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What a way to better hair extensions?

Magic look

Eyelashes increase in two ways: either the piece sheaf.In the first case, the artificial eyelashes are attached to his real beams.In the second - every hairs attached separately.Beam method is faster but less durable - Accrued wealth disappears in about a week.This is a good option if you want to be transformed for the occasion, and on weekdays prefer naturalness.Piece capacity gives long-lasting results (on average up to three weeks), but requires that the master jeweler's approach, and in the salon will have to spend more time.Such a method is suitable if you wish to wear a means of deception for centuries every day.And the piece, and beam method artificial eyelashes put on a special adhesive.The most popular materials - silk, sable, mink.Silk is considered to be the easiest.Sable and mink cilia do look more expressive.Called for the preservation of nature?You can sleep: for their manufacturing synthetic fur substitutes.As the call?Even the lightest "additive" heavier "native" eyelashes

.Therefore, after the building they often break down and fall.It is also possible allergic reaction.Behavior rules.In the extended eyelashes should not be applied decorative mascara and other cosmetics, otherwise they may fall.Use eye shadows and pencils can be.But the make-up remover should be done gently, gentle movements.Milk or gel are not suitable.It is better to use more fatty products (so-called two-phase makeup remover).They are well dissolved even the most resistant make-up.Correction (update) artificial eyelashes should be held every two or three weeks.But for the sake of beauty, be willing to sacrifice sleep: extended eyelashes should not touch the pillow, so it will take time to get used to sleeping on your back constantly.Attention!To remove the artificial eyelashes should only be a master.How to save?If, after the procedure, there was irritation, redness of the eyelids - "handicrafts" should immediately remove and care for the natural lashes.For example, castor oil, which is applied to a special brush and left for the night - on a regular basis, at least for a month.It nourishes and strengthens lashes.You can also use a cosmetic gel-reducing agent.Than to replace?Owners of even very rare and short cilia may resort to more gentle methods of increase.For example, a two-phase ink - with a transparent gel base and causing over her coloring agents.It is perfectly lengthens and adds volume.Suitable and permanent make-up point (tattoo), when between cilia on points "hammered" tattoo.It makes lashes thicker and visually does not spoil their structure.

Magic curl

Acquire hairdo a la Jennifer Lopez really, if you increase hair volume and / or length (depending on individual needs).The growth in width is carried out by attaching pryadok as close to the roots, long - to the ends of these curls.Capacity is hot or cold.Hot capsule can be - to your hair with a special warming up the machine to join strands of keratin capsules.There capsule and an organic resin.Cold - when strands podsazhivayut to "native" curls with the help of tiny ringlets or paste special three-phase adhesive.It can also use a tape.Building these methods do in salons.There are also so-called removable strands that are fastened by special clips.They can shoot, dress yourself.As the call?Under the weight of all these mechanisms are weakened hair follicles themselves curls.Hairs become brittle, increasing their losses.Behavior rules.In order to artificial curls lasted a little longer, do not wash your hair frequently.Suffice it once a week.Those who zhirneyut hair fast, you can clean them twice a week (but no more!).Combing should be very careful - gentle movements from the tips to the roots.Combs is desirable to choose a smooth sparse teeth.Good combs made of natural materials - polished wood, ivory, semiprecious stones.Cheap comb made of plastic, iron, ill-treated wood should be set aside.They will be hurt and family, and "trim".This accrued locks can quickly fall away.With hair extensions and restrictions appearing in her hair: that such curls lasted a little longer, do not do too stiff tails, braids - hair style should be as easy.You can use styling products, but very good quality, does not weigh down the strand.Correction curls extensions should produce an average of every three or four months.How to save?Professional cosmetics for hair, which is sold in beauty salons.Burdock oil and broth burdock root poorly combined with progress like capsular building techniques.Folk remedies salvation curls can be used after removal of artificial curls.Than to replace?Quality air-conditioning and other means to give volume.So that hair is not whipped at the tips, not break, and grow better, you can make salon treatment - Biolaminirovanie.However, there are situations when the "add artificial" really necessary.It is better to choose the build in length, rather than by volume - is more gentle for curls.

Where are your pens?

Nails can be extended silk, gel or acrylic.Least-toxic gel and silk: the choice of material has to be yours.The nail plate is cut away, degreased - and it bears an artificial material.There are new technologies, when the native file away the nail is not necessary.But it is still necessary to degrease special chemicals.As the call?Brittleness, thinning of nails.There is also a plus: for artificial turf, they grow faster.But this effect disappears when accrued nails removed.Behavior rules.Walk with acrylic should not be more than a year.Then give three-, four-month vacation native nails.Better to take a time-out when you go on vacation - or when not planning to appear frequently "in public".After the restoration of the nails can be extended again.How to save?Regular use of special oils to restore and strengthen the nail plate.Than to replace?If the status requires to have a bright two-centimetric nails - nothing to be done: we'll build.In other cases, it is worth thinking about the natural beauty of nails.It is necessary to apply special means to strengthen them.And find out the cause of their fragility.Perhaps it is caused by lack of vitamins and other disruptions in the body.Or malnutrition.It settled on his platter products containing calcium adorable marigolds (eg, cottage cheese).Of course, this path is not a quick polish to a renaissance.But according to our consultants, it's worth it.

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