says you - my fault, I will pay more attention to the lessons!" This story is repeated with the unwritten lessons for the second year.You're tired of fighting with its laxity, neglected caps and tracksuits, lost notebooks and pens.Oh, and you put reminders and notes to herself wrote - all to no avail.Crying in the corridor becomes hopeless sobs, you do not stand up and ask, "Well, tell me what I can do to make you beco
me to collect?How do I even teach you ?? "Then the daughter pronounces sentence, from which you feel ashamed," Mom, do not teach me, just hold me and complain! ".

Apparently, in your face written something that allows a child to come and bury you in the nose.You sigh, stroking her head, listening as she calms down and suddenly remember: you little, standing in the middle of the corridor, crying and promises that never, never will lose the mittens ... And all around yelling and shame.And you're so scared, sad and lonely, like you're alone in the whole world ... As a daughter said to you: "You know, Mom, I'm almost always crying to me you're sorry and loved."That these same lessons to offer us a niche kids, we do not notice.

Said - done .Hiking in the toy store - this test is not for the faint of heart.No matter how many machines in the building and soldiers, still not enough!You go with his son to buy a gift cousin and agree: no machines.But the store once again succumb to nagging, howling and persuasion: it is easier to throw money on toys than to fight in front of the vendors and the public.Most offensive of all, that in ten minutes, the son of the toy does not remember, and you cursed himself for showing weakness and the fact that your word means nothing.Familiar?How else would the child should treat your words, if you are saying that you will not buy anything, yet doing another pointless purchase?The next time everything exactly repeat itself, and still recall: the last time the bought?So teach us and our children.And you really try to be consistent: for example, if the chocolate is impossible, because of him allergy, it can never be, even on holidays.

Generosity .Have you spank a child?And then let the awful shame to tears just hate myself, but it's done ... and our kids - do not take offense.They are crying and trying to hug us, they do not remember then these shameful slapping and insulting words, they forgive and love us as well as before.Oh, if we could forgive their loved ones as well as the children forgive us!If every parent had the wisdom and desire to take the lessons that teaches us our children, the world would have been different.Children make us better, cleaner, kinder, more sincere.

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