Work on your bad habits

Well, you can take note of this fact and continue to struggle with bad habits of their children.But do not be simpler to povospityvat themselves to reflecting mirror exclusively show you a nice looking image?Especially that old proverb says: "Sooner or later, your son will follow your example and habits, not your advice." So, proceed to the systematic and hard work on yourself!

We follow the speech
Do not use profanity, and dolimit in terms of people around the baby. Go ahead - do not stoop to the gruff, vernacular style of communication. Often put yourself mentally in the place of your child. Do not you like it if a close person will bark angrily: "I who said: switch off cartoons and quickly wash your hands -dinner on the table! "The habit of yelling is not the case does not add heat to communicate.Dispose of team colors - you're a mom, not a sergeant major.Do you want to grow a polite and tactful man who respects himself and others?Say "magic words", including when you ask a child to do something
("Please bring a cup from the room"), or give thanks for the execution of the request ("thank you, I would not cope without you!"). Greetsneighbors, be courteous and helpful to public transport, even if you met a real tram ham. Babies to anything to see how you get out of yourself.

In any situation save face and work on their own bad habits. Do not slander with the childabout people known to him - otherwise, you can be sure that your mother-in will be aware of what you feel is a survivor of mind hysterical.

eat right
Having a child - a rare occasion for the whole family to start eating a healthy, varied and balancedfood. If you do not want your pipsqueak before reasonable age interested in cheap low-quality sweets, beer, chips, instant noodles and other food questionable - do not keep anything like that in the house.The child is hurt, if he's not allowed to try things that parents with obvious pleasure to eat themselves.Explain why Mom and Dad can eat chips and Van can not, will not work without lies.But we remember about the mirror and do not want to get a pipsqueak example of deception from people whom he trusts implicitly.And when the kid sees advertising of any malosedobnogo dessert, it will be easier to come to terms with the impossibility to try this fabulous dish, if you just say, "We do not eat it." Be sure to be consistent in their ban. If you like to drink tea with cookies on the couchin the living room watching TV, illogical to prohibit carry food into the room, forget about this habit. So either carry their tea in the kitchen or put up with the crumbs on the carpet.

Maybe you do not have the habit nice to lay the table for each family meal. Start doing it for the baby! Again, it turns a double benefit: small gourmet dining etiquette gains experience, and you are training to operate cutlery, to not feel awkward in the restaurant.
In general, the habit all together to sit at the table and have fun, not only from a wellcooked food, but also to communicate with each other, like nothing else does your family a single organism. Some argue that a small child is not what set the table - sometimes seize the day before yesterday patty from the refrigerator impossible.Indeed, there are times when the kids do not give to relax even for a moment.It is not about what you need in the shortest possible time to become the perfect hostess and every morning oven fresh bread rolls.But to master a dozen ,null, quick "recipes under the force of even the most inept cooking. The more that is available to help my mother a huge number of appliances. For example, electric steamer with a timer allows to program the cooking so that the hot meal was ready justat the time of the return from a walk.

looks like a million
believed that the newborn still looks like his mum. The kid's really not important whether you have cellulite, wrinkles around the eyes and made you a manicure. The main thing - the tenderness,heartfelt warmth, kind words and comfort. But at some point, the crumbs will inevitably be interested in questions of physical beauty. No matter what, grooming depends not so much on money and free time, but on the desires and habits. For a girl that my mother caresabout their appearance, in the future serve as a compass for their own movement to becoming "the most charming and attractive."For the boy's mother's image is inextricably linked with the image of the ideal woman, he will look at the role of his life partner.Keep yourself in shape to your baby proudly said, "My mom - the most beautiful!"

Bad habit
Scarce repeats everything you do. If you smoke, you'll soon see it with a pencil in his mouth and a lighter in thehand. Indeed, in the eyes of a child everything that makes my mother - well and good. Of course, in a non-smoking family notebooks teetotalers can grow people with bad habits. But that's another story. And now, with the advent of the small house, this gentle and fragrantmember of the family, you have a serious reason to do away with dependence on tobacco stinky.

not lazy
accustom crumbs from an early age to take part in solving economic problems, you will do a huge favor to his heir. The habit of cleanliness and order is laid up to three years,Use this time to not only encourage your child to clean their toys, but learn to enjoy bringing the house in order. If you do what is called a creative nature with magical ability to create around himself a mess and chaos, work on yourself!It is possible that you will study the basics of feng shui - the ancient Chinese art of arranging living space.Masters of Feng Shui say that if the house is dirty, the head and the heart of the people living in it, too, is not all right.At a very early age, the child should understand the need to be precise and binding in their actions.So never promised him what you do not intend to do, but if something suddenly slipped, apologize, explain to your child why could not fulfill the promise, and try as much as possible to compensate for their own failure.

Perhaps all caring parents in the child's dream to put a maximum of knowledge and skills to grow its educated and erudite man.The theme of the early and later development of children - one of the hottest in the parent forum.But my mother make a huge mistake when he enthusiastically and zealously engaged children, lead them in circles and classes Montessori system, but do not read anything other than TV programs and cookbooks.If you are going to turn into a housewife, use the maternity leave, to stay abreast of news in their professional sphere.With the support of many families to combine children and writing a thesis.Taking a walk with a sleeping child, listen to audio books.Note the author's programs of famous people, in which they share their unconventional thoughts about everything.The world is not narrowed to the four German "K": Kinder, kyuhe, klyayde, Kirche (children, kitchen, dress, church). May you be their own interests, that you will soon get acquainted and his heir!

more positive
you irritate children's whims and whining? Your pipsqueak somehow always dissatisfied with everything? And do you often joke and humming merry tunes? Is it too convincingly complain that life has treated you unfairly? Do not go with the "sour" face?We hope that this is not about you.
Easy and optimistic people live better in this world.If you have a black stripe in his life and has discouraged if you are dead tired and your only desire - to escape on the edge of the world where no one will find you, just walk up to the mirror, smile at her reflection and say to yourself: "I am - the happiest!Everything that happens to me - it's temporary difficulties.Tomorrow the sun will rise, a new day, it will bring only good news.I must be lucky. "And certainly it will be so.

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