How to choose a cutlery for children: bottles, sippy cups and pacifiers

Note: if the baby is breastfed, the bottle is not useful to you.Even if you will need supplementary feeding crumbs (with mixed diet) or give him medicine, it is better to do it from a cup or spoon.When choosing bottles note the material from which they are made.For their production, use plastic or glass.The glass is more durable and plastic - safer, and easier.Scarce would be easier to keep a bottle in his hand.

and glass, and plastic bottles can be sterilized.For this purpose, a special device - the sterilizer, but it does not need to acquire.Suitable steamer or a pot, in which the bottles can be boiled.Wide bottle neck facilitates care of it.
form bottles may be different - both traditional and curly.Round with a hole in the middle ("donut") is useful for those kids who are trying to hold the bottle yourself.

Bottle an hourglass also easier to grasp and dropped - as a mother and baby. Some manufacturers offer special curvedbottles, which are also called "antikolikovymi".The special sh
ape eliminates the chance of swallowing air and reduces the risk of colic.Graduations on the walls of the bottle should be clear and understandable, it is very important for children who are bottle-fed.Baby suit small bottle (125 mL), utensils, a great deal is for grown children.
Some manufacturers supply their special bottle temperature sensor - it changes color if milk or mixture is too hot.

choosing a bottle, do not forget about the nipple.But how to choose the cutlery for children: a bottle, pacifier and feeding cup if their terms are so diverse and large?For example, the nipples are latex and silicone.Latex - natural rubber, which may be an allergic reaction.Teats
vary in size and number of holes (one to three holes) - this is what determines the rate of fluid flow.For newborn pacifier purchase one opening, and for older children - two or three.The thick porridge is better to give through a special nipple with a larger hole.There are universal nipples in which the flow rate is adjusted simply by turning the bottle.Often the crumb during feeding tends to grab the bottle with the mixture or milk.In no case do not leave your child alone - it can drop the bottle or choke.Firm hold in the hands of a bottle with a meal the kids can 7-8 months, and now you can replace the bottle on the feeding cup or even cup.

sippy cups
Many companies produce accessories with which your favorite baby bottle can be converted into a feeding cup.Purchase a removable handle and nozzle with a valve-pot as a substitute nipple.Nozzles on the bottle are different: soft - for those.who are just learning to use sippy cups, hard - for "power users". Special removable valve will not spill drinks, even if the baby drops the feeding cup. Manufacturers produce sippy cups with a weighted bottom - these models are more stable, they are more difficult to turn. sippy cups with rubber handle is easier to holdchild who is just learning to use it. The best material for baby feeder cup - plastic. Let's just play sippy cups crumbs, not even filling it with liquid. So the child learns to hold his cup properly, bring it to his mouth.

When you noticethat the child copes with the drinking spout, is to offer him to try drinking from a cup. Usually crumb begins to aspire to drink "as big" as age or a little earlier.The first time it is better to use plastic utensils.Pour the liquid a little at first - one or two sips, gradually increasing the volume.Sometimes kids want to drink alone, but not because of his and the parent of the cup.Do not let this, podstrahovyvayas help crumbs, praise him.If you decide to teach your child to drink from a cup, it offers a little drink during each of the meals.Gradually it will be possible to change the plastic cup on a beautiful china or earthenware.

When crumbs marks six months, most parents begin to introduce solid foods.This means that it is time to buy a set of children's dishes - small bowl, fork and spoon.Well, if the baby plate is bright and pretty - and the kid, and you have to like it.Often children
plates supplied suction cups that hold the dishes on the table, preventing crumbs active flip and drop a plate of food.The thick walls of children's dishes allow food to stay warm for a long time.Some models have a double bottom with a special plug - you can pour into the warm water, which will warm porridge or mashed potatoes.Funny picture on the bottom of the dish made dinner much fun, is not it interesting to find out who hid under a soup or potatoes!There are plates which are divided by partitions into several parts.They conveniently put some kinds of food - on trial, which will give an opportunity to introduce the crumbs with different tastes.Cover for children's plates - not mandatory, but convenient accessory.

first spoonful to be useful not only for children but also for parents who fed him.Often for the first feeding spoons are curved - so easy to feed small fidget.Made for children cutlery made of metal or plastic.Most of the metal is only a "working part" of a spoon or fork, and the handle is made from polymeric materials. There are other options: the tip of a metal spoon coated with a silicone "cover" in this case, the metal will not hurt your baby's sensitive gums.

Most often the first spoon for crumbs - a toy rather than cutlery.When feeding can be armed with two spoons - one let the kid, and the second feed him yourself.The plug is usually purchased bundled with a spoon, but are beginning to use it for about 2 years.Around this age, many children learn to eat on their own.Immediately it should be explained
kid that fork - quite a dangerous thing, and that can hurt.Show that the fork (like a spoon) does not hold in his fist.Demonstrate how to impale the pieces of food on the teeth.Offer your child a knife, you can use for 3-year-old child.
Tell us how to hold a knife, cut offer something yourself - it may be a piece of cheese or cheesecake oladushek.
Encourage your kid has their own desire.Help crumbs, directing his pen with a spoon to his mouth.Do not be afraid, if it would be half portions on the table, and another quarter - on the floor.Do not scold the crumbs of untidiness, praise, if the kid eats carefully.

way, to preserve the purity helps special children's apron - with sleeves or without them.Some have bibs pocket where the pieces of food fall and liquid droplets.Aprons are made of synthetic materials, easily washable and easy to care for.Many kids do not want to have for yourself.Do not worry.The most common place a child at the table along with the rest of the family: the family meal will help to stimulate the child's interest to food.It's great if your baby sees the same age who is trying or has been able to on their own.Do not insist if he pipsqueak could not eat the entire portion - perhaps he was tired, or too large a portion.Help your child to eat up, that is, feed him, but do not force eating if he does not want.Beautiful dishes, clean cloth, delicious food - let each meal for your baby will be a pleasant and welcome!

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