Good sleep for the health of the child

Ask any young mother: "How are you?"- And she enthusiastically begins to talk as "we grow" as "we eat" and, of course, as "we sleep ...".
Though, most likely, you will hear a story about how "bad we sleep." According to statistics, more than half of moms believe that their children are sleeping or insufficient quality of their sleep is far from ideal. Though it is a pity to spend a dream nearly a third of his lifebut nothing can be done.

"No sleep no life" - and this is true for both large and small. Just for very young dream becomes a form of life. After all, when a pipsqueak does not eat, he sleeps ....

Why do we dream?
Sonnologi - scientists who deal with problems sleeping, explore a dive into the world of Morpheus using an electroencephalograph. This device, which registers the electrical impulses of the brain has shown that the brain is constantly working. It sends a variety of signals that varydepending on whether we are awake or asleep. But in sleep signal types vary and depend on the p

hases of sleep. Their two - slow (orthodox) and the fastest (REM) sleep, during sleep, they follow each other cyclically.
Scientists have shown that in deep sleep brain development occurs, it occurs only during sleep surface, the so-called paradoxical.REM sleep normally takes about 80% of the time sleeping newborn baby, about 50% - six-month, 30% - up to 3 years.In adult REM sleep accounts for about 20% of the total sleep time.Because interference with these rhythms, set by nature, does not pass without a trace.In the dream, the kid learns and processes information received during the day.And when we say "information", we mean both visual and auditory and motor impressions.

I grow!
And this natural mathematics is not accidental. The kid in the first year of life develops a tremendous amount of skill! Just think how muchforces need to learn to control their arms and legs, smile for the first time, then say their first words, first steps ...
To master playing the piano, an adult takes years of life, and crumb for 12 months develops a much more sophisticated tool- your body. And that baby brain could recycle a huge amount of new information, pipsqueak should properly rest. To ensure a good sleep for the health of a child - the main your task.
In addition, during sleep produces a lot of hormones, including growth hormone.So the feeling that your baby has grown up literally overnight - not just an optical illusion!

only benefit
most vivid memories of man - those associated with emotions.This means that your baby needs for proper development to be in good spirits.That is, it must be ... rested.Good sleep - the key is not only good mood baby, but also his good health and strong immunity.After all, during sleep activated T-lymphocytes, which fight in the body with any aggressors, from viruses to bacteria.
All of this can be attributed to her mother.After all, when a pipsqueak sleeping sweetly most of the night, and the mother also gets enough sleep and in the morning with a wonderful mood.The mood to play with the crumbs to engage with it, develop it.

What is good sleep?
This vast concept describes what the dream of every mother - a strong and continuous night sleep baby.
In addition, it is important, and the temperature in the room where the baby sleeps.There should be neither too hot nor too cold (20 C).Also pay attention to the humidity.This indicator is particularly important in urban apartments with central heating, where the air is often too dry.
for crumbs is very harmful, because his body just adapts to the world.Therefore, if the battery in your apartment working "on all cylinders," take care of indoor air humidifier or the fountain. By the way, some of the best kids fall asleep to the sound of running water from the fountain. It is believed that it resembles crumbs those sounds he heard while stayingin my mother's tummy.
Should be in the room where slept crumbs dark? Of course, if the window the night. if you prefer, you can leave a small night-light included.

important stuff
cushion kids up to a year is not necessary. Ifpipsqueak regurgitation can be placed under the head folded in four thin diaper. The blanket should be easy, do not pull it too high, because it is for a baby can be a problem.
very convenient special envelope sleeping or sleeping bag for babies. They are lightweight, but warm,The main advantage - a pipsqueak can not open at night and not freeze.

How crumbs sleep better?
What position optimally for children's sleep?As long as the baby has not yet learned to roll, it should worry you.
considered the safest position on the back.Scientists have found that in this situation the risk of sudden infant death rates is minimal.With good sleep for child health is also important and the heat in the room.Follow our recommendations.But the situation in the abdomen is considered in this respect quite dangerous.So if your baby is turned over on his tummy, is gently turn it back on.Happy pipsqueak can nap on his side, but make sure that no stuffed toys in the crib was not.