Protect your child from maniacs and rapists

begin with facts and figures - dry, hard, but unfortunately, real.As the anonymous surveys among school-age children, about a quarter of girls and 15% of boys under the age of 16 years became victims of what the language of the Criminal Code called "depraved actions of the character."There is no doubt that this figure is even higher - many children do not dare to be frank, even on condition of anonymity.This is reality.What do we, the parents?How to protect, save, save my child?

rules for parents
not leave the child unattended.It is an axiom!Protect your child from a maniac and rapist, try to control the place of his walks, Do not walk alone in potentially dangerous places (building sites, kindergartens and public gardens in the evening).If you can not keep track of the child, to negotiate with the parents of other children to monitor and for yours.
well-mannered child home - a tasty prey rapist: he is trusting, obedient and used to trust their elders.Teach your child not to come into contact with a
stranger, even under the pretext - to help look for the dog, open the door, start the car, etc.

Maniacs cunning : povertevshis near the playground and the children overheard a conversation, he may apply to the child by name, introduce a friend of the pope, colleague, mother.Often remind the kid, taught that no one in the absence of parents ask anything will.A child should obey only you!In addition, neither a stranger adult does not ask for help to the child.Teach your son or daughter in these situations tactfully but firmly replied: "Ask for help from adults."And forget their experiences, polite this act with respect to a stranger or not.
child should avoid contact with persons at risk.It - drug addicts, alcoholics, previously convicted.If there are such people among your neighbors, to decline your child to communicate with them.At risk is not only dangerous men.Often, alcoholics, drug addicts and rapists voluntary assistants perform their boyfriends, luring children to violence.Children instinctively trust more ladies.

Americans teach their children : if they are kidnapped in a public place, it is necessary to shout: "Help me, I do not know, I was kidnapped!" Then he will necessarily come to the rescue, and the pedophile is likely to abandon the chosen victim, frightenedothers.If a child is crying or just trying to get out, passers-by might think that a kid is capricious, and will pass.
Most rapes of children takes place in homes - attics, in elevators or just in the hallways.Try as much as possible to protect your home.What can be done?Demand in the housing authority to install metal doors to the porch, attic and basement, and that they are always locked up, not standing wide open.If the house has an elevator, demand that fitters paired buttons "stop" and "call manager".Of course, this requires a certain cost, but the safety of the child - higher.
Do everything that the child does not provoke criminal appearance.Nymphets do not wear a mini-skirt, stockings, and other attributes of an adult woman.It is not necessary to wear expensive jewelry.

are cases , when the perpetrator attacked based on rich booty, and felt the terror of the victim, it woke up a pedophile.Often fetish freaks have (for example, white stockings).If you are in the area appeared a rapist, and police reported data on it, and avoid putting the child in the things that may be a lure for him.
Unfortunately, a huge number of recorded cases in which a child corrupts a close family friend or relative.And the children in such cases almost always silent, "not to upset my mother," and because a pedophile can "play" with them for years.If you see that someone of your friends suddenly begins to show interest in your girl (most often between the ages of 12 to 15 years), making it "adults" compliments lightly "to dismiss his hands," is an alarming signal.Refuse such a man from the house.If you see that you did not, but someone else's child is threatened, he got into some kind of ambiguous situation - do not pass by, try to help him.

Some mobile network operators offer parents special service "Tracker".If your child has a cell phone, sending a request, you will be able to see its location on the map.It is comfortable and so that you do not pull the child's constant calls and text messages, developing his "oversight of the complex."

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